What Is UbMoney Win? Is UbMoney Win a Scam or Legit!

By | March 28, 2018

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Quick Answer to What Is UbMoney Win


Reporting on What Is UbMoney Win for all who Needs Answers.

Welcome as we answer What Is UbMoney win. Those who are asking is UbMoney. Win a sucker’s game? Is UbMoneyWin an authentic way to earn good money? You have found a non-member review of Ub Money Win and can already reveal to you there are 1000s of these sites! All The Same – Duplicates! Such sites by these prolific scammers are AtMoney. Win, ArMoney. Win, OxMoney. Win, OpMoney. Win, AvMoney. Win, UlMoney. Win, UvMoney. Win, OxMoney. Win, UwMoney. Win, OgMoney. Win, ErMoney. Win, UsMoney. Win, AnMoney. Win, OhMoney. Bid, EcMoney. Win, OlMoney. Club, AkMoney. Win, EdMoney. Site, UKMoney. Win, OwMoney. Win, UcMoney. Win, UfMoney. Win, ExMoney. Win, IfMoney. Win, OmMoney. Money, OsMoney. Win etc and the list is many folds. UbMoney is NOT REAL OR LEGIT and only a SCAM!


A review of UbMoney is a review of all their sites as they are all the same and NONE of them pay out. But, we do have good news for those looking to still earn money online. This review >HERE< is about Wealthy Affiliate and will detail how to make your own online business with a $0 start up. Sign up >HERE< to dive in and have a go! Paid Options on hand.

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Presenting What Is UbMoney Win, Owner(s) and Logistics of Work Offer.

As with all sites we investigate, the beginning is always who owns the site, before answering such questions like what is ubmoney win. ICANN and WHOIS are excellent places to do this. Here we find, yet another site, set up in February 2018. It will last until February 2019 – 1 Year just to scam people and then run!

Founder seems to have no name as it is not listed. Address registered is located in PANAMA without an email for members to use. ALL BAD SIGNS! Worse still, is they don’t have any of these details on their site as well.

As mentioned, the founder(s) have Thousands of Copies of this identical illegal operation. Many of their sites have different IP Addresses that can be found from all over the world. This clearly tells us, they are a Scam Network! WebDengi_Eng is the name of it and they have been successfully operating online since 2014.

Their sites come in three languages and can be found below in the order of their creation:-

  • German.
  • Russian.
  • English.

714 Duplicates are found in English up to the end of 2017! With an ENTIRE NEW SET of these sites in English fabricated this year – that number could be one to 200 more! I am finding them ALL THE TIME lately.

Below is a list of the one’s reviewed. You will notice that the sites are all the same. Same work particulars description, procedures, figures paid to members, user experiences as they report them (all fake). It is a copy and paste job for all sites with URL changed and site name different. The first English Version was ZatMoney. Club.


Here is the list for this year (2018/2019) already exposed below by Scam Witness:-

  1. AtMoney. Win.
  2. YhMoney. Win.
  3. YtMoney. Win.
  4. YhMoney. Win.
  5. YgMoney. Win.
  6. OdMoney. Win.
  7. AsMoney. Win.
  8. UmMoney. Bid.
  9. YxMoney. Bid.
  10. NonMoney. Bid.
  11. YdMoney. Bid.
  12. XyMoney. Bid.
  13. UnMoney. Win.
  14. UgMoney. Win.
  15. AfMoney. Win.
  16. ArMoney. Win.

Those will open in a different window allowing you to come back here with ease 🙂 .


The Kind of Work on Offer.

Review of UbMoney Win


They are a PTC Site, paid to click for those that don’t know, where sign up is just an email address. UbMoney is even good enough to allow new members to use a fake email account to join – ? Weird.

There are plenty of ads to click on (called ‘ad units’) and to watch. These ads range in duration from 10 to 30 seconds. Once the ad says “You are done”, or something like that, then that compensation is assigned to your account immediately. These earnings for such ad viewing is 10 CENTS! Too high and not real anyways.


Affiliate Program Details.

They run a very generous referral work offer! All participants are told to advertise their links wherever they got accounts on social media. You may also:-

  • Use Private Messaging.
  • Texting.
  • Make a You Tube video.
  • Blog about it etc.

However, most members just plant those links all over the place carelessly. This is classic SPAMMING! Read why this is not a good idea to do and why you should not click on any suspicious links yourself:- Support for Spammers. Courtesy of kaspersky.com.

So long as your affiliate link is there you will probably make OK referrals in a reasonable amount of time. Should you still be doing this then please stopTHEY DON’T PAY OUT! And do warn your network where you shared your links as well.



What are the expected earnings?

Though this is all false, UbMoney says you can earn at least $50 per day. That figure is as high as $300 per day watching ads.

I once read a blog where some guy did a PTC site for one year. He earned less than TEN DOLLARS! PTC SITES ARE ALL SCAMS! Because it takes so long to EARN ANYTHING and this is why we no longer endorse ANY PTC SITE!

Certainly we can see, on their landing page, pay out numbers to members. ALL FAKE! Member names are not even real. ANY positive endorsements you see on their site are all FAKE AS WELL!

$150 IS WHERE YOU CAN ASK FOR YOUR MONEY…problem is, no one wants to pay you



Peeling Back the Layers – Lies, Malware and Phishing Alert!

Participants must fill out an application form where support will tell you they have received it properly. They will pretend to be checking it for some reason. So, they will get back to you saying payment periods take about two months or even Ninety Days!

All this is trying to achieve is to make members speed up the process by using another option. This option allows verification of your earnings to occur in bout five minutes and sometimes it is only three minutes. Unfortunately, this costs all members a tidy sum of $10!! This B. S and all part of their plan to get your cash – though a small amount – ads up across all of their sites!

Should you pay it – You are LOCKED OUT WITHOUT PAYMENT!

OK, assuming you made a mistake (it happens, I was scammed as well before) then you are put up against another road block. These devious lot will ask you now to give over to them your referrals. They are asking for 40 of them. Should you have not got Forty Referrals to hand over, like some commodity exchanger, you will have to make those manually. This is achieved by spamming the net!

OR! UBMoney are ‘kind’ enough to make a deal with you. You may BUY THOSE REFERRALS for $14! Sometimes the price is lower at$5 but as high as $20 at times.

YOU PAY – YOU LOSE! Still, no payment to you and you maybe LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT! There is just no winning with these guys 🙁 .


Additional Ways they might try to scam you!

Soon after filing out your application form you may be asked to do some annoying survey. This is on someone else’s site and is considered to be a third party survey. Once completed the survey might refresh itself forever, you may be re-directed on another of their sites to make money online (as happened to someone before online) or they may ask you to pay money.

Should you pay, UbMoney will get a bit of cash. This cash ads up as many are falling for it across so many sites of theirs.

Or an offer is available for yo to sign up to, which you must if you want payment, and they will want personal details like banking credentials etc. DON’T GIVE IT – DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR PAYPAL EITHER IF THEY PRETEND TO BE PAYING YOU!


Here is an article called What Is Phishing? Courtesy of webroot.com. That fine article will make clear the dangers of phising and what to look out for.


Malware Attacks!

Unfortunately, these people like to give you ‘gifts’ like software that downloads to your device. These little infections will relay back your personal details. Anything of worth such as:-

  • Bank Credentials.
  • Addresses.
  • Car Registration.
  • Passwords.

LOOK! Anything about ‘YOU’ – THEY WILL SELL ONTO ONLINE SCAMMERS! This article will give you 3 tips on How To Find if a Website is Legitimate. Courtesy of wikiHow.com and will open in a fresh browser.


Suggestions to tidy up your online security:-

1. Clear Your Cache! You know your browser – that thing that keeps asking if you want your passwords saved there? Well, scammers can RIP those passwords from there with ease.

2. Old computers with out-of-date operating systems are easy to break into. Update such systems.

3. Anti Virus Protection is Essential. Here is a Free Anti Virus Download. Avast.com.

4. 9 PW’s for your Google+ Social Media Accounts. This is a tip recommended by Industry Security Specialists.

5. Should you be suspicious of a site – why not report here to us at Scam Witness? We will be MORE THAN HAPPY to expose such sites – if they prove to be false. You may do so by leaving site name or URL in the comment box below. Thank you.


DISCLAIMER:- The conclusion of this article, via the scam rating below, is based on my opinion. This article is to help those seeking to know if sites like UbMoney are legit or scams. Based on the research sourced online (and compiled over nearly 9 months of investigating this scam network) I am confident nearly everyone will agree with it. Those still not sure SHOULD definitely continue their research for further proofs or evidence to the contrary. Thank you.



SCAM RATING:- IN my opinion they are not legit! 0/100! Not a single person online has ever proven otherwise for an of their sites. A Russian Scam Network, who’s own sites Keywords mean “Sample of Sentinels” just can NOT be TRUSTED! Luring in those, who believe $4800 is real pay for clicking ads, are being made into victims. Not only is time wasted but money extracted from peoples lives.


I Need Your Help! Though exposing them to the World Wide Web will go ‘some’ way to getting them shut down, Nothing positive was ever achieved alone, for the most part. Those that can spare a moment are welcome to place their experiences below to help alert to others to this obvious online fraud operation. I thank you in advance for helping in this matter.





The battle lines for the truth have clearly been laid down! Have you been a victim of ‘Ub’? Letting people know is the best way NOT to let them get a way with it. Perhaps you are still hoping to get paid? I assure you, that will never happen with these guys. Any questions concerning them that I did not address are also welcome below. As we end the answer to What Is UbMoney Win I wish to remind you of our Best Way To Earn Money from Home. This opportunity is help many thousands of people achieve a full time income in a reasonable amount of time 🙂 .



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