What Is UpTimeJob.com? Is UpTimeJob.com a Scam or Legit!

By | March 2, 2018

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List Of UpTimeJob.com Scam Sites


Review to Answer What Is UpTimeJob.com and Why We Don’t Call them Legit.

Welcome and kudos for doing research to answer What Is UpTimeJob.com. Further, we will answer is UpTimeJob a fraud, is UpTimeJob real and legit and ultimately why we say they are not real and indeed a real scam. This is our unbiased/unaffiliated review to warn our readers why they should keep far away from Up Time Job. Scamwitness.com has already uncovered several of their fake sites, such as Vire.Info, so we are confident to tell you that the owners have 100’s and even 1000’s of these scam sites online. We will leave a list of their scam sites in this article.

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Exposing What Is UpTimeJob.com and Who Are The Owners?

Upon researching to answer what is uptimejob.com we found the owners are in hiding. No name, email or address can be found and they even carefully hide such details in WHOIS as well. Already, their website is deceptive and many monitory sites deem such behavior as ‘SUSPICIOUS‘ – but not always.

Here is how it works.


UpTimeJob.com is a True Scam Site


New participants sign up and whereupon you are advised of the compensation plan. $10 is given for every new referral you make. Members also get paid a huge $5 for every ‘TASK’ completed such as viewing ads, surveys etc. However, these tasks are in short supply where you are left with only one ‘TASK’. These little jobs simply involve you to share your affiliate link (true purpose of site).

Who ever simply ‘CLICKS‘ on your affiliate link, goes to site and then perhaps leaves without doing any work, you still get paid $5!! Other reviews have put it at $10 actually however I would ask existing members to settle this for me. Is it $5 or $10 they pay for a simple link visit? Thank you 🙂 .

Let’s understand as well that $5 can easily get online marketers nearly 1000 unique click visits to their site and so why a website thinks it is wise to pay $5 for ONE CLICK is beyond bizarre. Realistically, no one can afford to be so generous and they would have collapsed and gone out of business only weeks into their online life. Now we see those payments could never have been real…:-( .

The minimum payout is $300, but, that is a problem for me to understand because minimum is only ever $100 for legit sites and actually most set it far lower. Payments (are meant to be) paid monthly. However, this is only to give their members loads of time to refer as many new members as possible. They also extract as much personal details as possible for harvesting. Your account can not be altered or deleted and this only occurs should they shut down their website.

Please understand – NO ONE GETS PAID! It is a real online scam website and the owners, as I have said, have so many it is nearly impossible to track them all down. DO you know of one? Please do let us know in the comment box and we shall expose them for you. Below are some of their scam websites we have uncovered for the online safety of our readers:-

  1. What is NowDuty.com.
  2. What Is FreshCash.onlinw.
  3. What Is DollarClass.Online.
  4. What Is DutyKid.com.
  5. What Is Jobzipo.com.
  6. What Is DollarsTeller.com.
  7. What Is EarningHabit.com.
  8. What Is Buckstip.com.
  9. What Is Dollarsplug.com.
  10. What Is EarlyPayJob About.
  11. What Is MoneyComeFirst.com.
  12. What Is JobTaka.
  13. What Is Buxinc.com.
  14. What Is DollarsTrue.
  15. What Is MoneyIsMust.
  16. What Is DevelopDollars.
  17. What Is Dollar2Refer.com.
  18. What Is CashinWork.
  19. What Is DollarTell.com.
  20. What Is USDWork.com.
  21. What Is DutyRevo.
  22. What Is PayJut.
  23. What Is DollarMilk.
  24. What Is PayWork.Info.
  25. What Is DollarTent.
  26. What Is DollarsJet.
  27. What Is DutySpace.
  28. What Is DollarPlane.com.
  29. What Is DollarBirth.
  30. What Is ThePayz.

Those are linked reviews and will open up in a new browser.


How They Scam Their Own Members.

We have mentioned the minimum is $300. Upon application of one’s earnings they will start to reveal their scam. Members maybe asked to complete a survey, sign up to an offer (third party) where you are required to pay money from your own wallet. Unfortunately, this is a condition to release your own money. Should members pay this money, or not pay this money, no earnings are released. NO one has ever been paid per my research. The website may even say it takes time to process your payment but this is just to waste your time and no help from support will ever get you your money.

Upon completion of the step above your account will/may not be accessible. To add further insult to injury your emails and any personal data is put onto a list to sell onto scammers. Be very careful NOT TO GIVE OUT YOUR BANK DETAILS!! Those details are also sold onto scammers for a personal profit for the site.

The true purpose is, as said, HARVESTING and to make money via your work for viewing ads, doing surveys etc for which they make a minimal profit. However, when they have potentially thousands of other scam site pulling the same criminal scam on untold members, those pennies in profit soon add up to many dollars. No one knows who the owners are and thus they can not be shut down as they hide their online ID far too well.


While every effort is always made to be accurate and informative, please do your own research, if you doubt anything here. All data here is researched and per my own opinion. All errors (if any) will be corrected where valid and all articles on my site are to inform my readers where possible to the best of what is available online etc.









THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Did you sign up to the site just exposed? One and all are welcome to leave their stories, complaints and even ask us some questions. All comments are most welcome and will be replied to in good time. Maybe you have come across another website that seems far too good to be real? Do ask us and we will do some research for you. Should they be a scam site we will certainly expose them as such. Now it is time we closed out our article on What Is UpTimeJob.com and we hope you consider our #1 recommendation below. Looking forward to all of your comments and queries to come. Farewell for now guys 🙂 .


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