What Is Twinkas.com? Is Twinkas.com a Scam or Legit!

By | January 9, 2018

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What is Twinkas.com and Why Many will Lose Money.

Should you need information on What Is Twinkas.com (https://twinkas.com), is Twinkas.com a scam or legit and is Twinkas actually just a peer to peer, cash gifting, illegal Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme? Affirmative on all Counts except for being ‘legit! Early investors will make some money. Late arrivals to this scheme run the gauntlet for any kind of returns. With a wondrous 200% ROI, one has to stop and take pause and ask, where is the money coming from to pay back such a humongous rate of return? New Signs! Hence, Ponzi Scheme. Most of the money goes up to first tier and founder – hence a Pyramid Scheme. People donate to each other and wait on their money dreams to materialize from new members- thus it is a ‘cash gifting scheme, and yes you guessed it, is also ILLEGAL! SCAM! Please leave any thoughts and experiences you may have had with Twinkas in the comment box below this post to help better inform online users – thank you.

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What Is Twinkas.com and Why You Should Not To Join!

I understand some people enter into such schemes knowing the risks. For those that do not know and asking What Is Twinkas.com, then please read all of this article to be fully informed. My first question is this:- Who owns Twinkas anyways? One look at WHOIS and I can see no legit details for their online ID! RUN! BAD SIGN! Only scam sites will ever hide such important information. They registered their site for just a mere two years, telling me as it always does, such sites have no intention in sticking around for the long run. Founder is “LiquidNet” – fake. Street address starts with C/O twinkas.com – fake! Let us now continue to detail the work and pay and how it all works below.


Answering What is Twinkas.com.


The work is dirt easy. Just refer others, or the ‘system’, will refer two others to you (2 x 1 matrix set up). You sign up and pay a ‘donation’ and wait for two others to pay you as well. As mentioned, the returns are too stupid to take seriously, and not many will see such monies. Actually, only about 10% will benefit which is common with Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes. It is a ponzi scheme, to be more clear on the idea, because they do not sell anything. ‘ÝOU‘ are the product and target of their criminal intentions.

Additionally, it is a pyramid scheme as well, for when new sign ups come in, the matrix of new entries widens and expands downwards, to amass thousands and even millions of members. So, when new money (new referrals) enter into their scheme, a few members may see some money on a continuous basis – while others will be ignored, the rest floats up to the first tier and Founder. Make sense? Just ask me if there is something I have not explained well – thank you 🙂 .

Ultimately my friends, when the sign ups stop coming in (for surely that is soon to happen), the whole ‘system’ will just shudder and collapse. No new cash then no new activity regarding payments to older members. New sign ups and older members a like will not see any more returns. The website will just fail to exist just as happened with MLC24, and will happen with MYMLC247 as well. There is no telling when it could occur and that is what makes such schemes very dangerous to your bank account. One comment I received on my site reported one lady donated 1 million R (all she had in her account) when the site collapsed with a different online ponzi/pyramid scheme! YIKES!

I will now take an even closer look at their site and I will list all the signs that tell me that they are, indeed, a scam site.



Signs of a Scam Website.

Scam Sign 1 is their website is packed with generic and meaningless statements at how amazing they are. At moment of writing their site is playing come all ye faithful – so annoying lol! The language, I like to call ‘Scammer Speak‘, is full of humanitarian love for people to help others be more money rich! It is a common tactic to win trust with potential new sign ups, and actually, if a site seems to be a little too overly nice to you – be suspicious! That is Scam Sign 2. They possess an “E-COMMERCE” button on their menu that does not work – Scam Sign 3. No legit site would ever let that mistake happen. They also have a Twinkas E-WALLET. This is where you can see your profits when you make referrals.

The FAQ’s is worse than a virus with a cold! Riddled with scam signs! First thing I read, under how to get ones’ óld money’. Old Money!? Basically, the garbled response sounds like someone try to have two separate conversations on the same line – ridiculous explanation says due to back logs in the system old monies bla bla. I have seen such statements before and tells me Twinkas may not be around for much longer if they are struggling to make payments to members already. That is Scam Sign 4.

OH, I just read something there that really made me go “00HHHhhhhh”. Very nasty! Apparently, Twinkas has already swiped many of its members TK UNITS (made up term for online digital currency and how they pay you and keep track of your earnings) when they entered “PHASE 2a” of their online scam operations by calling it an update/re-branding. People’s TK UNITS were wiped (money stolen from) are being called defaulters. Twinkas is saying they warned everyone this was coming and it is the Users Fault and not Twinkas. Did this seriously happen to anyone here If so, I beseech thee to write about in the comment box below, so as not to let these blatant criminals away with their actions – such complaints will be noted by Google and help to spread the bad news about them. Thank you. That is Scam Sign 5.

Given they are just a site that connects people so to receive and give donations online, they state in their disclaimer, they are not responsible for such transactions. Then why are you promoting it then Twinkas? SCAM SIGN 6!

That means they are not legally responsible for ensuring their participants make any money all. They are not regulated by any money authority and so are free to hurt as many people as possible. Please share this post to warn others.

I see no PRIVACY POLICY PAGE. Google looks for this and is common for online scams not to have one, thus, that is Scam Sign 7.

Their Blog/Forum is empty. Scam Detector.info advises such empty Forums are signs of a fake site as the owners do not want users complaining about them to new comers. That is Scam Sign 8.

No Payment Proofs! Scam Sign 9!

There are more but I will call it a day on these crooks except for one last thing. You pay in. Double is returned. That now has just created a debt situation within Twinkas. You see now how it can not be real and last for long and why many will lose their money – because – they operate to get themselves into debt and solely dependent on your referrals to pay anyone. Be careful.







I certainly hope you did not get scammed by these guys from having your TK UNITS wiped? Should this have happened to you please do let us all know so to better inform and warn others online. Thank you. Do you have a question regarding anything I have said herein this post? You are welcome to ask me. I also take questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate and how you can be very successful online financially by owning your own website and adding content to it daily/weekly. Finally, have you come across another online scam but need advice on it to be sure? I will research all your concerns and so leave them below. I have said much regarding What Is Twinkas.com and hope you are clearer on this website. Should you join up early, then yes, you have or will make some money – I hope. The rest who joined much later, well, it is hard to say if you will see any monies per your investment. Please stay tuned to my site by signing up to my newsletter to stay in the loop regarding online scams. I thank you for reading my article and look forward to all of your comments below. Take care for now everyone 🙂 .


That is all and I highly suggest the opportunity detailed below for serious online entrepreneurs.



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