What is UbaMoney Club? Is UbaMoney Club a Scam or Legit!

By | May 2, 2018

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UbaMoney Club Scam Exposed!



Showcasing What Is UbaMoney Club and Why We Don’t Recommend Them.

This article will fully answer What is UbaMoney Club. We will show answers to such questions as is UbaMoney. Club a deceptive PTC Site? Is Uba Money Club for real and genuine? This UbaMoney Review is NOT by one of their members. We will gather owner identity, the payments to members, what you must do to earn. By the end of this article, you will be in NO DOUBT, UbaMoney is a complete scam. Here are just a few of their other sites, sites running exactly the same fraud, which are linked to their own reviews in a new page:-

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Were you scammed by ‘Uba’ or any their weirdly named sites? Report them in the comments below to help warn others – thank you.

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UbaMoney Club Owners, Work, Pay and Scam on Display.

So we already know what is ubamoney club – a new Paid Advertisement Viewing System lie! They are a PTC website, meaning paid to click, and is one of so many others online. Before we go any further, it is always the finest of practices to do a back ground search on owners, before investing time and money in ANY online venture.

Founders of UbaMoney Club.

WHOIS is a remarkable free online resource that lists all details submitted upon registration of all sites online. Here we can see UbaMoney was created 2018, 21st of the 4th. They will shut it down 1 year from that date. Some of their sites shut down in sometimes only weeks due to no interest or poor online rep already. Many, however, do survive the full year thus maximizing the minimal effort of making these sites into many thousands, and potentially, millions of dollars in profits.

What is the work exactly? We said it is paid to click, but, they have a surprise that is not shown on their site.

Free to sign and begin clicking on ads. These ads are to get every member 10c. Advertisers paying 10c a click on a site that is showing ads to people who only click them to earn pennies. Marketers would not pay that kind of money to an audience that has no interest in spending money but only in earning money. Thus, we see that pay out is not real. Also, $5 nets marketeers 1000 clicks on average, but at ten cents, we see they are paying more here for a lot less traffic. By simple logic we can see payments of that kind are not real.

Money goes WAY UP when you start making referrals. As soon as your new sign ups start to work and earn cash, then you are offered exactly, half their pay. That is too high!

In any given day there is an estimation of up to $300 being earning by members. That is nonsense! Then they say that you can get $4800 every single month for click and viewing ONE THOUSAND ADS!? Really?! Hmm…





Payments are said to be handled to you in 1 hour. Then we see that is not true because in their FAQ’s they say 1 to 2 days for payments, and even that, is not true – as we shall see why!

Alas, there are none. None that are real anyways. You see an affiliate link promoting UbaMoneyRUN!!!!

YouTube is particularly bad for these sites getting excellent exposure. This is why I started my own campaign against them online and so many have left complaints about these sites and may have been saved as well. Why not pop by and subscribe and leave a comment at Scam Witness YouTube – I always respond 🙂 .

At the point members hit the jackpot in reach $150 – they can request payments. Suspiciously, this amount of money is achievable in only a few hours, even less, in many cases. They also require that you fill out codes after each ad, and is the part, they don’t tell you about when you first land. All bad signs that you are dealing with scam-wits!



$150 to Minus $19 (or more) in Record Time!

Cash Scam of UbaMoney Club.

Members are duped into believing money is going to be sent to them for such easy work. In fact, money is to be sent from members to these fake sites! THAT is the only purpose of them. All is fine and nothing will make anyone suspicious until they go for their money. Here, the waiting time is really exposed to be 3 months!! This is to process your payments, which is nuts, because no payment method (no my knowledge) takes this length of time to make a transaction.

Much to participants relief, they will clearly observe a better way to do this. This option needs some of your money. This changes you $10 to release your cash in about 5 minutes. It is not a lot when you consider you could be cashing out $150, and more, in no time – this is how they get you!

Now, and unfortunately, their hidden criteria has kicked in and want from you the 40 people, who signed up through your affiliate link, to be parted with for your money as well! All this is unexpected as it is not listed anywhere on their fraudulent site. Once you exchange these referrals then your are out anyways! However, they don’t want you to have them because then they can try to sell them to you. This will cost about $9!

I have seen one report on anamoney (same as UbaMoney) where a lady was charged $30 for 200 fake referrals!!! These payments are made in BTC where there is no trace of where the money goes to – Block Chain does not record these transactions and why paying in this manner is not the most reliable thing to do.

Here you will find an article on Bit Coin:- $5000 Bit Coin? 3 Reasons to Buy – And to Stay Away. Thank you to fortune.com for this and opens in a new window.

When all is said and done, and you make those payments or not, you will be shut out of your account. That account will remain as though it is still active and operating to reassure your new sign ups. The time spent on clicking ads will have earned the sites some money. All the referrals made, if any, will have generated spider-web of free traffic to garner more potential victims.


Report your experiences below to help warn others as well – thank you.



DISCLAIMER:- This article has been researched to the hilt! Ultimately, the Scam Rating, and all other opinions by me expressed herein, are just that – my opinion. Others are welcome to continue to research these sites until they are satisfied with their own conclusion and not just rely solely on this article. Thank you.




Why not let everyone know what happened when you signed up to the site we have written up here? Maybe you found another of their sites? Do let us know because Uba is a new site, and so it is nearly impossible to find anything on it online now that is not from the scammers themselves, and so we need more real people coming forward to fill that void. Thank you for taking the time to check the answer to What Is UbaMoney Club and certainly hope it was of great service to you. Do check out our #1 Recommendation Below. Take care 🙂 .



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