What Is UtMoney.Win? Is UtMoney.Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 24, 2018

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Review of UtMoney Win


Unraveling What Is UtMoney Win for Your Online Safety.

A number of people are asking What Is UtMoney Win? Perhaps you are asking is UtMoneyWin a ripoff? Is Ut Money Win a trustworthy authority in helping others make money online? In this unbiased, and highly revealing article, I want to show what they are REALLY. Fancying themselves as “probably one of the best ways to make money online” they certainly make this true for themselves. Let us try to find out who owns this illegal operation, work details and how they seek to defraud participants in this PTC Scam Site!

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Broadened Answer to What Is UtMoney Win, Proprietor Particulars and How it all Works.

Time to quickly find out correct ownership just before expanding upon what is utmoney win. Registration details reveal no email, clear absence of a founder name. No legit details of this nature within ICANN or WHOIS, or even on their website, is a valid cause for alarm and certainly for suspicion.

UtMoney was created 23/02/2018 and expires one year from that date. These 1 Year making money from home sites are only fly-by-night scams. Once UtMoney’s online reputation deteriorates, then they will re-direct it to a new site, or shut it down and replace it soon after.

YES! Unknown owners have 1000s of such sites. All operating precisely the same and not paying out to anyone. I found many of their 2017/2018 copy cat versions. However, I managed to locate (what seems) to be ALL OF THEIR 2018/2019 English Versions as well 🙂 . No doubt, that is going to hurt these scam artists pockets quite badly.

So, the owners started these frauds PTC sites in 2014. beginning 2017 they have 714 English Versions of these sites. In 2018 – that number has gone up I believe. These dodgy little grubby sites come in German (original versions) and Russian (second versions) as well. The NAME OF THEIR SCAM NETWORK IS CALLED WEBDENGI_ENG! A fact only found out yesterday.



Work Particulars.


UtMoney Win Review


Here is how it all works at UtMoney! At sign up they don’t even require a valid email address. They don’t ask you to verify who you are by email confirmation either! Very alarming signs something is up. 10 CENTS is accredited to your account after clicking and watching a third party ad. However, advertisers will only pay the owners of UtMoney much less than 10 CENTS, of which, they will keep for themselves.

A Referral Program? Yes, they say should you refer someone via your affiliate link you get 50% of their work profits. That is ridiculous and a blatant lie. That is the crux of the work details. Average daily earnings is ZERO DOLLARS! But, they will say it is, for three to five hours clicking and watching ads, is between fifty dollars to three hundred dollars.

Monthly earnings can sky rocket to $4800 a month! ALL B. S !

Between easy work a kid could to, high payouts and instant payment in one hour, we now see this is a joke of a site. Have a look at an article found detailing How to Spot a Fake, Fraudulent or Scam Website from WHICK UK.


Here is a small list of the New Versions of the same scam. Before I forget, they are all a part of a huge Russian Scam Online Operation. Here is the list:-


Only some 2018, with a shelf life of one year online, to 2019 batch. Those are linked to their own reviews. Each one will open up in a fresh tab.

That is the ‘work’ covered. Let us now look at HOW they commit their con upon their members below!


How ‘Ut’ Makes a Mockery of their Members.

Minimum PAY OUT is $150! You may fill out a form requesting your money. This is then, seemingly, reviewed by support. Some time later you will receive a message saying you, unfortunately, need to wait a good 60 days for your money to be ‘processed’.

The threshold for pay is far too high and only legit sites will never go above $100 – excellent signal of a scam if they to.

This ‘dance’ continues with them saying you can take another option. This option only takes about five minutes, if that. You must pay $10 for this service though – never pay anyone to get your own cash! Once paid, if you to that is, NOW they want you to exchange your referrals. Should you to not have the mandatory 40 referrals then they will offer you to buy them. This costs about $14 though others online put it between $5 up to $20.

Once paid, if you to, those referrals are fake and you are still LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT FOR LIFE! Should you make those sign ups manually the end result is the same. Perhaps YOU DON’T PAY – they still lock you out. They have gained your time, in the absence of referrals and your money, by their members viewing ads. This generates revenue for the owners anyways.

Times this revenue by ALL of their sites, all of their members viewing ads, and it all ads up to a nice profit. Viewing ads is only one way they cheat people. Buying referrals, paying for the quicker verification option is another way they earn from people.

However, it is common enough that they might ask you to maybe sign up to an offer. This requires you handing over your bank details. Be assured, those details are now marked and put onto a ‘List’. This list is sold on the Deep Web so scammers can commit financial fraud in your name globally. More on this later.

Or, perhaps, they want you to fill out a third party survey. This survey and the ‘offer’, will ask you to pay for this service. Not always, but its all dependent on the site you are re-directed to. Should you pay, ONCE MORE, you are still NOT GETTING PAID!

Their true purpose, barring scamming members via ways just described, is to Harvest Your Personal Details! Here is an article all about data harvesting:- What You Need to Know about Data Harvesting and How to Prevent it. Courtesy of blog.caspio.com.

All emails, your names, date of birth and bank details – pretty much everything they can get their hands – is ‘harvested’ and sold onto online crooks. This information from UtMoney’s members is valuable and is sold for a profit.


Below is our Top Five Tips for Your Online Safety.

Since these sites download malware to your computer or phones, I have compiled my top five safety tips. The malware hunts for passwords in cached browsers. This is why its not good to save passwords to there – use good old fashion paper pad.

  • Secure Your G+ Account by making a new password.
  • Change passwords wherever you got an account online. Scammers will weave together a picture of your ID through such accounts and sell on that data.
  • Never hand over your email etc details to sites you have not personally researched and to not know.
  • Set up a junk email account (an account you used to test such sites with) to safe guard your main one.
  • Update your browser, anti virus and operating system!




DISCLAIMER:- The rating below is my own opinion based rating and is not be construed as the ‘final word’ regarding ‘Ut’. With countless hours of online research I present this article for the safety of others. Should errors have occurred I will be happy to correct them. Thanks for your time.



SCAM RATING:- 0/100! IN MY OPINION THEY ARE AN OBVIOUS SCAM! Founder is absent with support not getting back to many member complaints of no pay. No forum to help member discussion, thus, new members can not see any problems upon sign up. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN PAID ANYTHING! Not from even one of their sites. 1000’s of copies of the same scam circulating online. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP PEOPLE AVOID THIS ONE – Thank you 🙂 .





This article was created to make a space online for members to ask questions, warn others or even just to say ‘hi’. Perhaps you are expecting pay but it has not arrived yet? Why not let us all know. What about Support? Did they just ignore you or just acted ‘confused’ by your situation? That is common with these guys. Right! Enough has been said on What Is UtMoney Win. What you to with this information is up to yourself – my job is done. Bye for now guys 🙂 .

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