What Is WomenInMove.Net? Scam or Legit!?

By | January 30, 2018

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Revealing Answers to What Is WomenInMove.Net

Fully Researched Answer to What Is WomenInMove.Net!

I will not only answer What Is WomenInMove.Net, and answer if WomenInMove.Net is fake scam or real and legit in my review, I will also LIST OUT the other ponzi/pyramid online scams they are running as well! If that weren’t enough, I will isolate the plethora of scam signs littered on their website! Given WIM’s business set up it is already too easy to call them a SCAM SITE, but, can you really make money with them? Let us answer all this and more below to find out if this peer to peer site is even a little trustworthy.

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Website:- https://womeninmove.net.

FEE’S:- R200

Created:- 13/01/2018/expires same time 2019.





What Is WomenInMove.Net and How They are Going to Fail Thousands of People.

Easy answer to what is womeninmove.net is that they are a scam site <<- YES, they are a scam site! Again, I further looked into this site and can confirm they are not legit. The owner, apparently set up this site 13/01/2018 and set to expire it same time in 2019! Address is given. Anyways, founder has a few ‘AKA’S‘ such as ‘George Mcfiri’, Infamous ‘Olsen Larsen’ who tried to B. S their members when MLC247 collapsed and set up MYMLC247 instead, and the same person also goes by ‘Fredo Kams’. Correction – I can’t prove who’ is ‘Olsen’ but the activities of the whole MLC Debacle has led to devastation and these are the names attached- check out all other articles and make up your own mind.

Here are the websites set up by the same person (not 100% sure, only 90%, the first link below is the same person) below. Each are linked to their own reviews:-


Those links will open up a new page so you may come back here conveniently if you wish 🙂 .

As of the turn of 2018, the Founder of these sites (whom ever he/she/they are) have gotten a little smarter! They have decided to give out as little info on their site as possible. Unfortunately for them, they are still slipping in the same old nomenclature such as “GH” (Give Help = Donate money to a total stranger online), “PH” (see “GH” = means the same thing and only designed to confuse), “Create a Dream” (this is my personal favorite and is my ‘cue’ to know it is Mr Larsen again 🙂 ) and all it means is to donate/invest money to a stranger hoping X Number of participants have it in their heart to do the same “good deed” = “GL” = Good Luck!

They have shrunk their ROI to only 60%, from their usual 75% or 80%, but still – we shan’t complain too much as that amount is STILL insanely high! Such a return per your investment would lead, straight away, with a Women In Move Debt! The money you just paid now has to come from new sign ups. There is no product or service and all monies come this way. No sign ups – you don’t get paid – and yes these people have actually called their own “KEEPERS” thieves and dishonest in various ways on their other sites.

This debt is continuously added to per every wave of members and it can not be resolved until the whole program is utterly destroyed. This is how 90% of WIM participants will lose their investment.


Can You Make Money With Them?

money man pose

The Big Question! Should you be the owner, then, yes and you will be able to buy houses, cars and basically the ‘Good Luck’ if your ponzi/pyramid scheme is anyway successful.

But, how about members? Let’s say you started in early when they first launched, in that situation, the chances of you making money is very high indeed. As time passes, new members joining in these hopes of dreams coming true, will find little returns, no returns, loss of all investments. That is the vast majorities experience and why people RUN to these schemes when they first launch.i.e. hoping to be the first ones in!

Complaints of criminal financial fraud always out weights the ‘good reports’. Have you signed up to Women In Move? Have you been paid yet or still waiting? Did someone not confirm you yet? Please let me and my readers know in the comments below and I will always get back to you.

That last question, is fantastically important, and here is the reason why:- Owners of such sites Love to make fake accounts and make you believe you are sending money to a legit person like yourself!! That is Fraud! So, when no confirmation, I have to safely assume, it is the creators taking it for themselves. The Alternative? Someone just got paid many fold over for their meager donation and now (what, all of a sudden) Won’t Confirm You…?

That does not sound too legit and honest to me, and even if that was actually the case, why are the Founders ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN!!? You see now, either case, is criminal negligence on the founders part.

So, Yes, you can make money, and if you come late to this ponzi-party (I don’t know, a few months perhaps – all depending on traffic to their site) you won’t make enough to buy sour crapes



No problem. Click on anyone of the reviews I did on WIM’s owner(s) and you will be have hit the jack pot! The details on how much for this and returns for that vary, and it is dressed up (branded differently) but the same corrupt principles runs in the same beast’s veins – don’t be deceived – it really is a big con.

Going forward in this article, I am going to have a laser close look on their website. I will cast a very well-trained eye over their set up, things they should have but don’t, the dodgy and misleading language etc. See below to get the list:-

  • Sign of a Scam 1:- Founder not mentioned anywhere on site.
  • Sign of a Scam 2:- Zero Privacy Policy Page = Google looks for this!
  • Sign of a Scam 3:- Spelling errors and bad grammar (classic sign).
  • Sign of a Scam 4:- No Forum visible to New Members. I SEE now they are using ‘Telegram’, After they get ALL of YOUR SENSITIVE DATA! No forum is to STOP new members seeing participants complaints and so not to alarm them away.
  • Sign of a Scam 5:- SAME LANGUAGE such as “Create a Dream” etc. Huge giveaway and I had been hunting down these guys, with the help of people in the comments section, online for months now! YOU REPORT THEM HERE – I WILL WRITE THEM UP GOOD AND PROPER!
  • Sign of a Scam 6:- Insane promise of 60% returns! Even Bill Gates wouldn’t pay that per your investment – why would he – he is making a LOSS!
  • Sign of a Scam 7:- In their About Us Page, well, they are calling themselves a “STOCKVEL“. STOCKVEL is a word where a group of people save, weekly/monthly, in the one back account. Huge interests accrued are shared among participants. Clearly, they are not a bank and all monies come from new sign ups. But, I am sure, I will get many who will defy every dictionary on the planet and tel me I am wrong – it’s happened before.
  • Sign of a Scam 8:- I don’t know how they don’t choke on their own garble as they are not “gender biased”, and on the same line, they say their purpose to “empower women”. Pfff, OK, I am confused and highly amused 🙂 . They are contradicting themselves so much.
  • Sign of a Scam 9:- Their Home Page looks very shoddy and ill put together.
  • Sign of a Scam 10:- Same owner created multiple devastating other online scam websites!




I am further looking into womeninmove.net. Should I have made a gross error then I will clearly state that in this review and give a full apology. Pending further research I will soon update this post to either legit – or  – not legit. Please stay tuned. Also, if a mistake has been made here, please do understand, we are all human and thus mistakes can occur.



While the founder has yet to comment here to try to set my mind at ease. You may check out a fellow blogger’s review of WomenInMove and decide for yourself https://www.newsonlineincome.com/womeninmove/ .



The truth of their movement will bear out in time with comments etc and I hope and wish for all their members to have a fulfilling financial future going forward. But, it is only a matter of time before complaints pour in.




Perhaps you have a story to tell regarding the site I have just wrote about? You are welcome to leave that here for all to see and learn from. Need advice on another site, or, suspect these guys are running (yet again) another online scam? Please let me know, and if it turns out to them, I will do a piece exposing these fellows. What Is WomenInMove.Net is just recycled criminal activities and I hope you stay clear of them. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to responding to all of your comments. Take care for now guys 🙂 .

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