What Is WealthInland.com? Is WealthInland.com a Scam or Legit!

By | March 14, 2018

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Full Answer to What Is WealthInland.com


Time to find out What Is WealthInland.com with Claims of Making You Wealthy.

Those seeking to answer What Is WealthInland.com, asking is WealthInland fake and a scam or safe and legitimate have come to the right place. I am not a member of Wealth Inland so you know it is unbiased and based on research, experience in exposing online scams and what they say on their website. Wealth Inland describes itself as a Peer to Peer, Donation Platform. They ‘GUARANTEE’ your financial success, which immediately, strikes me as suspicious and warrants further investigation. We shall also try to find who owns this website. Previous research shows up the owner has Two Other New Websites running the same ‘opportunity’.

To save your time, I will tell you they are a Ponzi scheme, Pyramid scheme and a cash gifting scheme. This makes them illegal. Those seeking legal and real ways to make money online are welcome to read up on our #1 Recommendation known as Wealthy Affiliate right >HERE<. Sign Up >HERE< to register and find out for yourself.



Unabridged Answer to What Is WealthInland.com, Owner details and How it Works.

In everyone’s research to answer what is WealthInland.com, I highly recommend you get the URL you are investigating and take it WHOIS. This will show you all available information regarding its registration. The owner of the site is not clear as it was not submitted. Email for support is also missing and zero address, not even, a fake one. Wealth Inland was set up 31/12018 and turns off same in 2019. One year seems to be the usual amount of time for a hit-and-run site, but not all the time. They are new and we have caught them at the right time to help warn many.

The two other websites this person runs are KontantPay.com and DmghUnited.com – both are Peer to Peer Donation Platforms.

Be sure to check out the definition of a Ponzi Scheme linking to a Wikipedia article. Link will open up in a new browser. It is basically a business model that has zero product and definitely no service of any kind. People are recruited, coerced into paying money to other members, who have already invested or donated, and WAIT for their own doubled returns. Since there are only so many people that will sign up to any ponzi scheme, sometimes it only takes a matter of months before they fail, this will leave most their members without returns per time and investment.

They further describe themselves as a Mutual Fund and Aid Platform where members are paid according to their ‘loyalty’. This tells me they encourage more than one investment to increase your chances of earning even more money. Promises of becoming wealthy in a short, actually they say the shortest frame of time, by using their platform. The ‘IDEA’ behind their website is to MAKE EVERYONE FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL. Their ambition is to lead the way in “wealth creation” but this is usually only for people that own the site and the first level members.

Please note:- The language used is very common among Ponzi Pyramid and Cash Gifting Schemes. Such language screams an untrustworthy site. Should they be paying their members right now, this is only a matter of time, before they stop paying everyone. What has your experience with them thus far? Should you not have been paid you definitely need to have your voice be heard in the comment box to put pressure on them to pay you.


WealthInland.com is Apparently Making People Wealthy

How It Works.

Free to sign up and they usually require email and even phone verification. Their are usually several levels of investments and a waiting period. New members are pressurized into making a payment with a limited time period. Without payment within this predetermined time period results in the new member from being booted from the program. Of successful participants who walk a way happy is only 10% and less at times. This is a statistical fact!

Many problems arise when members, who received payments, are due to make verification or confirm having received such a payment. Odd things occur because, which such schemes, many people do not confirm. To make sense of this we have to think about this strange scenario. One legit member sends money to another ‘legit’ member who now won’t confirm. This means the one that received the money is booted from the scheme. But, hold on, why would someone not confirm when they have already made money and actually able to continue to make more? I am suspecting such members who don’t confirm actually run the scheme – this is the only logical conclusions I can come to. I can’t say if this is happening with the site under analysis but it is common.

Also, it is a practice with such schemes for the owners to create many accounts that appear legit but are fake. These accounts will now receive payments from legit members which they will keep, and probably I suspect, won’t confirm.


Can people make money with such a program?

In the beginning, ideally first 20 days to two months, the chances are the best for making money in such a manner. Please keep in mind I do not recommend this way as it is completely illegal. Members have no recourse to get their money back once the opportunity goes under from a lack of new sign ups. Ponzi Schemes are costing local economies millions and the tide is only getting larger and more damaging for the regions they infect.

We know NOT where this opportunity comes from exactly, but their servers are Web4Africa Inc. One thing we do know, since the Director of Consumer Protection Lehlohonolo Chefa warned South Africans about ponzi/pyramid schemes, such schemes were given Free Advertising. The desired effect of such a warning back fired as thousands of citizens run to these schemes as a cheap and quick way to earn much-needed funds. Hence, why scamwitness.com finds and exposes so many.


Scam Signs Galore!


Scam Signs for WealthInland.com


As stated, they are a new online (in my opinion) scam site and their website is littered with many signs that they are not legit. Please see below such signs that we are not dealing with a safe and reliable work from opportunity:-

  • Website Logo says they are Making People Wealthy which they do in a very short amount of time. However, unless these people have the gift of prophecy or a super genuine way of making EVERYONE WEALTHY quickly, then they are simply trying to hook in victims for profit.
  • Bizarrely, their website has several images that depict construction workers at work. I am sure they are ‘symbolizing’ something but it just don’t fit.
  • Social Media Buttons are Dead Buttons that lead no where except to the top of their website page.
  • There is only one page to their website prior to sign up.
  • Though Google always seeks things like a Privacy Policy, they do not have one.
  • Usually, their are Frequently Asked Questions but they do not have this section either.
  • Support options are absent.
  • No Forum for members to place complaints and questions. This stops members from exposing internal problems to new members thus potentially putting off new sign ups.
  • No real information therefore near total lack of transparency. Such lack of transparency is a great sign of a scam site.
  • Nonsensical statements such as we are pulse in creating great wealth personality”. Makes no sense.
  • No email support for their members.
  • Founder is not even stated on their own website.

There is more than enough to call any site a scam and a totally illegal operation. Be assured, no such site could ever be approved by any Financial Regulator in any Country.


RECAP:- Long it is that I have learned many walking into such schemes know the risks. This was surprising, at first, and I am confident that there will have been people who have walked into this opportunity knowing the potential to lose all their investments. Then they will turn around and complain abou it. The only people that most pitty is due are the one’s that did not know. Understand, they – in ONLY my opinion – are an illegal online enterprise that seeks to pay a few people but will end up making fools of most of their members. Peronsally, I hvae witnessed a great number of stories informing this website of the collosal damage such schemes do to real people via the online world. This is why I can not endure a positive out loock with these opportunities because it is the Founders that win the lions share of all the profits. Be warned or be ripped off!!


Disclaimer:- All efforts are undertaken to ensure accuracy based solely on what is available online. This article is to forewarn potential new signs to their offer and current members that may not be aware of the dangers of being defrauded. This article is based on my opinion as well, and you can choose to accept it or reject it, and to be not accepted in any other fashion other than stated here. Google is your friend.






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THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! All questions are welcome in this forum. This forum has been specially created for the members of the site just reviewed. Did you receive payment or are you getting the run around? Do explain below as I am not a member I would never sign up to a site believing (in my own opinion) it to be false. Maybe you are looking at another site that is offering a work from home job that pays a little too well? Why not let us know as to help warn others and I will look into it for you as well. Should it prove to be a false job then I will expose them as such. Much has been said and it is now time to finish detailing What Is WealthInland.com and hope you got your answers. Farewell for now everyone 🙂 .




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