First Real Article to Answer What Is UgaMoney Bid?

By | May 7, 2018

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UgaMoney Bid PTC Swindle Exposed.


First Genuine Article to Answer What Is UgaMoney Bid.

All there is to know on What Is UgaMoney Bid? Those asking is UgaMoney. Bid a top faker? Is Uga Money Bid a real money-spinner? You Will find out here in this review of UgaMoney these questions answered. Also, Owner details along with pay and work as it stands will be researched, and specifically, if they are the real deal!! The first thing we will let you know is:- UgaMoney is not your friend! They run THOUSANDS of ‘Uga’s’ with identical scam intentions towards all their members.


Below there are but a sample of their illegal sites:-

Those are linked posts. Been ripped-off? Have a story about any of these sits? Why not report them below. Thank you.

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Work and Pay Lies of UgaMoney Bid Inc Owner Credentials.

Let us start at WHOIS. Here we will see the website ID data submitted at the time of any site property online. We can plainly see UgaMoney was made 27-04-2018 and will end in 2019, same date. These people set up these sites and will shut down in 12 months and sometimes before then. Reputation of their sites soon leaks out via bloggers like myself, and their member complaints of Ugamoney Bid, then they call it a day on that particular site.

Email is not here and of course there is no name assigned to a founder. Panama is their location registered, however should you go to, you will see that Uga is from California! Highly Suspicious!!

UgaMoney Bid Owners in Hiding.

These unknowns have been scam-raiding people since 2014 and making a free living from their members efforts. Their collective sites are everywhere come in Russian, English and German sites. Batch-loads of these PTC scams are released almost daily, where they originated from in Russia!

Job Details.

UgaMoney is trying to pass itself off as a “Paid Advertisement Viewing System” paid work. They are also a false paid to click site, or PTC for short.

Easy and Free registration with any kind of email. There are ads that can be clicked on and codes to fill out. 10 CENTS is the payment for these tasks and are considered to be very profitable.


Here you will have the fake opportunity to make a huge 50% rates on all sign up works. The payments per day are very high and go as high as nearly $480! 1000 advertisement clicks will get participants in the vicinity of $4800 for all those ads!! Again, this is rubbish and if this was so true you would see 100’s of rave reviews of Uga being called the best #1 Platform ever!



The ‘Affiliate Marketing’ advice you will find on their site is quite illegal. Members are advised that they can leave their links on Social Media, blogs, texts, PM’s etc This is like someone stuffing leaflet in your face wherever you go – sooner or later – people will report you! Yes! You can be brought to court for engaging in spamming folks!

Courtesy of, we have a great article on The Hidden Dangers of Spam. Opens in a new window.

Minimum Payment Threshold.

The threshold to access your cash is $150. THAT IS $50 WAY TOO MUCH! Anything over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS is a good sign you are dealing with a cyber-crooks. The reason the threshold is slightly higher is to keep you working longer to make them more money. It is also a way to make you create even more sign ups, because, you have more time.

However, when people try to seek out their pay they will certainly and always encounter the same problems as everyone else has before them since 2014…



The Swan Song of this Scam!

The End of the UgaMoney Bid Scam.

When one’s application is done being ‘reviewed’, they will say you have to wait a very long time to get your easy-earned-cash. Something to do with it taking like 90 days to for your money to be processed.

No payment processor takes that long. Anyways, you shall be presented with a faster way to get your cash. You will soon observe a $10 fee is imposed on you and paid from your BTC Wallet. Ideally, now we expect our money, but no – there is yet anything they want from you.

Should you pay (and I don’t advise you do) then they want 40 members you made. This is a surprise to many, as it should be, because these guys do not forewarn anyone about this until cash out! The owner will offer to sell you, for $9, 40 referrals – NOT REAL PEOPLE!

All those that pay, meet the same fate, they are locked out of their account!

This is to give the idea to others everything is fine and you are working away.




Sorry to say the same thing three times but I am still getting asked how can members cash out – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – LOL! I am like Why did I even write that post for?“. But I also jest and it is fine if you need another confirmation that they are not legit from me in the comments as well. Besides, it is nice to hear from you guys out there 🙂 .


The True Reason of Their Site!

Here is the actual purpose of why these scammers do what they do. Yes, we know it is about money, but we can now dissect exactly how they are ‘monetizing’ every aspect of their members actions etc.

They create these sites (copy and paste style) to reach many people. Just like creating tons of articles on a site, the more websites you got, the more people you can reach. They are invading (have invaded, I should say) the PTC industry online. Just note:- ALL PTC SITES ARE NOT WORHT 1 IOTA OF YOUR TIME!!

All participants working on such sites, clicking on the ads and doing the codes provided, will have earned these sites some money for each action. It is not much but when we up-scale all these sites, include all members and times that by all actions, we can only guess at the amount of money being earned illegally and the amount of money being stolen from members.

Regarding referrals, there is of course a route for them to take as well. They will now go through the same time-wasting process and will or may end up getting done over!




Potential UgaMoney Bid Malware Infection

Through much research covering some of their sites I have encountered reports they maybe seeking to download malware to your devices. Those that are worried about this then can read the articles below to help find and remove this threat:-

7 Signs You Have Malware and How to Get Rid of It. Thank you to and opens in a new window.

To help prevent future attacks then you may invest $3.99 per month for your own peace of mind on Internet Security:-

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Lastly, if you used your best email to sign up to UgaMoney, then you really want to pay attention here. You may find suspicious looking emails come to your inbox. This may because they have now sold on that email address for a profit. DON’T CLICK ON THOSE LINKS and just report and delete. This is the scammers spamming you.

Here you will learn, if you don’t already know, how to spot spamming in your inbox:-

Five Tips To Block Spam From Your Inbox. Courtesy of and will open up in a new window.




Those that were abused for their time and money are welcome to let every one know below. Did they take money off of you? DO make your report below to help others from experiencing that terrible feeling. We respond to all comments so never think you will be ignored on this site. Thank you very much for clicking on this article to answer What Is UgaMoney Bid and I hope to hear from you all very soon. Take care 🙂 .


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DISCLAIMER:- This article is only to be considered my own opinion. Everyone is welcome to do research in other places until they are satisfied. We never recommend you only take ours. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “First Real Article to Answer What Is UgaMoney Bid?

  1. Danielle

    This is a very comprehensive post on ‘Is Ugamoney bid a scam or not?. Thank you Philip. I learned a lot from all the links you have provided. It is not just about those pesky sites but all the surrounding information that helps us to stay safe and even to counter any malware actions towards our sites.

    I am really grateful for this and non of those PTC sites is coming anywhere near me! Ugamoney bid! Where do they get these names!

    Viewing paid advertising sites is a risk with such scammers lurking in the shadows! They are all over the place and I see you are getting them exposed one by one! Here is hoping people wake up to this scam. The fact that they are still doing this since 2014 means that some people are still falling for this.

    Keep up the good work and thank you Philip.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I really do appreciate you see the hours that went into making this article. The sole intent is to inform as many people as possible to avoid the scam of UgaMoney Bid. Since we found them early there is every chance they will be starved of illegal funds.

      Yeah, they are all stemming from 2014 with thousands of copies in three languages:- German, Russian and English – In that order of creation.

      It seems their ID is being protected for their providers and there is no way round that. Crazy really so now they have all the cover afforded to do what they like.

      – Philip.


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