What Is WeLive.Me and is it a SCAM! Review of WeLive.Me!!

By | October 18, 2017

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What is welive.me.

What Is WeLive.Me and the Ugly Truth.

What is WeLive.Me is a great question because it is not what they say they are. In this review I will show you if it is a scam or if it is a real online job. The work is simple and the process to the truth is easy. Let us proceed to see if welive.me is safe, genuine and trustworthy. It promotes itself by offering everyone an ‘online job career‘, however, this is laughable! I can save you some reading now by letting you know this is not a good or honest online work to take part in. It only seeks to defraud people after much work and time has been committed by the user. I can make a recommendation is trusted, and my Number 1 Choice to all, which is Wealthy Affiliate – Review to show you how to Earn for Life! You can save even more time by Signing Up for Free to see how things go.


WEBSITE:- welive.me.

FOUNDER:- Mark Tellen.

CREATED:- 25/11/2016.


NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.


What is WeLive.Me and Why It IS BAD for You.

To know what is welive.me all one has to know is that they do not pay out to people who work on their website. There are multiple copies of this site where they stick around for a while and shut them down. They then open up another one where name only difference name website name and domain name. I was surprised to see founders name within WHOIS, however, who knows if that is even real. There is a contact email, however, I am not going to email it to see if it is real, as I do not want to be targeted with spam!

There is another site called Trendduty.com that is identical to we live.me except in name. The site visually has no difference and the work is exactly the same. This is not a trusted online job but is a scam job. It is not real or legit in any way shape or form and will make a fine addition to my ‘Scam Sites‘ section of my website! It has earned!!

If you are currently engaged in trying to make money with this website, or any of the websites in my ‘Scam Sites’ section (top left tab), please discontinue your efforts as they will go unrewarded. Many are complaining that they do not get paid and there is no, at this moment in time, to get your money either.

A common theme with many (all) online scams is they offer a really huge, ridiculous, amount of money for little to no work. All they ask you to do is sign up. Get your affiliate link and spread it through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube videos etc. When someone clicks on that link you get $5 or even $10! Come on now!! That is too much money for so little work and easy work at that as well.

OK, these sites are saying you can make an excellent living by making way up to 15K a week. 15K a week for a mere 5 minutes or just 6 minutes of work per day. Wow! Really!? NO!

They ‘brag’ about how much money they have paid to people who have done work for them, however, these sites are trying to make it real but it is not. These scam websites are too young to be so engaged with traffic to be able to afford those kinds financial payments.


what is welive.me.


This particular ‘clone‘ of a scam site says it hails from India, Punjab, Lahore. This is not good news as India is notoriously known for being a ‘hot spot‘ for scammers. Brazil and Russia, incidentally, have the same online reputation which is a terrible shame for legitimate businesses from such countries!


I have a feeling I am going to find another ‘hornets-nest’ of identical websites that are owned by the same people!

To recap:-

5/6 minutes per day to earn 15K per week!

Spreading Affiliate Links.


How They Scam You ‘COLD’.

You may forget about getting any money out of these guys, that’s just not something they like to do, and currently, there appears to be no way to do this. Here is how they scam you:-

When you have done a ton of affiliate link sharing and performing online tasks that actually generates cash for this website. The minimum with drawl amount is $300 and once you have achieved this you can go to try to get your earnings. They will put in front of you SURVEYS!

YES – SURVEYS! You HAVE TO complete these surveys in order to get your money. Sounds kinda fair except you have to PAY to complete these damn surveys before this website will release your funds. SO now you are cornered and many do actually pay to finish this part of the scam.

Once you do this and fill out those annoying questionnaires you will be LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! These people actually sell on your details, your personal details you used to sign up with when you first created your account with them, on to spammers (third party).

That is all there is to this fraud online job and I hope you can see now that is indeed a true scam and one to be avoided.


SCAM RATING:- 0/100%!



Needless to say, I do not recommend, endorse or suggest you take part in such work online. Watch out for high pay outs for easy work. Big cash earned online quickly is usually (probably always) B.S. Better to learn how to build your own online business that works for you even when you are not working on it. It is possible because I am doing it, and as an Affiliate Marketing Specialist, I can show you how to do this as well. Just ask me in the comments section below.



I would love to hear from you! This is the part that I invite you now to tell me if you were scammed by this website or any other in the comments section below. This will help others to avoid being defrauded the same way. If you are not sure about a particular online work opportunity and ask me and I will see if it is legit. I recommend you sign up to my websites Newsletter, top right of this post, to keep up to date with all the current scams online and so to avoid being ripped off as well. Feel free to share this post to help others avoid it as well. Thank you kindly for reading my post and remember my Sign Up Offer is Free to Join for a Free Lifetime Membership Account. NO CC REQUIRED. Take of yourself and do come back sometime soon. Stay safe!

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