What Is UKMoney Win? Is UKMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | April 11, 2018

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Full Reveal on What Is UKMoney Win



What Everyone Must Know About What Is UKMoney Win.

They are a new Paid Advertisement Viewing System but there is more to What Is UKMoney Win. Should you require knowing is UKMoney. Win dishonest? Is UK Money Win really paying people? This is a review to answer such and also to find owner specifics, work related and pay plans. Right off the bat, we can tell you UKMoney Win is one site out of thousands of others. They don’t pay out and will try to defraud members. See list of their new site’s below:-


Ugmoney win, odmoney win, nonmoney bid, ytmoney win, ummoney win, ygmoney win, ydmoney bid, yhmoney win, yxmoney win, unmoney win, armoney win, afmoney win, asmoney win, osmoney win, uvmoney win, ubmoney win, ekmoney win, uxmoney win, ifmoney win, ommoney win, exmoney win, edmoney site, epmoney win, anmoney win, agmoney site, ogmoney win, agmoney bid, avmoney win, oxmoney win, abamoney bid! Those are linked reviews that will leave you in no doubt to the illegality of their site’s.

Those that have been ripped off are welcome to report them below to save others from them. For all people who are sick of scams, and are genuinely looking for a good opportunity to earn online, may find all details on how to do this >HERE<. That is our Wealthy Affiliate review who have been operating online since 2005. No cc for a free account >HERE< with paid options for your consideration. Let us continue.




The Ultimate Guide to Know What Is UKMoney Win, Unmasking the Owners along with Work and Pay Particulars.

Owner data will be discussed first before answering in more detail what is ukmoney win. Their site was made 03-01-2018 (busy month as many were released within this month) wherein they hail from PANAMA. A hunt down of their IP shows me the person behind UKMoney is actually from San Francisco! Deception already and I am not impressed. I have located IP’s addresses across the planet, indicating, someone is possibly selling this script and is franchising it out. No support email or founder name.

This scam is from 2014 and comes from Russia with German and English one’s as well. The Network of this particular scam group, for the English site’s anyways, is called webdengi_ eng. Their site mantra is “Sample of Sentinels“. Not one scrap of evidence anyone has ever been paid from any of their site’s in all the time they collectively have been operating online is available. Ultimately, they are just another PTC fraud.


Work and Pay!

Well, you can work away but they will NEVER pay you! However, knowing how the deception is initiated, it is a good idea, to have absolute clarity on the steps leading up to it.

All registrants are automatically accepted without email confirmation. Moreover, you can sign up using a false email account. Anyone who lands on their website are immediately greeted with a table of money paid out. Those member names and figures do not alter from one site to another. All site wording, errors, coding script is the same barring their address and the crazy names they concoct as their logo’s.

The name of the game is to watch ads. Click and view for 10 cents a go and watch our earnings top up within your account.


Their Referral Program incentives signs up because referrers can earn 50% from their referrals. So, when someone clicks on your link that you have spammed everywhere, and sign up and works away – you collect half their pay. Seems excessive and it is thus a scam. 10 Cents a video is also mental as advertisers are paying three times the amount for a quarter of the traffic. They could invest $5 and get nearly 1000 people clicking through, now we see, ten cents is too much. Moreover, if these advertisers were to pay members that rate, then they now have to pay the site owners money, thus making them broke quicker. All adverts are third party and maybe other scam site’s as well.

That is the work covered. The Minimum is $150 they pay out and this is where the application procedure is kicked in. In the section below, you will see the few tricks they will try to pull to get cash from you, make you make more referrals until you are booted out of their site.



T-Minus Five Minutes to the Scam!

3 months is what they will say you have to wait while they are processing your payment. Of course, that is just insanity and not only an excuse not to pay but a deliberate attempt to make you notice something else. This something else is a quicker option for application. It takes about 5 minutes. But, they will be charging $10 for this service and is one trick they employ to rob you of some change. Don’t pay it as it will not appease them to pay you.

Everything, up to this point, will have appeared to be running smoothly with monies totting up in your account. Members will reach minimum payout quite fast and that should have been a good clue you were being deceived. PTC site’s take nearly forever to earn even one stinking dollar! This is a fact and is why I consider all PTC Sites to be utter scams of your time. I read one report that a person spent 1 year on a PTC site, I am sure it was part-time, and he only walked away with just less of $10! I was horrified. Hopefully in time ‘something’ will be done about the whole PTC industry and I can not see them surviving another ten years online.

For all people who have paid this $10 fee for a faster verification have reported, about their other site’s, that the owner will want you to give them your 40 referrals. This is the last step to unleash your earnings. NO where on their site is any of these additional tasks mentioned. You can make those referrals by spamming your link until your quota is met. Or, you can buy them from an additional $9! These are not big monies they are asking, but it all ads up, when you know they have 1000’s of site’s with many 10000’s of members running through this process.

When the referrals are handed over then your account password is changed. Your account can not be deleted where all personal data is sifted through to sell onto scammers. Your device may have been compromised as they tend to download software to track your passwords etc.


Those that don’t know what spamming is will find useful data here called and Spamming Issues and Topics. Courtesy of vm.ibm.com and will open in a new window.

Would you like to add to this article? Tell us about your experience, and if there is something not mentioned herein, we will happily add with a shout out to you.



DISCLAIMER:- All articles are backed by research online. However, ultimately these articles are my own opinion and others are welcome to do further research if they are still unsure. While exposing online scams I also show others, from all over the globe, how to make money online as well. Should you have any questions in this regard you are welcome to ask me in the comments section below this article. Should there be errors then of course they will be corrected.




SCAM RATING:- 0/100! All their sites are conning their participants. There is no hope of getting your cash as those were fake earnings. They have never paid a penny to anyone ever. Founder is missing and he is operating a global online scam network. I expect many reports of no payment in time. Sites typically last for one year and then shut down when online rep worsens beyond repair. YouTube is a hot spot for positively promoting some site’s and so you should NOT be deceived by these. Below is your opportunity to have your say.






Did you sign up to these guys? When did you realize they were not going to pay you? Perhaps you know of another site of theirs not listed here? You can add to this article and place all of your comments below where I respond to all of them. I advise you subscribe to this site’s newsletter as I post pretty much every day. Time to call it quits on answering What Is UKMoney Win and I am looking to your comments and this article helping a great number of people in time 🙂 .




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