What Is USDWork.com? Is USDWork.com a Scam or Legit? Review!!

By | November 24, 2017

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What Is USDWork.com and why I can NOT Endorse them.

Have you come across and now want to know What Is USDWork to find out is USDWork.com a fraudulent scam or if it is safe and legitimate? This article reviews USDWork to answer those questions to inform you if it is genuine and safe or a fake and not a real online job. To begin with, the payout is far too high for the easy work demanded. Online ID looks suspicious at best. Home Page looks terrible and lacking key pages such as Privacy Policy Page, Terms and Conditions etc. Not a good and I already do not trust it. They look to be going into my ‘SCAM SITES‘ section of my website already.

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What Is USDWork.com and How It Works.

I have a feeling this review on USDWork.com may be a short one! They are a scam site and run many other similar sites that are widely known to be online scams. They do not pay out to anyone and have never paid out a penny to anyone for the work they have done. This site simply trick other people, like you and me, to drive traffic to their site for free with the enticement of high payouts! It is a horrible fraud as many spend hours doing this just to find out they are not getting paid. This site is not regulated by any financial body and so they answer to no one.

Here is how it works. They get you to sign up for free. You are instructed to get your affiliate link and paste it all over the net like a nasty virus. You may share it in places like Twitter, Facebook Instagram, blogs and forums etc. You may even wish to blog about it, leave your affiliate link in the blog, land it pages 1 on Google and site back for all that free traffic! NOTE:- I do not have an affiliate link to USDWork.com in this article for very good reasons!!

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That is it for the work. As ridiculous as it sounds this is all you do to get huge money per work. So, how much do they pretend to pay out? Let us have a look below.


Not Recommended!



Pay Out Per Work.

Firstly, they do not pay out, as I have said. However, here is a quick break down of what they say they pay.

After many hours of spamming the net with your link, and damaging your own online reputation in the process, you will start to see referrals. People who sign up through your affiliate link gets you paid $10 to $20. SO, someone that clicks on your link automatically nets so high a profit just for sharing a link. Anyone want to share mine and see if I am willing to pay that out? I am not and neither is USDWork and they would go bankrupt in no time and my bank manager would kill me!!

No online business can afford to pay out $10 for such simple work as they know, by spending just a small amount of money ($2), they can get up to 50 clicks! So, why then is it possible anyone would pay out higher than this? Well, they would not and they do not!! High payouts for easy work is a sign of a scam!!

OK! The minimum payout is $300! This is too high to begin with as most legitimate sites will payout from cents to $10/$20 and now you see how crazy USDWork minimum payout is too high!

Would you like to know how they ‘sting’ people?



How They Scam People.

Actually, how they scam people be pretty cold, and I can only imagine waiting to get paid, just to experience what I am about to detail here.

After much work, you will have made your 30 referrals you will no doubt want to cash out. Upon application, you will be presented with some offers, or surveys to complete. Seems OK but you will get a shock. They want ‘You’ to ‘PAY’ money to do this!! This money goes to the survey or offer site and USDWork gets a commission when someone does this part of the scam if you pay, or even if you do not pay, you are still locked out of your account! Password will be changed and you will never have access to your account ever again. There is no legit email so contact is not even possible. Please stay away from this site and report them to the hilt to online authorities.

They have been running 100s to 1000s of these similar sites pulling the same scam!! The authorities are unable to shut them down but seem to be more invested in sending emails to people telling them how to spot phishing attacks!! This is not enough and the internet is being allowed to become invested with such online fraud sites.

Below you will see a ‘sample’ collection of the sites I have found, reviewed and damned belonging to the same owner as the site under review.

The sites are dollarmilk, dollar2refer, moneyismust, dollartent, dollarzip, dollarsteller, dutytimes, dutyspace, payjut, dollartell, buckstip, dutykid, developdollars, earlypayjob, dollarsplug, casheast, dollarbirth, dutyrevo, buxinc, earninghabit and moneyisfirst are all reviewed and sent to the insane asylum for being raging scams!!









You are invited to have your say! Did you sign up to the site under review and did you encounter the problems I detailed here? You are welcome to leave your experience in the comment box below to help warn others. Should you be thinking about signing up with another site that seems a little too good to be true? You are welcome to ask me and I will look into it for you. I always respond to comments in good time. I have now done a wealth of research into the scammers behind all the sites listed and confident I have answered What Is USDWork.com to help assist you. I recommend you sign up to my sites newsletter to help you combat online scams. Thank you kindly for reading my article and all shares are deeply appreciated and does help my site to continue to grow. Looking forward to all of your comments on this topic and hope you are all stay safe online. Until next, CHEERS!!

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  1. Stacey A Rivers

    What website are real to make money i am sick of fake website please help i am in needed of income.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Stacey,

      Yeah, I hear you. I ran into a lot when I was looking for a real job online.

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