What Is UteMoney Club? Is UteMoney Club Scam or Legit!

By | May 26, 2018

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UteMoney Club's Scam.



What Is UteMoney Club and why we can’t really Trust them.

This New Paid Advertisement Viewing System is a little dubious in some of its claims. Those that need to know what is UteMoney Club, is UteMoney. Club a gaggle-of-scoundrels, is a Ute Money Club top-notch job offer, will find out here. This UteMoney review will also try to answer who owns it, pay and work situation. Also, we will reveal why they are nothing but cyber-crooks addicted to scamming people – EN MASS! There are thousands of these duplicated sites scamming people 24/7 since 2014 – REPORT THEM HERE!

ANYONE that has been conned by the UteMoney Paid to Click Site are advised to report them here. Those that are working for them still – should stop this asap – they will never pay you or anyone else.

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UteMoney Club Owners Profile, Work/Pay.

UteMoney Club Scam Exposed.

No Owner ID – Not Good.

UteMoney Club owners set it up on the 24-03-2018 and set to finish with it on 2019 same date. All those sites offering to give full time employment to others, but only want to do so for one year, is considered very dishonest-intentioned behavior. Traces of ownership details do not exist. Contacting support is impossible, except when you are a member, and that email address is linked to a wave of online scams.

Unknown operators have made 1000’s of these sites, all the same except in Logo and URL and other minor differences. They offer same work, same way of working, same wording, same look and design, same website errors and same way to scam others. They release new sites regularly in bulk. These bulk-batches have IP addresses anywhere on the planet. This is inferring to us that the originators, who come from Russia, are selling this scam-script.


They began their dishonesty with these sites in 2014 and show only signs of growing stronger and bolder. This is why I have personally dedicated myself to be as much of a pain to them as I possibly can be – by landing all my posts on page 1 of Google right over or under their sites 🙂 .

Here are only a few of the sites, from same unknown scam owners, we have tracked down online and exposed:-

exumoney club. netmoney 2017. ucemoney bid.apimoney. win.efomoney win. ozumoney website. ycamoney win. adumoney website. adumoney win. termoney bid. Exposed in the 1 Review.

Those linked reviews will open in a new tab for a hoard more additional data.

Let us begin on the work they are offering:-

Work Specifics.

You only need an email to register and all applicants are accepted immediately. There is no vetting confirmation for your email and actually it need only be a made up one as well. Either case, your email is sold onto cyber-criminals online for a profit and is just one way UteMoney profits illegally from their members.


Simply clicking on ads for ten cents is the bulk of your work. Soon after completing an ad view then doing a code. However, one member of one of these sites, reported you only need to do the code and your task is accepted as complete. All signs of something are wrong here.

Referrals and Making Money.

They advise to make tons of referrals because you are entitled to half of their earnings once they sign up and work and start earning. This gives your referrals little chance of making good money in a quick-time relative to you. Hardly seems but anyways that is not real either.

All payouts are supposed to be by Western Union or PayPal etc but of course no one gets paid.

Below is how they scam money from people.




Cash Out Fraud Alert!


Here you will seek your monies once $150 is achieved. Then you will realize, after being told it takes forever to get your cash, a quicker way to get your money. This will charge you $10 and then you will see another nasty surprise. NOW they want a further $9 for 100 sign ups because you may not have known to make 40 referrals before this point. How could you, it is not listed on their website’s job description anywhere!

When or if you pay then you are kicked out of your account. That is it. This is the abridged version of what can be known on these sites. For a more in depth look, you may click on those reviews above, until you find one that elaborates far greater.




Good People’s Silence is How they are Muted…

Should any of these sites have scammed you then I do beseech you to speak up and stick-it to them good! Did they have the cheek to take your money and then ignore you? Did you hand over sensitive data? Whatever your experience I know it will help others and I also KNOW I can show you a better way. Thank you kindly for your time on what is UteMoney Club and sincerely hope it was useful to you.


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