What Is Two Dollar Click? SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews Of ‘Suspicious’ Sites!

By | November 2, 2017

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PAYOUTS of $2 PER CLICK- What Is Two Dollar Click and is it REAL!

Should you be looking for reviews answering What Is Two Dollar Click and want to know if Two Dollar Click is a scam, if TwoDollarClick. com is legit, reviews of Two Dollar Click and do they pay you for clicks on advertisements, than you have landed on the right review. I do reviews into suspicious sites and the reason why Two Dollar Click caught my attention was the HIGH PAY OUT PER CLICK! That is not real and no one can pay that out unless you are a multi billion dollar website, and even at that, they would not pay that amount out just for ‘clicking’ on ads!!

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Let us now find out why Two Dollar Click is NOT real!What is two dollar click?


WEBSITE:- https://twodollarclick. com.

FOUNDER:- Jordan Welsh.

CREATED:- 19/11/2010.



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The Easy Answer to What is Two Dollar Click.

It is a scam PTC site! Two Dollar Click does not pay money out to any of its members. It never has and never will. It is an advertisement platform where users can click on ads or place one’s own ad. If you place you ad you pay a mere $5 dollars for 100 ‘clicks’. However, ANYONE that clicks on ads are not going to buy anything as all they want is to earn money not to spend it! So, it is a waste of time.

Two Dollar Click also promotes other PTC sites on their website and, which I find common with such scams sites, and it would not surprise me if they were ‘inter-connected’ somehow.

I see on their website that they have well over two and a half million members and paid them over 13 million dollars! That is BOGUS as the Internet would have 1000s of EXCELLENT reviews containing undeniable proof of such payments. Alas, I have found bad reviews and fake reviews where they are positive.

For being a Free Member of TwoDollarClick. com you will receive 10% from referrals. If you upgrade, you will receive 200% from REFERRALS! LOL! Unsustainable financial model to say the least. More proof that this is a fraudulent website as it is far cheaper to give Facebook, Twitter, YouTube payment for advertising than to pay those kinds of figures for ‘ad-clickers‘.

TIP FOR PTC SITES:- If a PTC Site promises to pay you more than $00.01 per ‘click’it is considered ‘suspicious’!

Please let that be you stable ‘guide’ when dealing with potential Paid To Click fake sites!


Terms and Conditions of TDC – A Comedy of Errors.

Without giving you all those boring TOS details verbatim, I will now list the glaring and terms, that people sign up to without knowing:-

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $1000! Very few will have the patience to wait around OT get even $20!
  • Payments give out after 60 days. Described as ‘net 60 basis’ on their site, meaning after all discounts and charge backs are completed, you will receive the remaining due balance (net) after sixty days! That is not right to wait so long.
  • 200% on upgraded accounts on referrals! I can not describe how mathematically impossible that is!
  • If you ‘UPGRADE’ to Two Dollar Click and decide to cancel to get you money back, YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED! No legitimate website would do this.
  • It is worth reading their ‘Liability‘ paragraph. I won’t list it here as that is plagiarism. Basically, you don’t get paid if God is in a bad mood with them! No payments in the even of a terrorist attack target them. It is absurdly weird and covers ALL situations where they can justify not PAYING YOU! “Dear Sir, we are not in a position to pay you as our ‘Coffee Machine’ broke down!” Their Liability is that broad it covers all non-payment scenarios – hilarious but highly crooked!!
  • They warn you about ‘cheating‘. I think they are just being ‘humorous‘ as they are cheating people on a large scale online.
  • If you are close to you $1000 but, for some reason you have not been active for 3 months, they get to keep you money! THEFT!!
  • Basically, they can TERMINATE you account without notice or reason. It is just insane.


LOOK! It is a total scam site and please do not go near them. Most (99%) of PTC sites are totally fraudulent. They last for a while and than disappear with all the profits. Some will pay out or a while to generate some payment proofs to lure others in. When they are scammed enough people and have been exposed enough they will run off with near all the profits! I DO NOT RECOMMEND PTC SITES/GPT SITES OR SURVEY SITES!


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Quick Tip:- If you want to know if a site is legit than go to WHOIS.COM. Type in the exact URL of site. If you see the site is from PANAMA, then this is quite bad. However, if you see this number in the ‘REGISTRANT DETAILS’, THEN PLEASE STAY CLEAR, AS IT IS CONNECTED TO LOADS OF SCAM SITES:-


0823 03411. This is a FAKE PO BOX and I have spotted it for many scam sites.




I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by TwoDollarClick. com? Did you actually make money from Two Dollar? Please leave you experiences in the comments section to help warn others or to tell others it is legit. Are you not sure about an online opportunity and need my help in finding out if it is safe, real and legit? Please go ahead and just ask me in the comments box below. I respond to all comments. I believe you have all the data you need on the question of What Is Two Dollar Click and would hope you share this article to help save others from these fraudsters. Very much looking forward to all of you comments and please come back soon as I post daily. You can always sign up to my websites Free Newsletter to keep up to date with active and damaging scams to avoid. Thank you kindly for reading my post and stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!


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