What Is Vire.info? Is Vire.info a Scam Or Legit!

By | February 13, 2018

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Answering What Is Vire.info

Exposing and Answering What Is Vire.info and do they PAY OUT!

Should you need to answer What Is Vire.info, asking if Vire.info is a fraud or safe, does Vire Info pay out and why we will see that they are a SCAM SITE! The creators of Vire have created 100s if not 1000s nearly duplicate sites where the name and URL is changed and all else remains the same. They have not pay out to anyone, if they have, it has been so little to only provide proofs to new comers. HIGHLY not recommended. Stay clear.

I have excellent reasons to call them a scam but have decided to critique the site separate from their past scams. Should you need a better way to earn online in Affiliate Marketing with a $0 Start Up you can read about Wealthy Affiliate >>HERE<< or Register >>HERE<<. No CC for free options. Paid Opions Available.





What Is Vire.info, Owner Details and the Work.

Let us begin with who owns the site before further answering what is Vire.info. No one knows as they have not submitted the legally required info online. No email or Founder name so no one is held accountable. Bad sign for sure.

Vire Info is simply a website that pays you (well, its meant to) for doing surveys, watching ads, downloading apps. But, the real purpose is evident when these things are not available and you are left to share your affiliate link. You are advised to do so on any and all online social media platforms. You get $10 for a sign up and $5 for getting someone to just visit their website. The minimum cash out is $300! This is a joke and a sign of an online scam.

The highest any legit site will set minimum cash out is $100 but never any higher. Otherwise, it is a great nugget of a clue you are not dealing with anything no where near legit.

They are set to shut down operations with Vire in 2018, April. These scammers have untold numbers of the same online fraud and usually each site only lasts one year.


So, how do they scam people over exactly? Upon requesting your monies they will ask you to fill out a survey, par-take in an offer that requires bank details to sign up to and/or download an app. Most of these options you must PAY MONEY to complete. At this point, if you pay, you are expecting your cash. However, they will not pay you and will change your password to your account. You can not delete or shut down your account ever on their sites.

What is the true purpose of their site if they are not paying out? They are a phishing website and will ‘harvest’ as many emails as possible. They will also seek to download malware to hunt for other sensitive details to be sold on. NairaForum was one such place I seen hundreds of thousands of emails being sold for just $3000. A lot of money that can be converted many times over for a great profit. A shame people would abuse a fantastic forum in this manner 🙁 .

They payout monthly but that only gives them time to let you work away. Also, it should be noted, the reason why the minimum payout is so high is to make all their members recruit many more members in to phish their details. They are getting people to work for them for free without compensation.

They have a poor online reputation and there are many user complaints of no pay outs. Those screaming it is not a scam are either part of it or ignorant to the facts!

I will keep this post nice and short and I just wanted to warn people how they are going to get scammed if they sign up to the website being investigated. Below, there is a list of the Scam Signs they possess and what you should look out for when to sign up to money opportunities online:-


  • They have no Forum! This is not good as it mutes members queries and complaints of no payouts. This is not to let the cat of the bag for new sign ups thus put people off from to sign up to them.
  • No privacy policy page, no earnings’ disclaimer etc. This is poor.
  • No about us page.
  • FAQ’s links to Home Page.
  • There is not even a site description of who they are.
  • They do not even give out data on what kind of work is involved leaving everyone to guess lol.
  • No copy right or year on the bottom of their website.
  • Their site for all intents and purposes is empty.
  • I know when you sign up to one of their sites there is a page of info on what to do I believe that is about it.


Next is our Scam Rating and then you have the chance to Have Your Say at the bottom of this article 🙂 .











THIS FORUM IS NOW! Perhaps many reading this article actually signed up to the site just reviewed. If this is the case I would appreciate your take on what you experienced? Perhaps you actually got paid? I’d be surprised but would definitely appreciate hearing about that below. However, the chances are good that most did not see a penny and to those I would urge you speak up so others may learn. I have been swift in answering What Is Vire.info as I knew it a scam in 1 second flat as I have reviewed several others just like it before. I look forward to seeing you all again soon and advise to sign up to sites free newsletter to keep a head of the scams doing the rounds right now. Fare well for now and look forward to all of your comments below 🙂 .



4 thoughts on “What Is Vire.info? Is Vire.info a Scam Or Legit!

  1. WealthyBen

    Superb review Philip.
    Flowing from this eye-opener review on Vire.info, here is my personal advice to folks;
    Be alert to the fact that scams exist, Know who you’re dealing with online, Keep your personal details secure, Beware of any requests for your money upfront because scammers are really getting more sophisticated in their approach to rip you off.

    I am sure no legit online company will set minimum cash out as $300 as this may be difficult to reach for most members. Just as you have rightly said Philip, “The highest any legit site will set minimum cash out is $100 but never any higher.” anything higher is another SIGN OF SCAM.

    Be careful of Vire.info! Scam targets you so be careful!!

    Thank you for this review.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi WealthyBen,

      Everything you say is very true and I want to thank you as well for offering further advice to those researching this issue with Vire.info. Yes, Vire.info is a remorseless scam and they leave too many scam signs for me not to be able to call them an online scam operation.

      I know we’d all like to believe we have landed on a website that really can make us a fortune for so little work and in time, like I had to myself, we will all have to learn the hard way or continue to get scammed.

      Thanks again WealthyBen 🙂 .

  2. shirley

    Interesting article. Glad I didn’t get involved with that site. I’m a pretty suspecious person in general and never pay out on sites like these. I tend to research for complaints first. Once again, nice article, thanks for posting — shirley

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for popping and leaving your opinion on What Is Vire.info. I recommend as well people should always do some research before signing up to quick for any online opportunity.

      Thanks again 🙂 .


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