What Is UgMoney Win? Is UgMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 22, 2018

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Detailing What Is UgMoney Win


First Unbiased Investigation to Ask What Is UgMoney Win.

Those asking What Is UgMoney Win have done themselves a huge favor! This review of UgMoneyWin will answer if Ug Money Win is a shake down scam or a bona fide, kosher and legit way to make money watching ads? Effort will be made to find the real person behind this hustle and display why they are not honest. And Yes! UgMoney is nothing more than a low life SCAM OPERATION. This particular site is new and only one of potentially 1000s of sites set up by these notorious fraudsters.


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The Finer Details to What Is UgMoney Win, Who Owns It, How It Works and How They Double Cross Their Members.

Let us now begin to expand on what is ug money win. They are proliferating themselves as an established way to make Far Too High Profits just for clicking and viewing ads. Furthermore, they characterize themselves as a “Viewed Payed Advertisement Platform”. Notice the word “Payed” – that is their typo and not mine. Classic scam sign.

Of great interest to myself, I have noticed they have shut down a ton of their older sites. Most of which are now pointing to XyMoney Site! Below is a few reviews of their much newer sites to be aware of and were created early 2018:-

Those are the one’s find just this week. They will open up in a new browser to their respective reviews. Remember, they have thousands of these copy cat sites. They are so a like, actually, identical in their words, job description, errors, user feed back and the execution of their disloyal scam.

The only difference is their name on their website and URL. When older sites get such a bad online reputation, they will either shut them down and replace with fresh ones, or re-direct them to newer sites.

This re-direct helps to maintain most of the traffic build up from these out-of-date websites. Should you require why info on why ‘re-directs’ occur, then you may find further info in this Wikipedia article called WikiPedia:Redirects. That will open up in a new tab so you can come back here with ease. This article will explain the proper use, and how to use, redirects for non scam purposes.


Who Owns UgMoney?

That is the Million Dollar Question! A quick look at WHOIS shows us they are unknown to everyone. No originator’s name, email is not there and address from Central America. However, we do know they are part of a Global Online Scam Network originating from Russia!! So now we see the registration address, and where they are actually from, does NOT correlate at all.


How Does It Work?

Here we will speak on how they promise to make you relatively wealthy just by ‘clicking’ and viewing third party ads on their ill constructed site. Many are finding current members affiliate links littered all over social media. This website is actively receiving reports that well-intentioned friends, are sending their own links to such, for recruitment purposes.

When you first land, you will surely notice, a page packed full of Payments to active members. Those payouts are as high as nearly $500 for one day’s work. Per ‘Ug’, you only need to work 3/5 hours daily to earn $50 to $300 in this time period! NOPE!! If only this were true.


The two ways to apparently earn is to watch ads or make referrals. These ads will gain you $00.10 each which is given to your account as soon as the ad is over. Be very assured, those are just digits to impress and motivate members. NO ONE GETS PAID REMEMBER. Another way is through their Referral Program. When someone signs up through YOUR Affiliate Link, and they work their socks off watching advertisements, then you will (not) receive 50% of their earnings.

Seems too good to be true? Well, you’d be right. They’ve never paid a single soul from any of their websites.


How The Double Cross Occurs.


Green eye with a scope on it.



The Minimum Pay Out $150, not $300, as I always thought. Though they use to or DO have sites that still say $300 is the minimum. Anyways, Ug is supposed to pay out to their members within 1 hour. This is clearly stipulated on their Home Page, Intro Paragraph. Disturbing things now begin to occur at this point.

One of the qualifications to unleash your earnings is to have made 40 legit sign ups! You can look, but, they do not state this anywhere on any of their illegal sites. These unknown individuals will actually make an offer to save you time. Instead of you beserking over the net with your affiliate link, you can conveniently buy those referrals for just $14. Once paid – you will be LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! Account never gets deleted until website is shut down.

Other ways they seek fraudulent funds from you, is to offer you a survey to complete or sign up to an offer. Once completed they will ask you to PAY MONEY OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET FOR THIS CONVENIENCE. Since these are third party activities (not another potentially unknown person’s website and not Ug’s) you will have to pay them. UgMoney does get some commission for this. Times that commission by 1000s of site, and even many more 1000s of people, you can easily see how this is a very profitable enterprise for these criminals.

This is how they double-cross members and of course how participants realize it is a fake site. Did you know ‘Ug’ is being promoted on YouTube? Yes, but it is to expose and not to promote. Usually, their will be videos that promote, and fake comments saying it is safe and legit. This is trickery to get you to sign up – don’t fall for it.



Is there anything else to worry about these guys once you realize they are not real?

YES! Their sites are known to DOWNLOAD MALWARE!! This is particularly worrying to those that save all of their passwords to their browser. You personal details like your email, name, bank details etc are put onto a ‘Sucker List’ – this is what they call it. This list is sent to the Deep Web to be sold on an Auction Site. Whoever bids the highest, gets your details and so the opportunity to SPAM your inbox forever. Here is more data on Spamming.


Find Below Our Top 5 Tips To Secure Your Online Accounts!

Since they possibly have passwords to your entire online life, I thought it’d be a good idea, to help with a few safety tips:-

  1. Google+ Password Change is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  2. Now, change all the Passwords in ALL of your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. 9 Passwords across all accounts is always recommended.
  3. Should you have given over Bank Details – contact your Bank and see how they can secure your account.
  4. Browsers that are old should be updated. Old browsers are TOO EASY to take saved passwords from.
  5. Update your devices Operating System. Old Systems, with the advancement of software tech, are far too simple to hack into.


Below is our Disclaimer, Scam Rating, the Most Important Part = Have Your Say and a few words on our #1 Recommendation before you leave.



DISCLAIMER:- With everything written at scamwitness, all avenues are sought to not make mistakes. Should you see any then do let us know in the comment box. With research, knowledge on how to spot an online scam, my conclusion is based on my own opinion. Those that disagree should do their own research. Everything here, or on any other of my articles, is my personal viewpoint – OPINION BASED!








THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! This article was written to faithfully make a forum for existing, and potential members, of ‘Ug’. Here is where you can ask questions, lay your concerns or even have a rave and a rant 🙂 . All comments are responded to. SO! Has anyone been paid yet? I’d say it’d be a very chilly day in Hell before this occurs 🙂 . Perhaps you found another of their sites? Do let us know and we will expose them for you. Any concerns you might have on another site are welcome as well and tend to expose them to. I am also taking Questions on my #1 Way To Make a Full Time Income From Home to help those who this opportunity. Time to say adios to the question of What Is UgMoney Win and truly hope you know they are not straight shooters. Of course, what you do is your choice. See you next time 🙂 .




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