What Is UbeMoney.Site? Is UbeMoney.Site a Scam or Legit!

By | April 17, 2018

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Article to Answer What Is UbeMoney. Site



All You Need to Know to Answer What Is UbeMoney. Site.

Here you will find the first unbiased article to answer What Is UbeMoney. Site. Other questions will be answered like is Ube Money Site a blatant job offer lie? Is UbeMoney Site a new and exciting way to get paid online? This review of UbeMoney will show you why you can’t trust the people that operate this new Paid Advertisement Viewing System. They have multiple sites, running the same illegal gambit, to make members work for nothing. YES! They are nothing but a SCAM! Below you will see a list of new their new PTC scam sites to watch out for such as:-

Atmoney win, epmoney win, ammoney win, anmoney win, abamoney bid, ogmoney win, agmoney site, avmoney win, agmoney bid, oxmoney win, akmoney win, yxmoney bid, edmoney site, nonmoney bid, ukmoney win, ummoney bid, ifmoney win, ydmoney bid, exmoney win, yhmoney win, ommoney win, ygmoney win, uxmoney win, ytmoney win, osmoney win, odmoney win, ubmoney win, asmoney win, ekmoney win, uvmoney win, ewmoney win, ugmoney win, afmoney win, unmoney win, armoney win etc! Those are linked to their own reviews in their own new windows.

They manufacture these sites wholesale to increase their victim count to greater illegal financial returns. There are many excellent ways to make money online, but these guys don’t have your best interests at heart. Those who would like a $0 Start Up Opportunity are advised to read through this till the end of this article, or go to the bottom of this page, to see our #1 Recommendation. Let us begin.

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Why UbeMoney. Site is NOT Your Friend in Business.

As we further begin to answer what is ubemoney. Site, I always check to see if I can find out who they are. And, as always, founder name is never made public.

The two images below are of paramount importance. The first one is from WHOIS. Should you not know, that is a free resource that allows you to check for ID on all sites online for info’s such as address and the like.

The Second Image is an IP Trace from registrydb.com!


Shall we see if the addresses match?!

Details of UbeMoney Site

Courtesy of WHOIS.

IP Trace of UbeMoney. Site

Courtesy of registrydb.com

As we can plainly see, the addresses are completely different and actually!! This is no mistake and a clear attempt to hide one’s ID online. The batch these unknown scammers released in February were tracking to San Francisco. This new site, and many more to come I have no doubt, are coming from LA!

This tells me one thing that is very clear to me:- The original owners must be selling their PTC Script to online customers – there can be no other explanation given that these sites are tracking back from around the world!

At this stage, that should be enough evidence for everyone not to trust these guys. However, for the sake of absolute clarity, lets delve into how they are scamming people by learning the work and pay on offer.

All participants are qualified to sign up with only an email. This email does not have to be a kosher one – it can be fake. They don’t check it and don’t ask you to confirm via it – this is unusual to say the least.

Once in, you are invited to view ads. These ads get members 10c where participants earn between $50/$300 daily. Actually, per their home page table of paid out figures, they are earning well over $400 daily – Just for Clicking on Ads?

Is this real? Well, how many reviews can you find online that is providing true proof of these kinds of pay outs? I have found none and that is the truth – they don’t pay out – and all those names and figures are a sham.

They say you are able to make 50% off of the earnings from your referrals. These referrals are made by you leaving your link on your own social media. They even advise texting family and friends in their FAQ’s section. DON’T DO THIS PLEASE! Ultimately, their method of affiliate marketing is spamming – a huge no-no online. This article will show you the following:-Why Is Spam Bad. Courtesy of spam.abuse.net and will open in a new window.

Those sincerely interested in making money via affiliate links must first have a website. A website is the best way online to make sales. I know one program that offers free training, ten videos in total, and that part is free to take part in. See links below where you will be taken to your free training and websites all for just an email sign up – no cc for this option.

Ten Free Training Videos in Website Creation and Affiliate Marketing – CLICK HERE!

The plot thickens when members realize the bulk of the work is actually doing codes all day. Captchas are required to be filled out for pay. This is weird because that is not detailed anywhere on their site, however, given their army of scam YouTube Videos – this captcha option is a prominent feature. Beware of those videos as well that are promoting these sites as they are from the spammers. You can clearly tell them apart as they will always leave their own affiliate link early on in their YouTube video description. Where you find comments on such videos saying they got paid and its all great, is total lies!

These crooks have been operating illegally online since 2014 and never have there been any legit payment proofs. Actually, there have only been complaints of people having their money stolen, minimally, having their time wasted. They will even steal ll of your social media passwords and bank details if they can get their hands on them. This data is sold onto scammers for a personal profit to the site.

OK:- View Ads for Money. Make Referrals for Money. Fill out Codes for Money. Let us look how the scam comes into play.



How They Scam Members and Why.

The Minimum Payout is one hundred and fifty dollars, and upon application, is where the scam rubbish begins. Participants, much to their dismay, that the waiting period is months a way before they can get their cash. There is another option where members can get verified in 5 minutes but it does come with a $10 cost to them. Once paid, the scammers will ask for 40 members you made. Should you have not made these members they will be sold, or tried to be sold to you, for $9. Yet, another way to steal some loose change.

All in the all, whether you pay or you don’t pay, they scam is over either way. Members are locked out of their accounts, or the process is re-initiated, and that is all there is to that! Monies will not be reimbursed and there is no way to get any money from them.

Why They Scam Members?

This answer is obvious, but for so little money, why are they even bothering.

Well, they are actually running a very lucrative operation. You know all those codes and ads members took part in? They are generating an income for the site owner. The monies might be very small, but if you time that by all the sites and all the ads and codes, then we see these small pennies do add up. These earnings of course are not shared with members.

The Second reason it is worth it to them is that they are getting free labor. This work force is now recruiting other members, en-mass, and now those members are working away. These referrals are all potential victims, so if you are still sharing your link, I’d say stop and warn others before they get sucked into it as well.

To Further Labor my Point, at How Serious and Productive these Scammers are, here are more sites from February of 2018 to present date:-

  • esmoney win.
  • elmoney win.
  • awmoney win.
  • ufmoney club.
  • ucmoney win.
  • owmoney win.
  • usmoney win.
  • olmoney club.
  • ermoney win.
  • ohmoney bid.
  • ecmoney win.
  • uwmoney win.
  • atmoney win.
  • ulmoney win.
  • opmoney win.
  • ohmoney club.
  • agmoney win.
  • elamoney bid.
  • ammoney club.
  • ammoney bid.

Finding more all of the time from reports on this site and from My YouTube Channel. Should you know of one, not here, do let us know and we will expose the hell out of them via this blog and YouTube! Thanks Guys 🙂 .



DISCLAIMER:- The Scam Rating below is only my opinion. Those seeking more information may click on any of the reviews in the intro of this article, or continue on to Google for further assistance. Nothing on this website should be considered to be the last word on any topic. My intention is to warn others, of what I am convinced of is a scam, so to help many stay safe online. I also show people how to make money online as well. Thank you for your time.





I welcome are opinions and views concerning the site we just exposed. Perhaps they stole some of your money? Maybe you worked there for a while and realized they were wasting our time? Your reports will help a good number of people avoid these scammers, thus, deprive them of their illegal pay check. I look forward hearing from you all as we finish out answering What Is UbeMoney. Site. Thanks for popping by and you are invited to subscribe to this sites free newsletter. Take care:-) .




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31 thoughts on “What Is UbeMoney.Site? Is UbeMoney.Site a Scam or Legit!

  1. Doug Cutler

    The link I Joined from to check them out with is: htt p://ebe money. club/275 6524572716/ And the scam social site I am a member of, empowr.com, has 4 different profiles I found so far with the same ref. #! All from Ontario Canada.
    It redirected to ht tp:// zomoney .club/ 31613622 17348/ = my ref link. I would say they also earn $$ if y see something y like and purchased from one of the 3 ads they show. I am on a full size PC screen.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for the report on ZoMoney. I have not exposed them yet though they were on my list. I will do as my next post. Empowr has been reviewed by myself and others and you can check out this sites view on it on the linked word just back there.

      So tell me Doug, how you know they are from Ontario Canada?

      Thanks again and looking forward to your reply.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  2. anne

    Is there other legit website to earn money? Because the free start in Wealthy Affiliate is not available in country Im living at.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Abu Bakr,

      UbeMoney. Site is fake and not real. They don’t pay out. They even seek to rob people of their money under the pretense of releasing their earnings to them.

      Anywhere online that asks you to give them money, for your money, is total B.S. !

      There is a way I offer that allows you learn how to make money online. You have to work at it, it is a long term goal, and there are paid options down the road. Let me know if you need any more assistance.



        1. Scam Witness

          Hi Glaze,

          UbeMoney. Site is not legit and only a scam site. So do stay away from any site that looks like that one in this article. Wealthy Affiliate, if you are referring to them, are indeed legit and known online as good and trusted. Its free to start and you get 2 free websites with 20 free training videos to build your own website.

          Let me know Glaze if I can further help.

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Tessy

    I just joined d site few hours ago, and I have earned the threshold… I put in my btc wallet for withdrawal, and I saw nothing… Very wicked people..I didn’t know it was a scam site…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tessy,

      Oh no, I am sorry to hear this. Thank you so much for reporting UbeMoney. Site here and I know it will help so many others to avoid this PTC scam. There are so many of them that I am never ending in exposing such awful and heartless sites. I recommend you report them as well to Ripp-Off Report and The Better Business Bureau to help get them shut down sooner.

      Stories like yours really do annoy me no end. This is why I have taken the time to found out the Registrar for UbeMoney. They are NameCheap. Here is NameCheap’s URL https://www.namecheap.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9NOh7Ofa2gIV77DtCh2rBgOcEAAYASAAEgJZDfD_BwE where you will find plenty of social media links to report your experience from one of the sites they are hosting. I hope this helps Tessy.



      1. Doug

        BBB is a joke. They look the other way if the scam site has corrupt layers! Or perhaps a little donation?

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Doug,

          Its interesting you say that about the BBB was I was thinking about doing a review on them to see if we really can trust their site regarding the reputation of other sites.

          Have you a story about them? I think you would make a really good scam exposer – ever thought of making a website to expose online scams like I do? And, earn money from it – even up to a full time income out of it? Let me know Doug as I do know away where you can and start to do so for free.

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You can’t delete anything on UbeMoney. Site and those details will probably be sold onto scammers. Your account on UbeMoney will only be deleted when they shut down that site.

  4. ain syuhada

    hello, can i know how to delete my bank account on ubemoney.win website.. because i have given my account number

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ain,

      Sorry, your messages only coming through now.

      You need to ring your bank now!! Tell them the situation and they will advise better. You probably need to cancel your credit card and order a new one.



  5. Ravindu Madhushan

    It has been found for $ 210 a month for this work. But when I went to get the money, referrals were 0, so I tried to get more people for this, but they do not like it, please tell me what’s going on and what’s this?
    Please, give me a quick reply, please.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ravindu,

      So, I have been writing about the owners behind these false sites for ten months now. They have 1000s of sites and none pay out. UbeMoney Site is but one and operates the same criminality. You will NEVER get PAID! They will never release any earnings to you.
      Sorry to inform you of this.

      There is another and so refer to my posts to find out how.


  6. Gilda Calamba

    Thank you for the information. God bless you and more power. This site is useful. I refer my friend yo this site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Gilda,

      Thank you so kindly and it makes me very happy you found what you were looking for useful. Thank you also for recommending Scam Witness to your friend and that offers tremendous support for growth in this endeavor. Much appreciated 🙂 .

      Thank You Gilda.



  7. erwin

    Thanks a lot,you saved my fingers from getting swelled haha…and 40 referrals ain’t no joke..what a waste of time….

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Erwin,

      No, making 40 referrals for UbeMoney. Site is hard work indeed! I am glad you were able to know they are not real.

      Here, I show others how to make money online without a credit card and $0 start up. If you are interested please do let me know as you will receive beginner free training and free websites.



          1. Fernando

            Como ingreso para ser parte de ese trabajo?? Me interesa

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            L¿Qué trabajo?

            El sitio expuesto aquí en este artículo es una estafa. La mejor de las suertes. Nunca te pagarán.

  8. Danielle

    Hello Philip

    As I read this post on ‘What Is UbeMoney. Site? Is UbeMoney. Site a Scam or Legit!’ you mentioned about addresses and true they are different. The most important thing is, on that same point, you have provided me with a way of checking details. That is invaluable! In future, if I come across suspicious sites I now know what to do.

    Thank you for providing this invaluable information. I am a hard worker anyway so I don’t mind going the #1 recommendation route.

    Thank you for all your information. I found it very helpful. I have this friend who is always looking for ways to make quick money. I will refer her to this site and these posts.



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      I thought It would be good to demonstrate how to look up the true details of a site so hopefully that will stick with people to do the same in the future.

      I am glad you have found, this post, on UbeMoney. Site useful and hope to continue to add value to the online community by exposing these scams.




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