What Is W3ADZ? Scam or Legit? Reviews Of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!!

By | October 29, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online ScamsShould You Have Questions On What Is W3ADZ Then This Review Has The Answers.

Welcome and if you are researching for reviews on W3adz, what is W3adz or if w3adz. com is a scam or legit, then I can already tell you, it has me questioning its trustworthiness already. This is connected to BuxCap, which are owned by the same OWNERS, springing from the main hub of AdNetwork. com. They are trying to give a separate location addresses online from where their own servers are actually located! This asks me why, if they were legit, why would you do this? While BUXCAP is a scam, W3adz seems to have a better reputation, but with still some bad points already!!

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What is w3adz?


Here is my research into What Is W3ADZ and if it is Worth it!

W3ADZ, just like BuxCap, is another PTC (PAID TO ‘CLICK’) ad site. I am not a big fan of such sites as I have proven quite a few to be out right and obvious scams.

Firstly, to repeat, all the above sites are owned by the same person. ‘Bux’ and ‘W3’ have different addresses in WHOIS. Bux is from the UK and W3adz is from Germany. When I did an IP look up on both – they both come from Canada, Brunswick, Saint Quentin. I did a full detailed investigation, with satellite images of the exact location, fully proven an attempt to hide their ID online with BuxCap!! This is deceptive!!

OK, it is free to join the site under review. You get paid for watching ads and doing menial online tasks like surveys etc from advertisers. You also get paid for referring other people through your affiliate link. When you first land on their home page the first 15 members who make referrals up to 500 will get a FREE Diamond Membership. This membership is worth 349.99. I do not think I have come across a PTC site that has a membership up to that much money! That is a lot!!

They also run a referral competition, which I think is a fantastic idea, where $100 is cut up between 30 weekly winners for 1st, second and third place. The winners get $30, $20 and $10 respectively. The remaining $40 is divvied up between the remaining 27 winners! That is $1.48 per person – still free money though!

Should you go for a Golden Membership then, it seems you make more referrals, up to 500. Should you have a Diamond Membership then the referrals you can make is unlimited.

Seems, depending on what package you buy, either limits or unleashes the amount of people you can refer to their site. Seems OD to me though, as you are asking users to pay a fee to refer people to THEIR sitewhat!!??? Is it me or does that not make any sense? Am I seriously missing something here!!?

Can someone please explain to me how the above is supposed to make any sense please – thank you.

You get paid, apparently, 8 cents per click and 30 cents per referral affiliate link click. Should your referral upgrades then you earn $7. I think, considering the price of their Diamond Membership, is an awful and mean amount to give to anyone, and it would NOT BE WORTH MY TIME!!

There is more but that is basically it. They charge YOU to work to recruit more people to THEIR site to watch ads for low money etc – ?.



Good Points.

Scamanalyze.com has given W3adz a 60% trust rating! OK, that is the good news. I have to wonder how though when I uncovered, by simple IP track down and given the conflicting address details compared to server locations, how that can be considered trustworthy? Confusing to say the least!

I am afraid that appears to be all the good news I was able to find about this PTC site.


Bad Points.

Scamadvisor.com gives it a 37% trust rating saying “it might be unsafe to use“. Moreover, scam advisor has discovered W3 has bad online reviews indicating a bad online reputation and it is ‘connected’ to other sites that are considered to be “HIGH RISK“!



NBR (netbusinessrating.com) has rated this site under review as a scam!! Good enough for me!

I checked out the Terms Of Service and it says if your account is ‘inactive’ for a period, then, they have the right to reset your main balance to zero! That is THEFT!!!

Additionally, in their TOS, it says that payment is ‘SOME DAY’ – THAT’S IT, THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!

I am now utterly convinced we are dealing with a more sophisticated type of PTC fraud that carries itself with a much more convincing professional demeanor, then other, scummy scam sites. STAY CLEAR!!






Scam rating for w3adz.com





OK, given that a number of well-established and highly trusted sites, that have deemed W3 as ‘suspicious’ or a scam, and given my own IP research, I have no choice but to say to stay clear of these guys! PTC sites are notoriously bad opportunities for making money online and the owner of W3 has 8 other connected sites that are deemed’HIGH RISK‘.

Given the overwhelming sourced information, and all the additional damning evidence I found in my BuxCap Review, what other conclusion can I have come to ? Let me know if you agree or disagree as I am open to learn more and be corrected if I am all wrong. You can do so in the comments section below where I will always get back to you in good time.



I would love to hear from you! Given the high popularity of W3 I am sure that some may have already been ripped off by now. Created 14/10/2016 by someone called Arnaldo Bocker (sounds legit – lol) it has attracted a decent audience of well over a thousand queries per month. Should you have been ‘done’ by this site, or any of its connected sites, then please feel free to leave your experience in the comments section below to help warn others. If, however, you have been paid, then I would love to hear from you also, but keep in mind sites like these will make some payments as ‘proof’ of their trust and legitimacy – it is a common practice with scam sites. I am confident, given my fair research sourced from several trusted locations online, I have reached an accurate rating and have answered the question of What Is W3ADZ. Just be careful if you are tempted to disagree with and go with them. Should you have or do make money then I would advise you to RUN NOW! Thank you for reading my article and do come back soon as I post daily. You can sign up to my websites free newsletter above to keep up to date with active and damaging scams operating right now online. All the best and stay safe online everyone! Do not forget about my offer to you below. It is in my review and you can sign up there if you are interested! CHEERS!!


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2 thoughts on “What Is W3ADZ? Scam or Legit? Reviews Of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!!

  1. LordDannyC

    W3adz is a total rip off I invested my 120$, I had 550 rented referrals, and 18 rev share + gold for 1 year.. I did all that a month and a half.. I haven’t even done any 1st time account withdrawal since I had the account.. my gold membership I only got to use 2 out of 12 months before I was suddenly suspended… I wasted hours of my time a day for the past day/weeks/month and a half… The only time now if I want to check my account is by typing my username on w3adz forum.. my refs are now 0 but my rev share is still earning for me daily. . They have never answered my support ticket even once.. when I wanted to withdraw kept revert back… The ptc credits. I get from rev share, I use to make 2min ads and so I can earn more.. been on w3adz for maybe just 40 days and I have already clicked 10thousand times….

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi LordDannyC,

      WOW! I hate to hear stories like this, but I do want to thank you for leaving your story, to help warn others!

      I would seriously advise you to report your story to the BBB – YOU can leave your own ‘review‘ of W3ADZ to help warn others – as many online go there to see if it is something trustworthy.

      I thought briefly, W3ADZ was legit due to its highly convincing sites.

      By the end of my review I was of no doubt!!

      I have no no doubt your story will help a lot of people stay clear of W3ADZ and cause a some damage to that site.

      Do not forget, if you really want to make money online, please just ask me. I can see you are highly driven by all those clicks you made. I have been scammed online as well and I know that horrible feeling. I laugh them off now but it still annoys me to this day to have my money and time wasted!

      Hang in there Danny as there are some legit online opportunities online

      You can also read my review in to my #1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate Review – Learn to Earn for Life!

      All the best Danny!!



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