NkoMoney.Club Review – Is ‘NkoMoney’ Scam or Legit Work from Home Job?

By | November 9, 2019

NkoMoney. Club Fraud Exposed.

You are not advised to work at NkoMoney. Club for the simple reason for that they never pay out. Unreal earnings, coupled with no business transparency, compounded by 3068 other cloned versions, then we have a recipe for a scam. If you gave payment info to ‘NkoMoney’ then contact your payment provider now. There are many other scams as we said and we will leave you the full list of the newest versions doing the rounds right now.

OK, now already you know that the site under review is a fake and will seek to use you for your time and energy, even, money. I do have a way, if you still want to know how to make money online, then read my review into Wealthy Affiliate. It will show you how to make money legitimately and you can sign up from there. It is free to get your Lifetime Starter Account plus Two Websites along with 20 Videos in website creation and Affiliate Marketing.


do not work at NkoMoney. Club! They will never pay you.






NkoMoney. Club is nothing but a Fake Scam Site.

NkoMoney. Club is a scam and at least now you know this. There will be those that will probably be very attached to the $4800 promise per month but that is not real. The work on offer hardly makes a fraction of a site per captcha filled. No money is generated from a link click and no monies will go to you from you referrals. It is all for the founders back pocket and that is that. If you do not believe us then go ahead and get yourself scammed. Entirely up to your self. Or you can CLICK HERE to find out how to earn online properly.


  • Click on anyone of the reviews in the intro, Google Search for complaints on each one, and you will be spoiled for choice for all the complaints of NO PAY and being LOCKED OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNTS!
  • Go to WHOIS for each one, and you will see, they all have the same fake address and, PO BOX number, phone and fax number. There is no Founder details and email is protected. Such sites that do this are considered ‘suspicious’ by sites whose job it is to monitor and report on scam sites. 
  • This site below is called submoney. club and I reviewed it ages ago. I wonder why they are exposing themselves at this point in time, as I am sure if anyone goes to there site, seeing what I seen they would run for the hills!


Full Review into Scam Sites! Let us find out What Is VotMoney.Club.

Shut Down – Did Damage to Members Online!


  • Secondly, $00.10 per ad unit watched, is too high to pay out! Only legit sites will pay out just $00.01! I did find out that actually does pay out (I reviewed it and it is legit and verifiable safe) $00.03 per question answered. It is a survey site called paidviewpoint.com and it does pay out. You can Join Up To Them to earn between $100 to $200 spare cash a month.
  • If you want to know how they execute the scam the please continue to read, alternatively, you may wish to skip it and Sign Up Here to Wealthy Affiliate to start learning to earn money today!




How They Scam You!

  1. OK, the minimum payout is $300 and at which point you can apply to get your money. On any of the sites reviewed in this article that are owned by the scammers, you will notice within their description they promise to make payment to all in one hour, however they send you a message saying it will take two months to process payments. Its total nonsense!
  2. There is, for your convenience, an express check out. You click on it and then they say you must have made 40 referrals before you can even apply for your own cash! You can of course work even harder to send more victims to their site to qualify for your money. Or you can buy them for $14 – it is not much but that ads by the thousands that are buying FAKE REFERRALS.
  3. As a general safety note:– If anyone promises you clicks or referrals for money, what is actually happening here is some admin will just manipulate the numbers in your account. Or, you will receive non-targeted (people not interested in your stuff), who just ‘click’ to earn money – they are probably being scammed as well!! Just do not fall for this
  4. In either case, everyone is LOCKED out of their accounts with an email address to communicate through. I know I said the email is fake, however, one must be provided to members as some have established communication but the situation of no payment has ever been resolved. Please share this article to help warn others as some people online are in sheer desperation to get paid from a site that has never paid out a penny to anyone – EVER!





Final Thoughts.

So, and to be one 100% Clear, ‘UxMoney. Club’ is fake and you will never get paid. I have spent some years trying to find legit offers only to lose time and money to fake idiots running scam sites. So, believe me, I DO know how you feel right now. The shame, embarrassment however is not yours to carry, but the scammers. We have enough to deal with in this without carrying needless baggage. Clearly, you are indeed an entrepreneur and you deserve a chance just like everyone else. So, we are going to list off all of the recent scam sites below and leave you one more sign up link. Good luck on whatever you decide 🙂 . 




SCAM SITES REVIEWS IN 2019 / 2020! ~


  1. BduMoney. xyz.

  2. GsaMoney. icu.

  3. LkaMoney.

  4. YakMoney. icu.

  5. WbiMoney. Club.

  6. OgeMoney.

  7. AohMoney Club.

  8. OnyMoney. icu.

  9. UogMoney.

  10. EdiMoney. xyz.

  11. YetMoney. icu.

  12. VpoMoney. Club.

  13. EnaMoney. icu.

  14. PnyMoney. icu.

  15. ObyMoney. icu.

  16. GipMoney.

  17. YobMoney. icu.

  18. OvoMoney. icu.

  19. OosMoney. icu.

  20. VnuMoney. xyz.

  21. UxMoney. Club.






Report Scams to US!





4 thoughts on “NkoMoney.Club Review – Is ‘NkoMoney’ Scam or Legit Work from Home Job?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sobia,

      Thank you very much for your comment Sobia, it really is appreciated 🙂 .

      So, I would say that you must read the above article word for word. But, if you have not the time then that is fine. So, AnoMoney. Space is a rampant scam. AnoMoney is only 1 site out of 1440 that have and are scamming people online. They never pay out. You can’t cash out. They will want money from you possibly as well. It is a fake site.

      Sorry to inform you of this. Ask me if you are looking for legit work, I have a few options for you. Just tell what kind of work you are looking for.

      Thanks Sobia and Sorry for the bad news on Ano Money.

      Philip (Scam Witness).

  1. Balal

    I have earned 300+ dollar on ano money space
    Can you give me authentication of these sites

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Balal, I have spent many hours exposing all of these nearly identical sites like AnoMoney. Space and never heard a word back from the Founder to rebuke any of my claims they are fake and scam. There are no payment proofs anywhere online that members have been paid. You can try to cash out. Its your choice. They will ask for money in return to get your money. I don’t recommend you pay. I have exposed close to or over 200 of their sites and so – There- is your authentication they are not real and won’t pay you. Its up to you my friend, I am only here to warn you. Good luck!


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