Review – Is ‘YetMoney’ Scam or Legit’ Work Home Job?

By | October 3, 2017

YetMoney. icu Exposed – Beware of the ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam Network.

Do you need a real non-sense straight to the point YetMoney. icu? Then we will answer very quick answers to questions like Is www.yetmoney. icu a Scam or is ‘YetMoney’ safe and legit and do they pay out? So, no! They never pay out. They are the worst kind of scam sites you will ever encounter. They entice people to work for nothing! Report to your payment provider if you gave them your payment info.

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YetMoney. icu Revealed as a Scam. site.

Not good and not paying out.


There are tons of these fake work from home copies online. They come in three languages which are French German and Russian. They are a Russian Scam Network and they are Global. Running since 2014 they have duped potentially millions of people and have been running online sine 2014 with 368 copies to date. YetMoney. icu is just another clone site.

The ‘gig’ is simple enough:-

You sign up to their site where you are instructed to start watching ads, or ‘ad units’ as they call them, and you will also have an affiliate link.

They say if you want to earn more money faster to share your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You will earn 10 cents per ad viewed and 50% COMMISSIONS on every referral you make. It is a “paid ad view system” where the earnings are incredibly high.

This was all true I want be doing this instead of blogging. It is totally Fake! It is not a way to make money, least, not for you, me or anyone else except for the scammers behind this scam site.


This is identical in every possible to other sites such as,,,, and the list is ever growing. There appear to be thousands of these identical sites and this scam website list is growing by the day. Some have been shut down but many more crop up in its place.



So here is why this is a scam.

1). You quickly hit the $150 minimum threshold to withdraw your funds.

2). At this point they will inform you that you have to make at least 40 referrals to get your cash, or, they will offer to sell them to you.

3). In either case you will get a weirdly written message informing you it will take two or three months to get your cash! This is not what it says on their homepage. It says you will get your money within one hour of request. Should you persist in requesting your money you will be locked out of your account.

4). There is no way to get your money.

Oddly enough, you are informed that all money generated by you is kept in an employees personal bank account – why? From there the money is meant to be transferred to yours. This never happens!

I have done many reviews now in exposing a lot of these scam website’s and will assure you that it is a disappointing waste of time. YouTube is also littered with these websites’s promo to pull you in. No one gets paid or ever will! Please share this post to help others avoid these scammy sites that is basically a phishing site and they down load malware as well.





What Happens After You Are Locked Out Of Your Account?

Incredibly, and most distressingly, all these sites will sell on your email, and other personal and sensitive data, to hackers and spammers! Many of these sites, which are owned by the same people as I have said, have already been BLACK LISTED! It is a phishing site!


Game over


These sites come in English and in Russian also with fake and highly inflated figures on the homepage. Laughably they even contain glaring website errors that are the same on all their sites. ‘Customer’ comments/reviews are fake.

I do feel sorry for people who have spent a long time making referrals and watching ads just to earn a little extra cash for themselves and their family. I recall one day I was a part of a website that would pay me to give ‘hits’ to website’s and I would get traffic as well. It was automated as well so I just had to let my laptop run through the process. I Googled it, about two hours later, and found out it was a total scam. OOps! So I do know that sense of disappointment.

I do believe I have given enough information to you to help you steer clear from this fraud site. There is a way to make money online legitimately but these guys aren’t it. Should you are interested I will briefly detail my offer to you that is free to sign up to for a Free Lifetime Membership Account that does pay you for your work. Should you are not, no hard feelings, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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Final Thoughts.

So now you know that you can not even cash out with the site called YetMoney. icu. We have exposed many hundreds of their clones and their founder has never come forward to say that I am wrong. They do not care as they still earn so much cash illegally from all of their sites it is doubtful they have even noticed. Report them below or just let them get away with it. Its  up to you. Click Image if you want to find out how to earn online for the long term without a sign up fee or cc to begin.




4 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘YetMoney’ Scam or Legit’ Work Home Job?

  1. Annie

    Hi Scam Detector!
    I am so mad I got caught out by these guys!! Livid actually. They won’t pay me and everyone plz share this to stop people like me getting made a fool of!!

    Argh don’t mind thank you for explaining all so well as I will know better next time.

    Love the site btw☺ it covers lots of great posts. IVE read a few now but this my first comment.

    Look forward to more.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Annie,

      Aww, I am sorry to hear that!!

      Don’t feel too bad as these guys have many identical sites and have caught out many other people online.

      Some time ago I caught out several times. One time a website told me to send traffic to its site with an affiliate link for big money. I didn’t any better so I spent the whole doing it. I even advertised it on Facebook. I gentleman showed why I was ruining my own reputation by promoting a scam! I was gutted and thanked him for his time in showing this. I wasted a day but if it was not for him I would wasted a lot more time.

      When I tried to get my money the site wanted me to fill out a questionnaire for a mobile phone asking for sensitive details! Sadly, I gave them, and the site didn’t give me anything, only at this point, was it explained to me why it was a scam. It was a PHISHING SITE!

      Don’t forget if you are looking to make serious money online (in time and with work) why not check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review, Learn to Earn for Life!

      Alternatively you can Sign Up Here and fill out a quick form asking for name, email and create password and then you are in!

      Thank you for popping by Annie,

      All the best – Philip.


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