What Is UnMoney Win? Is UnMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 20, 2018

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Quick and Detailed Answer to What Is UnMoney Win


What Is UnMoney Win Is Not What You Think.

I am glad you decided to query what is UnMoney Win or perhaps you are asking is UnMoneyWin a fraud, is Un Money Win good and honest? Maybe you are just looking for a review that is unbiased and simply gives you a general overview of this rampant scam. And Yes, they are a total scam as they are part of Scam Network from Russian. They do possess potentially 1000’s of websites that look exactly the same. We will break down their work offer, who owns it and fully detail why it is evident to scamwitness they are an illegal internet business job opportunity. A list of their New Sites and previously exposed will be contained in this article as well.

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Who Owns Unmoney and What Is UnMoney Win?

A quick search for ownership details before answering what is UnMoney Win will give us a few clues to their integrity. WHOIS does not contain a lot of transparent details and we see no founder name, email absent and address is from PANAMA – lots of these sites are from this location. UnMoney was created 11/03/2018 and ends one year from this date. One year is never a good sign that we are dealing with a real and serious online business and is indicative of site that just wants payments and then run. Legit sites, concerning the business they are running, would most definitely for much longer for a year.

So, we see there are no legit owner details for transparency and these details are absent from their website as well. However, we have found this site quite early into its online life and so now we have a chance to warn many people from being scammed.


How They Operate To Entice You In.


Review of UnMoney Win

Should you have found Unmoney it is likely you signed up through someone’s affiliate link on Facebook or Twitter. It is advised by them you share your link just about anywhere online to drive to their website free traffic. As people signs up through your affiliate link then you can now expect 50% of their work profits. So, someone you refer makes 5K a month watching ads (which UnMoney actually says is more than possible and earnings are even unlimited) then you get half of that. This is not affordable and now the person you referred has to still get their 5K. Where does the entire of the sum of money come from if half is being given away? Makes no sense and not feasible.

That is their affiliate program. You can make money simply by viewing their ad unit. These ad units will net you ten cents for every single ad you view and these figures are updated in your account in real time. This is the convincing part and your work and activities will run very smoothly until you cash out set at $300.

Members are enticed in with a job offer that says you only have to work for about 3 to five hours daily and earn, somewhere between, $50 to $300! These figures are not real. 10 Cents per viewed ad is too high and actually many ads elsewhere online will pay you 1 cents or even three but usually 100th’s of a cent. Viewing Ads as a way to make money online is a totally worthless endeavor as the time effort is far too much and long for most to stick at it to make only a bit of pocket money.

They are meant to pay their members once a month and, as mentioned, the minimum withdrawal is set to $300. This is far too high and it should, at a max, be set at $100. Payment is promised to their members within one hour but this never happens. In my opinion, even $100 is too high though it is considered still OK.

I have personally witnessed sites that will set the limit at $20, a few dollars and even a few pennies for instant cash out. Now we see $300 is only to give their members all the time in the world to make huge referrals in the space of one month. Incredibly, people really think they can make $5000, in one month, for watching ads. As the old saying goes:-


If it is too good to be true – it probably is!


That saying should be stuck under every search engine online for all to see as a reminder of how infected the online world has become with scammers. Perhaps will start doing research before handing over all of their personal information to scammers.


CAUTION:- Should you have given out your bank details to sign up to an offer please do ring your bank to cancel any direct debits. Third party companies may give you a good trial period deal but they often do come with many hidden fee’s in the TOS section.

CAUTION 2:- Since they require you to sign up with an email, it is 100% certain, you will now be targeted for Phishing attempts in your email’s inbox. Click on nothing from senders you don’t know! Just delete them. Or, you can just shut down that email and set up a new one. Here is a good article on Quora that informs you what Phishing is entitled What Is Phishing. That will open in a new tab.


How Do They Scam You?

As mentioned, they have thousands of identical websites. The only change is the URL and site name. Wording and all errors on their site along with figures etc do not change from one site to another. These sites typically stay online for one year, sometimes they are shut down much sooner due to an ever decreasing online reputation from scamming people, but they will replace that site with another or several others. The job description never changes and how they defraud people be always the same. Have a look at the few scamwitness was able to find so far below:-



New Sites:-

  • XyMoney Site. Many old sites are being re-directed here such as yemoney site, youmoney site, zxmoney club, zofmoney club, vmoney site, stepmoney site, vmoney site, fmoney site, decmoney site, bemoney site, bemoney xyz, jewmoney bid, nonmoney bid, sgmoney xyz, almoney xyz, incomoney xyz, sgmoney site, xamoney site, xemoney site, xomoney site, xumoney site, xbmoney site, frmoney site, cv money site, cvmoney xyz, ggmoney xyz, rgmoney site, bezmoney club and mevmoney club! Those are only the ones I have found – feel free to ad to this list if you found a site re-directing to XyMoney Site. These are all the 2017 websites shut down via this manner.



Currently finding 2018/2019 scam versions online:-

They are linked to their own reviews. Same as below.




Here is a fine article on Wikipedia that explains why websites use ‘re-directs’ called URL Redirection. However, in the case of dishonest websites, they will use these re-directs when one or many of their websites reputation turns too poor to maintain them. Instead of potentially wasting All the TRAFFIC GENERATED BY THOSE SITES, they will seek to re-direct that traffic, to continue to perpetrate their scam but under a different website name.



Old 2017 Sites Exposed:-


YouTube has become littered with videos extolling the virtues of these sites. They usually crop up around the same time the sites are created and falsely showing payout. Then, you may see comments on these videos saying that they have been paid and that it is real and legit! Scammers are simply planting these read comments and videos to convince new victims to sign up. Such people are rarely just ignorant of the fact and it is obvious to me most if not all of them are by the scammers themselves.

Requesting your money then initiates their scam unto you. First think you may notice they say that you HAVE TO make 40 referrals, and if you have not done so already, then you can’t access your money – you never will anyways. SUPPORT may say you can buy such referrals for $14 which will save you doing it doing it manually via sharing your affiliate link and sit back for time. That $14 is pure profit straight to them and is just another way to get some earnings from you before they get rid of you.

Another way they may try to get some money from you is to tell you to do a survey, sign up to an offer etc. These are third party activities and these third parties are not vetted for your security. This means you have no idea who you are given your information to online – not good! Should

Ultimately, and finally, No matter what hoop they try to make you jump through – EVERYONE will be locked out of their account. No funds are never released or ever will be. No one has ever been paid by them to any of their members. Actually, none of their websites have paid out to any of those members either.

Unfortunately there are other threats from them you may not even be aware of yet!!


Are They a Harvesting Site?

YES! ;All emails, name, phone numbers and anything they can get out of you of that nature are sold onto scammers online for a personal profit. Their websites are known for downloading software that will look for passwords for just about anything useful. Facebook password, for instance, could allow a scammer to view your page and see what other details they can get. For e.g. you date of birth, along with your full legit name, is useful for ID fraud. God help you if they get your Banking Password!!

They can surf through your social media accounts to engineer a whole new ID for themselves to commit all many of fraud in your name. Here is an article from Wikipedia that further elaborates on such things called Internet Fraud and will open in a new tab.


Their True Purpose?

Obviously, it is to financially scam as many people as possible with their details as well. Both ways to earn from their victims. However, for every ad their members watch, the owners do receive some commissions. They are small but ad up because they have 1000’s of sites packed with members all watching ads and all those monies is not shared out to the members. SO! This is why they encourage their existing participants to make as many referrals as possible as insinuated through 50% commissions on their work efforts. Free Traffic as driven by their Members to Scam is What they are all about!!


DISCLAIMER:- Like anything ethical blogger, I always try to be 100% correct in my estimations of other sites online. In only my opinion Unmoney is not legit. I know this with certainty as scamwitness has spent about 9 months writing on their websites, which in the past, has received online complaints of no Pay Outs. Compiled with my opinion there is obviously research sourced online collated in one place. This is to save my readers time and help make others aware of a possible online threat. My opinion is my own and it does not mean it be always 100% correct – so please do be sure to be doing some research of your own before quoting me.











THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Do let us know if you have signed up to the site that we have just spoken of? I am very confident you did not get paid and would encourage you to leave that in the comment box below. This will help save many people from being scammed and is a very valuable service we are always asking for on this website 🙂 . Should you remain silent then you tacitly agree to be ripped off and you are now letting them away with it. Personally, I don’t think that is OK as many online complaints really does take a TON OF CASH OUT OF THE CROOKS POCKETS due to diminished member sign ups. Have you come across a site that you are not sure on? So let us know in the comment box below and we will do some research on them. We often do articles by our readers request, and in this way, banding together to point out and expose such scams. To such members I want to say a kind Thank You 🙂 and hope this trend continues. Time to say farewell to answering What Is Unmoney Win and looking forward to hearing from you all below. Bye for now everyone 🙂 .





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