What Is UxMoney Win? Is UxMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 28, 2018

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Truth on What Is UxMoney Win


Uncovering What Is UxMoney Win to Stop People from Falling for It!

For people asking such questions as What Is UxMoney Win? Is UxMoney. Win trying to pull a fast one? Is Ux Money Win truthful, ethical and a dependable way to earn money online? You have queried your search perfectly as this is an unaffiliated review to expose one of the biggest SCAMS online right now! Legal Owners of this New Paid Advertising Platform have THOUSANDS of these sites! Such sites include odmoney. site, ogmoney. site, ozmoney. club, evmoney. win, abmoney. win, agmoney. site, evmoney. win, olmoney. site, usmoney. site, elmoney. site, ezmoney. site, anmoney. site, ofmoney. site, ebmoney. site, asmoney. site, ammoney. site, akmoney. site, utmoney. win, yvmoney. win, ygmoney. win, ytmoney. win, esmoney. win, uvmoney. win, ewmoney. win, ekmoney. win, ubmoney. win, osmoney. win, ommoney. win, exmoney. win, ifmoney. win, ufmoney. club, ucmoney. club, ukmoney. club, owmoney. win, edmoney. site, olmoney. club, akmoney. win, ohmoney. bid, atmoney. win, ecmoney. win, anmoney. win, ermoney. win, usmoney. win, uwmoney. win, ulmoney. win, opmoney. win, avmoney. win, oxmoney. win, armoney. win, ahmoney. win, immoney. win, epmoney. win etc and it just continues! A review of UxMoney is surely a review of all those sites as they are all the same i.e. COMPLETE SCAM SITES! So, beware of them for sure.

For most, the answer above may be enough bad news and leave. I am just glad I could help to save you some time and potentially a few quid as well 🙂 . That is the nice part of my job. However, there may also be a some people still determined to find a real way to make money online without a start up fee? Should this should like you then why not read our #1 number recommendation >HERE< Contains full details all about Wealthy Affiliate. Sign up >HERE< to get started without a cc. Paid Options for your consideration and quicker financial success.




The Finer Points of What Is UxMoney Win, What Is Known on the Owners and Type of Work Involved.

Before we get down to it and answer what is uxmoney win, there should always be an attempt to find the proprietors of this site, though other sites don’t have such a detail listed anywhere online. Sure enough, website registration reveals minimal details. Zero founder name or email and address is from Panama. Many traces of the IP addresses are pointing to San Francisco. Checking on their site – same thing – no owner details, just bad news all round.

What is available about the owners is they do have many sites (1000’s, as mentioned) and these sites belong to a group called the WebDengi_Eng Network. Russian Born Scam that started out with German duplicates and quickly made Russian copies and now they come in English. I first found these about 8/9 months ago but they are running there scams since 2014!! Still, the authorities can not locate them to shut them down.

To prove these duplicates exist, I have left a list below, of the one’s located and exposed at Scam Witness. Those are part of the 2018 to 2019 batch and may shut down sooner than the 1 year they have registered them for:-

  1. AtMoney. Win.
  2. UvMoney. Win.
  3. OdMoney. Win.
  4. AsMoney. Win.
  5. OgMoney. Win.
  6. AfMoney. Win.
  7. ArMoney. Win.
  8. UnMoney. Win.
  9. YxMoney. Bid.
  10. XyMoney. Site.
  11. NonMoney. Bid.
  12. YdMoney. Bid.
  13. UmMoney. Bid.
  14. YhMoney. Win.
  15. YtMoney. Win.
  16. YgMoney. Win.

Those are linked reviews and will open in a new browser so you may return here at anytime. They contain all the proof you need to know you are not dealing with honest people at UxMoney.


What About the Work Involved?

UxMoney is a Paid to Click Site, or PTC, and simply pays new members to ‘click’ on ads for a few cents. These monies are sent to their accounts (within the site) immediately to give the impression of earning.

Per them, all members have the opportunity to earn excellent money of $50 to $300 a day for 3/5 hours work per day! This can add up to $4800, though some have put this figure at $3800 per month. This could not be further from the truth as their true purpose is to GET MONEY OUT OF YOU! Among other things.

Through ad clicks, which they call ad units, offers good pay there is another way to earn with them.

Attracting Referrals, who sign up under your affiliate link, and then who start to work well will earn you excellent money. This work your referral does will net YOU 50% of their work. That is very high to say the least and of course is also not real and sincere.

How they say to get sign ups is to use your affiliate link. Use that link to paste it in all of our accounts online. This has the unfortunate aspect of roping in your family and friends. Leaving your link in comment boxes on YouTube is another way. Blogs like mine is another and Facebook and Twitter. Really, just about anywhere online will do per these guys.

Bad news is though = SPAMMING IS NOT GOOD! This is what they advise their participants to do. Here is a very short post explaining to all What Is Spamming? Thank you to aweber.com for the quick answer.

The Target Payout for all is $150 which used to be set at $300 with their older sites, as far as I am aware. An application process is now begun when you want to access your funds. But, UxMoney has other plans in store



The Double-Cross is On! This Scam is about to Kick Off!!

Here comes the disappointing part for their members which does cause a lot of upset and confusion. For some though, bemusement is their response.

Everyone that wants to get their money, or try to get their money, will go through an application process. Long story short, this ‘process’ takes about Three Months! Total Joke! That is said so you willingly choose the other option they have clearly, and very loudly, displayed on their site at this stage.

This Option is quicker and takes only a few minutes for the staff to verify. After checking your application everything is fine until they want all your referrals in exchange for your payment. Those new sign ups have to amass to 40 people. Without them, you can not get paid from them.

Those who have failed to do so up to this point can buy them for about $14, or as low as $5, and sometimes as high as $20! Those referrals, should you buy them, are not real people and this is a clever ploy to get you to part with your money. This money is all profit for Uxmoney and you will/may never see it again. Those that paid via PayPal should read this article that shows you the steps you can open a dispute with a seller:- How do I get my Money back? Courtesy of PayPal.com.

Other ways they might employ is to get you to start and finish a survey from a third party website. Those websites are not exactly vetted by ‘Ux’ so you could be submitting your detaisl to any kind of site. Once you complete this step then you may be required to produce PAYMENT to do so. This is justified as the only way to get your earnings from UxMoney. Of course, it is only a penny pinching act that occurs right before members are LOCKED OUT of their ACCOUNT!

More dangerous than the survey option is the ‘offer’ option. They will or might ask you to Sign Up to an Offer from some unknown third party. This is risky business, to say the least, as you don not know who you are giving your bank details to. And yes, you will have to supply such information to complete these types of Special Offers.

Maybe cancel your current card and order a new one and ask you bank to watch out for suspicious withdrawals in your account, or, you can watch it daily yourself and see if any small amounts are coming out. Unknown sites that run offers are likely to have very expensive points in their terms and conditions section allowing them to charge you for God knows what.

OK! Whatever your options are = ALL MEMBERS WILL NEVER SEE A SINGLE CENT! They will not allow you to shut down your account either. Admin will change your password as well. All accounts will remain open permanently to give the impression to new users of high membership.

Scam sites are notorious for setting up loads of fake accounts to pretend they have more users that what is true. Again, to give the impression of popularity. These accounts will cease to exist once they shut down that particular site.

Such sites will stay active for only 1 year, least we forget, which is not a good sign for this type of business. I mean, 1 year is only enough time to get set up and working at it. When online reputation gets poor then the owners will direct it to another more popular site or replace it by closing it down. Replacements are a continuous thing and Scam Witness is locating quite often.





DISCLAIMER:- Efforts are continuously made to avoid errors. Should they occur they will be corrected promptly. This article was written to help warn people at large to a potential scam threat. Opinions expressed in this article are my own and are not employed as absolute fact. People are welcome to pursue their own research. In my opinion, I don’t trust them and don’t recommend them at all. But of course, it is your own choice.

SCAM RATING:- IN all the time I have been researching this group of scammers I have never witnessed a single legit payment. Those that have been paid, if that is the case, are very welcome to ad that below. Until then – 0/100! There is no other rating applicable to a site that tricks people into signing up to an opportunity and then try to hold their earnings to ransom. Worse still, they seek to lure money and private bank details from their members.

If all the above were not enough, all sensitive details are actively searched for on members devices via malware. Whatever info you supplied like your email address, and whatever their software can find on your laptop, phone or tablet etc will be collected. This information is now sold for a profit for the owners of UxMoney. It is a very well organized racket that is also highly productive.



Those finding this article, before any sign up occurs, have saved yourself a good bit of time and potentially money. Should this be the case it would be great to hear from you. Those who have already signed up, and which to expose ‘Ux’ for their criminality, may do so below in the comment box provided. This forum was set up for such members, as well as to warn people, and all comments and questions will be responded to. Time to call it a day with answering What Is UxMoney Win and hope it has been of used to you all. Take care for now and looking forward to your comments below 🙂 .

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