What Is ArMoney.Club – Scam or Legit? WARNING!

By | October 11, 2017
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What Is ArdMoney. Club and How to Avoid being Scammed.

You are very welcome and thank you for visiting my site today. Here you will find your answer on What Is ArdMoney. Club (http://ardmoney. club). You will also find out:- Is ArdMoney good and genuine, safe, trusted, legitimate. Or, is ArdMoney Club a harsh fraud, fake and not genuine, will be more than informed in this ArdMoney Review. We can say very fast that we don’t trust them anyways and believe strongly it is just another scam! Below is all the info on how it works and why I believe they are not sincere and fake.

This news may disappoint many who have already worked on their platform and looking for their money.You won’t get paid. However, we do know 1 good and trusted online company called Wealthy Affiliate. They accept Newbie Applications to Join their Free Affiliate Program. You can read about them HERE or sign up HERE for your Free Life Time AccountNo CC to Start! 


Here is what you will gain from my article:-

  • What this scam site is and how to make money per their service.
  • The Worst Part of this Scam!
  • Top 9 Online Safety Tips
  • Scam Rating!
  • Recommended Reading.
  • Final Thoughts.




What Is ArdMoney. Club – All Info to Make Up Your Own Mind.

ArMoney. Club promises high pay for easy work but is actually a fraud, not real, safe, legit, scam phishing and malware site guilty of not paying people! And that is the answer to What Is ArdMoney. Club.

The sites below are all shut down!

 voddengi. club, mesmoney. club, jamdengi. club, docdengi. top, kavdengi. club. cumoney. club, romdengi. club, wotmoney. club, vawdengi. site, razmoney. club, advmoney. tech, normoney. club, hurmoney. club, suremoney. club, faxdengi. club, findmoney. club, ahadengi. club, fepmoney. club, and zendengi. club! All have the same owners running the same scam!! 


Here you will find an up to date list of the same scam owners –>> VanMoney. Win. This post was originally on WebMoney. Host, again, same owner as Ardmoney.


ArdMoney is being promoted across so many social media platforms and many people are falling victim to it. It is highly time-consuming and they even try to trick people into parting with their money. Once a person clicks a link they will land on the Home Page that has a list showing off High Earnings for a days work. A days work is considered to be 3/5 hour (if only lol) where you can earn, on average, $50/$300 per day! That is the claim. It is 10 cents per ad viewed and should you make a referral you will earn 50% in commissions! Of course this is not true, it is a scam, so don’t waste your time promoting that affiliate link of yours! They even go so far as to say if you view 1000 advertisements in one month you can make $4800!! NOPE! This is not reality. Anyone can learn to make money online but it takes time, learning, effort etc. I can show you how if you want to start today!


A few positive points about this site is it is not BLACK LISTED YET! I mean ‘yet’ because some of these identical sites are. The website scamanalyze.com gives it a low trust rating but considers it ‘SAFE‘. The site scamadvisor.com gives it a low trust rating but concludes it may not be ‘SAFE‘. Confusing huh? Don’t be – click anyone of the reviews about and you will see they are all the same. Actually, copies, of each right down now to the wording and color and service!

Owners ID is hidden and there are no email or contact details of any kind. Information in description is misleading, as I will explain why shortly, and NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN PAID OUT! STAY CLEAR AND WARN OTHERS BY SHARING THIS ARTICLE!



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The Worst Part of their Scam.

Should you have come into contact with these guys and you submitted personal details, such as email,
name etc, then you really need to take precautions right now!

Here is why. There is a ‘Minimum Threshold’ you need to hit before you can withdraw your earnings from web money.host. It is $150. In the description they say you can withdraw your cash and have it within one hour. However, they give you a weirdly worded message, which I have covered in other posts, that says you will have to wait TWO MONTHS! You can choose some sort of ‘express’ option, but ultimately, you won’t get paid. In this message they say you must make 40 REFERRALS to them first! They will even offer to sell them to you – do not buy them, they are not real!

If you make the referrals or buy them you will get LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! There is no help to get any money from them. TOTAL SCAM!

Worst Part Is:- They sell on your personal details to scammers and spammers on the Deep Web!! I will give you some suggestions now to help safe guard your online identity:



In no particular order – here are my top 10 online safety tips:-Safety-online-tips.

  1. Do a Google Search of online opportunities. Look out for bad reviews and customer complaints.
  2. If you have fallen victim then change your Google+ password.
  3. Have 9 passwords spread across all accounts online. This is a top tip recommended by top Industry Professionals.
  4. Back-Up your data. Pictures, videos or work that is important to you.
  5. Update your Operating System. Old systems are easier to hack.
  6. Do not click on links in emails that you don’t know. Hover cursor over link and look to bottom left. If it looks awful, then definitely don’t click on it. It may be a phishing attack! Report as ‘SPAM’ and ‘DELETE’.
  7. Stay Clear of ‘Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes’.
  8. Do not pay a Sign Up Fee before trying out the product first!
  9. Do not use Public WiFi without using a VPN.



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Online Safety Training.

The following reading is my way of giving out free online safety training. The more you know the less you can be scammed:-



Final Thoughts.

ArdMoney is nothing but a duplicated PTC Site that does not pay out. Owner has copied this site up 1323 English versions. They come in Russian and German. Should anyone have come across the Russian and German versions, just report them in the comments section below. I respond to all comments fast!

There are many legit ways to make money online, however, watching ads all day is not recommended ever! Even doing surveys are 99% scams! Many online jobs recommending assembly, envelope stuffing etc don’t pay out or pay too little for vast amounts of tedious and time-consuming work! The website in review here is an awful scam and should be avoided at all costs! I do not recommend it or any other of the aforementioned sites or posts above this paragraph.

 would be great to hear from you! Do you have a story of being scammed online or perhaps you have experience with one of these scam sites? Let me know to help others learn as well. Ever tried and failed at Affiliate Marketing? Let me know as I know I can show you’d to be successful online in time! You may give it a go, if you are interested, with your Free Start Up Account HERE to earn monthly as I do.


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