What Is UvMoney Win? Is UvMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 26, 2018

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Answers to What Is UvMoney Win


Exposing the Answer to What Is UvMoney Win.

This new PTC Site is causing some to ask What Is UvMoney Win? Also, is UvMoney. Win fraudulent? Is Uv Money Win real and paying to members? This is an unaffiliated review of UvMoneyWin, and actually, is only one review of these sites from scammers that run 1000s of these sites. All sites are identical and many new ones were released such as AtMoney. Win, AsMoney. Win, YtMoney. Win, OdMoney. Win, YgMoney, Win, YdMoney. Bid, YhMoney. Win, UmMoney. Bid, XyMoney. Bid, YxMoney. Bid, UnMoney. Win, ArMoney. Win, AfMoney. Win, UgMoney. Win etc in February, with many more still out there. Yes, owners are a regular manufacturer of Lies and SCAMS and NOT LEGIT!

While a skeptical eye must be cast onto UvMoney, that does not mean to say, there are not legit opportunities online. Wealthy Affiliate is one such legit opportunity that requires $0 to begin. Simply read our #1 Recommendation Review >HERE< or sign up >HERE< to begin your own money making success story online now. Comes with optional paid choices.




Full Exposure on What Is UvMoney Win, People Behind these Sites and the Expected Work Plus Commissions.

Who Owns UvMoney? Let us try to answer this right before getting into the nitty gritty of what is uvmoney win. Site registration details reveal the owner’s name is missing, no email for support and the address submitted is from Central America. On UvMoney’s site, we see no such particulars either which tells me the owner has gone to deliberate lengths to hide themselves online. Yes, there is more than one operator behind these sites.

Here is what Scam Witness has uncovered to date:- This is a Russian Organized Scam Network with IP Addresses spanning the Globe. Most recently, many of their older sites like FepMoney. Club, are now ‘pointing’ to new sites like XyMoney. Site. A whole new fresh batch was created and released primarily the early part of February 2018.

Below are the sites listed in the intro but they are linked to their own reviews. There you will see that they are indeed 100% identical, well, except the URL’s are different and so is the website name. But that is all:-

  1. AsMoney. Win.
  2. YgMoney. Win.
  3. OdMoney. Win.
  4. YtMoney. Win.
  5. YhMoney. Win.
  6. UmMoney Bid.
  7. YdMoney. Bid.
  8. NonMoney. Bid.
  9. YxMoney. Site.
  10. UnMoney. Win.
  11. XyMoney. Site.
  12. AfMoney. Win.
  13. UgMoney. Win.
  14. ArMoney. Win.
  15. AtMoney. Win.

Those reviews will open up in a new and fresh browser. Do note that they are all the same con job!


The Name of this fraud network is called WebDengi_Eng who’s keywords for all sites is “Sample of Sentinels” = weirdos 🙁 .



Here is how members are supposed to make money after registration.


Review of UvMoney Win


UvMoney will allow people to sign up with a valid email address. Even if you put in a fake one, they will still allow you membership, and won’t even ask you to confirm you email. This bizarre missed step should be alerting many more people than what it does to a scam.

You will, of course, have noticed all those HIGH PAY OUTS for a single day’s pay to their members, on ‘Uv’s’ Home Page. They go as high as $400 plus per day! Feats of generosity like this don’t actually exist just for clicking on ads.

Another statement you will observe from a fake user review states they got paid $4800 in one month (even in two weeks per one fake review) just for watching ads. If this were true they would be getting Government Endorsements and eradicating Global Joblessness.

The crux of the ‘work’ is watching ads, as yo may have guessed 🙂 , whereupon members expect 10 CENTS for each time. This is tallied up in their own accounts after each ad has been successfully viewed.

Referral Program? Yes, they run a fake referral program as well. You will be well advised to share your affiliate link all over the webs like a lunatic. This spreading of our link will get some people to join up. Once they do, and start to view tons of ads, you will get 50% of their commissions as your profits. Well, you don’t, but this is how the scam operates to entice further work from you. Such sharing of such links is called SPAMMING – here is why you should never do this:- What Is Spam? What are its Effects and How do I prevent them?. Courtesy of security-faqs.com.

That link above will open in a new browser allowing your return, should you wish to do so.

Here is a combination of easy to do as doing nothing work, with anyone can do it, with huge money payouts = another b.s scam!

Minimum Point of Cash Out is $150. At this critical juncture, the lie will show itself for what it is – but – the ‘fun’ has just begun…


Minimum Cash Out Scam Bait!

UvMoney will set up a trap. This bait is your money. Money members will think is real earnings and will naturally want to receive. There is an application form to fill out to run through some farce of a verification process. “Application Successfully Received” type of communication will come back.

Now, you will soon receive another message, stating you have no choice but to wait on your money to be ‘processed’. This fake processing period can take up to 90 days! To speed things up, just a little lol, you choose an option that only takes no more than five minutes and even only three minutes on average. This option does mean you must pay out of your own pocket $10. This is just one way of how they are extorting cash out of their own participants.

Some have paid this fee and have gone onto step 2. This ‘wonderful’ step now asks of you to ‘Exchange Referrals‘. A total surprise to members as no one knows that they should have had 40 people referred to UvMoney before cash out. You can look within their site and it is not stated there anywhere.

Without these referrals, you must waste more of your time,, and make them manually. This can be achieved by placing your referral link across the web in places like YouTube comment boxes, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. There is another option though and this option is provided by ‘Uv’. To save you time you may buy these referrals for about $14, though, sometimes it can be for about $5 or even $20.

Those referrals are fake and if you paid you won’t get your cash back! Yet another way to garner more profits for the owner(s) of UvMoney before removing you from your account for good. These little fee’s here and there, extracted from 1000s of sites of referrals, must ad up to a significant profit by years end.


Or maybe, you won’t be asked to pay anything. THEY might get you to complete an offer or bore you to death with a survey. These two options are off site one’s. The owners of such offers and surveys may very well ask you to pay them though! Should you pay, then Uv receives some commission for that – better than nothing for themselves, I’d imagine they’d be thinking.

Whether you pay or not – its all inconsequential! EVERYONE IS LOCKED OUT OF THEIR OWN UNIQUE ACCOUNT WITH NO WAY BACK IN AND NO WAY TO GET PAID! THAT IS THE END OF THIS SCAM TALEexcept for one thing left...



Malware Downloads and Password Theft!

Scam Witness, during research, has seen reports that their sites (all of them) par-take in downloading unfriendly software to all members computers or smart phones. These little unwanted ‘gifts’ will hunt for saved passwords, bank details, name, emails, addresses and absolutely anything it can get its hands on.

This data is collected and collated into a list. This little list is dropped into the murky waters of the Deep Web to an Auction Website. The list is put up for sale and bidders will try to out bid one another. The successful candidate will now use that list to Mass Target Spam and Phishing Attacks upon anyone on that list.

A relatively new form of phishing has arrived called SMISHING = SMS PHISHING, basically. Here is an informative article to learn more simply called What Is Smishing? Courtesy of us.Norton.com. That will open up in a new browser for you.



DISCLAIMER:- All articles at Scam Witness is based by sourcing online data. My conclusion of whether if something is a scam or not is my own opinion and nothing more. However, it is backed by research. Those that want to say otherwise are warmly welcome to do so below. Should there be corrections due to mistakes, I will gladly fix them. All additional data is welcomed to be added to this article. Thank you for your time on this matter.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! IN MY OPINION, there is no doubt, UvMoney is part of a huge global network of dishonest people defrauding on a mass scale. This operation has been running since 2014 and appears to be absolutely thriving. I aim to put a huge dent in that criminal success, but, I need your help.

Report all instances of non-payment below to help warn others. This will have an effect of decreasing their early online reputation much quicker, thus, less traffic leading them to close down that particular illegal operation sooner.






This is, by far, my favorite part of writing. Here is where ‘I’ get to hear from ‘YOU’ 🙂 . Are you or were you a member of the site just exposed? You hardly got paid did you? If not – you silence is their protection – why not go ahead and let everyone know? All comments will be responded to and can be place below in the comment box provided.

Or maybe, you have spotted ANOTHER ONE of these sites? Its site name would be very much appreciated as exposing them as become a fun hobby for me 🙂 . Additionally, Scam Witness does reader post requests. Should you have a run in, or spotted what seems like a too-good-to-be-true opportunity, then please do let us know. We will give full credit to you in the article by way of thanks. Time to wrap things up detailing What Is UvMoney Win and hope this article saves you time and money, plus, the heart of being ripped off! Fare well for now everyone 🙂 >



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2 thoughts on “What Is UvMoney Win? Is UvMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

  1. Vicky

    I’m really grateful for this your post… Do you know they actually changed the site from Uvmoney. Come to FuMoney. XYZ?
    Scammers are always wicked and don’t even mind how you got the money…
    I’m advising anyone who sees this post never to do anything online cause it’s very risky… Thanks and hope my post becomes useful to you someday…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Vicky,

      Please, call me Philip. Thank you as well for your kind words and it is a pleasure to warn others of bad sites. FuMoney. XYZ are a new site and yes it is normal for scammers to re-direct old scam sites to new URL but same set up scam sites. The fraud-trick is still the same.

      Indeed, your comment is very valuable as it will warn so many people about these sites. Any site that looks like UvMoney and FuMoney are all fake and scams. Paid Advertising Viewing System is a scam network and you should never trust any of those sites.

      Thanks again Vicky and let me know if you are still looking for a free start up way to earn online. ~ Philip.


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