What Is Ts-Life?

By | August 11, 2018


Welcome to What Is Ts Life and How You Could be Earning with Them.

This is a very short post to alert our readers of a New and Exciting Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Program. What Is Ts-Life? We are very limited in what information we can give out prior to Launch date of 1st of September. This is UK and Ireland Launch and people from said countries can register their interest, ahead of the USA Launch. This is big news as this will give UK and Ireland a Huge Lead in getting in first in this amazing market.

Here is what we can say about Ts Life:-

The Creator is Caius Hale. 


Price to Start:- £5/£27.50 <<<- £27.50 is Launch Price! May Not be Repeated.


This program is being put forward to our readers, very early ahead of launch date, due to the many requests for good online jobs. Personally, I am thinking of Partnering with Ts-Life to see if their MLM structure works as a viable business venture.

You can only sign up to Ts Life via a referrer, only. I will leave my ID Number in time should I go ahead.

For now, those that are interested in this new and emerging program may leave your names below. Alternatively, you may leave me a message via our site support email where I will get back to you as soon as possible ->>> bottom right of this website.

Those that want to get in early on this opportunity are welcome to let me know below in the comments section. I will get back to you with further steps to help you get in as early as possible.

After the launch of this program then this website may review them much more extensively.

For now, leave your comments and questions below so I may gauge the level of interest in this and how many want to join it.


What Countries can Join Ts-Life?

Currently, the information I have on this is:-




USA. <<<- Pre-Launch in November and set to start in January.

GHANA (potentially). As said, limited data for now.

Some European Countries.


More data will be released when the launch is complete. Ultimately, I may determine to spend my own money to investigate this new company that is creating a quiet storm online…




I personally decided not to invest with this new MLM. After much thought, where one has to invest and then maintain that investment – do all the work – and hope for a down-line that does the same, is a risk! I wish all those at TS-LIFE the greatest success. The people there are lovely.

It is the Business Model that had me worried. Typically, one needs quite a big down-line (or Network) to make profits. The more people that are buying then the more profits naturally. However, leading up to the Launch there was limited data on prices. I need transparency from the get go to feel confident, and most importantly, safe before investing. I believe that is one mistake they made for people like myself. 

I did receive the prices, that were to be kept under wraps until after Launch, but I never viewed it. By that point, they had lost me.

There is also the concern that I may purchase products that I may not be able to sell on for the 70% profit! You would be surprised how HARD it can be to sell anything online, at times. However, that 70% is for an online sale. 

You receive 50% profits if you buy the product to your own home. Once you buy the product, the company has made its profits. Your Up-Line has made some money but you are now stuck with a product. Naturally, it is more than possible to make a good home business this way – Just Make Sure you have a customer base first. Or, use the products for yourself 🙂 . Whichever works for you.


You a member of Ts Life?

Drop a comment here and let us know how things are going for you.


Have You Earnings Proof from TsLife?

Drop me a line here! This websites email support is scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. This is checked daily. Why not send the payment proofs there with your comment. I will add it to this article.


Would You Like to Add to this Post?

Great! Drop all that info below – this sites email – or both. I will include it in either event in this post to help others find out more about this new program.


Have You a Complaint about Ts Life?

It happens.

Go ahead and have your say below.


This article will be updated as more info is available. Thanks for popping in for now and I am looking forward to all of your comments.

https://mapmylifestyle.com/ts-life-mlm-uk-health-wellness-orgnanic-cruelty-free/ <<< From TS-Life or Member of – Really does answer some questions!!


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40 thoughts on “What Is Ts-Life?

    1. Martin Aboagye

      Chat me on telegram through this link https://t.me/Confidence_1 or WhatsApp me on +233240727853 for your free registration especially my fellow Ghanaians. TS-Life the great.


    Here’s my http://ts-life.com/30170 it will tell u all u need to know. Who we are. What are mission is and list the products available complete with prices. Yes, you make a one off payment to join of £27.50. You don’t have to build a team. You can simply give people your replicated website details and customers can buy from there. No stock holding. No autoships or hidden extras. Simple

    1. Emma

      Hi Nicola,

      Some questions if you don’t mind. I’m thinking about doing this on top of my other job.

      1. How do you set up a replica website?
      2. Who ships the product?
      3. How much commission do you get if it’s not going directly from your address?

  2. Princess

    I am a Nigerian. I stumbled on this article about TS life when I was searching for a genuine new MLM or the one about to launch that need leaders from different countries. But what am reading about it and it’s secrecy is not encouraging. And this other one with authorship is also of great concern. Anyone with an alternative?

      1. Oliver

        Gary , I’m interested too from Nigeria, so how do I get ur email Addy?

    1. Lynne Blair blair

      Hi princess. Absolutely no secrecy at all with this company the article was written before the company launched. If you would like further information please get in touch

  3. Stuart

    Yea I gotta agree with most here. I’m only up and running from say morning, it’s now Monday evening and I already have my first sale, my Facebook page is up and running and there is so much info on the products it makes it easy to sell!
    If anyone’s thinking of joining I say go for it! What have you to lose other than the measly £27.50 start up! Follow my link https://ts-life.com/32015
    You’ll see the products and at the very bottom you can join my team if you like and il help get you started

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you kindly Stuart for commenting and I really wish you the very best 🙂 and also very happy to hear of your sale as well.

  4. Trish

    Here’s my http://ts-life.com/30329 it will tell u all u need to know. Who we are. What are mission is and list the products available complete with prices. Yes, you make a one off payment to join of £27.50. You don’t have to build a team. You can simply give people your replicated website details and customers can buy from there. No stock holding. No autoships or hidden extras. Simple

  5. Mason

    I’m sorry but I think your review is incorrect and unfair …… From what I can see you aren’t really sure of anything about TSLife …. All I can say is to anyone thinking of joining,please speak to someone from Tslife before you make your decision based on this review …..

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mason,

      Quite right Mason. Despite my constant requests, info was being released too slowly, but commitment was implicitly being asked of me. While I initially agreed, due to the lack of info, I got nervous about the whole set up, and left. The lack of transparency was something I could not resolve.

      Instead of passing an ugly comment like that, why don’t you leverage your experience with this opportunity, and ACTUALLY tell everyone what they are exactly.

      People are genuinely asking. Its not my job to do Ts Life’s job for them. Its their job. I spent sufficient time trying to squeeze info but it was not coming in good time. This is alarming behavior for me and that is all I can say.

      I respect your opinion but it also assumes that this article is trying to achieve something underhanded. That is not OK.

      I put it to you Mason, and all members of TS LIFE, to take responsibility for the dissemination of of this groups information.

      I am a one man blogger running a high traffic website, moderating, social media, researching, verifying etc etc – so, I dedicated enough time to this subject matter.

      So you know there is no hard feelings – why don’t you just leave your Ts Life Link here in the comments so people can contact you / sign?

  6. Anthony Lombardo

    You’re more than welcome Philip. I have several sites, but I don’t see a site posted on here and don’t want to just list them or my corporate Isagenix site without you saying to do so. I do have a large following on LinkedIn (my name and executive coach in a search should get you there).

    And yes, me starting on a pre-launch in ’85 and my sponsor into Isagenix being ranked 30th in the world in this industry are my two claims to fame. I do have a large team and try and get everyone to be successful. It is a long journey and not a sprint and once someone gets that things become clearer. Some sprint anyway, and that’s great, but not necessary, but a lot depends on your personal “why”.

    I also agree with you that some companies with some bad practices and brain washing give this industry a bad name, not to mention what it does to the poor people that get caught in the middle.

    Transparency and honesty (it is work to be successful in this industry contrary to what people are frequently told) go a long way with new people coming into the industry, even if they are only a customer. Isagenix does pride itself on its compliance and quality as it has helped them grow throughout their 16 years of existence and become a billion dollar a year company and a leader in the health and wellness field.

    Now the cost to get in is a loaded question in a way. Not a bad one, but there are so many low cost ways to list so I will address a few. You have to think of Amazon. You can just be a customer (everyone comes in as a customer/member at first) and order one product (10% discount)and you’re in (as low as $14 US). The company allows you to decide over a 6 month time if you would like to go to associate status if you wish and they give you coupons (no money) if you share Isagenix with others. You get to keep your spot, in case people put others underneath you (binary compensation) and the revenue from those sales accumulate for the 6 months as you make your decision. Another way is to become a preferred customer $29US (like Amazon Prime, if you will), this gives you the same benefits as a customer but at the lowest wholesale prices 25% off. The other way is to become an Associate $29 US and order products also at the 25% off. Associate status allows you to build teams and collect commissions and bonuses. The most common way business builders come in is to come in as an associate $29 US and buy at least a qualifying order (in US 100bv which is about $150 in product ( $5 a day and hopefully you save that or more from your daily or weekly store purchases) and they are on their way to qualifying from commissions day one.

    I know I tried for no links but the compensation program has its own video explaining every detail explained by one of the co-founders who is also the Pres/CEO (and geared for the UK as it was his presentation there) that I will put it here for at least you to see and you could delete it after that if inappropriate: https://destiny4.isagenix.com/en-gb/resource-center/isagenix-compensation-plan-with-jim-coover-uk

    Every associate gets a site like this. It is quite extensive and has all kinds of videos and information. In addition in an associate’s back office is tons of training and marketing material all for free, and obviously if you enroll with a good leader and team, there will be much more.

    Obviously I could keep going on Philip 🙂 but thank you and you’re more than welcome and it would be my pleasure to clarify, educate or add to whatever you would like to do pertaining to Isagenix or the industry as a whole.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Anthony,
      Great to hear from you again 🙂

      I checked out your link but its a 404 page. You are most welcome to leave it again and thank you kindly for all of that information regarding IsaGenix. I am sure many are going to find it very interesting to know in their own hunt for online opportunities.

      1. Anthony Lombardo

        Hi Philip and thanks and you’re more than welcome. The link did work for me when I clicked it, but the Isagenix sites are geared to location. I did set my site to repicate the UK, but you can get there this way also.

        My corporate site will open with the settings for each country (without me involved, lol) so if you go to http://destiny4.isagenix.com (my site) and go to the drop down on the upper right “About Isagenix”, then under the “Resource Center” click “Videos” it is the first one “Isagenix Compensation Plan with Jim Coover – UK”

        If for some reason you still get a 404, you can always access my corporate site from one of my other sites http://SolutionsForEveryone.net and hop over. There is also a free ebook offer on that site also, just an fyi. Many do find it very interesting.

        Well great conversing with you again, and let me know if it works this time from where you are.

        Have a great weekend, Anthony

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Anthony,

          It has been a real pleasure Anthony and I will have a good look at the links and have a read of the ebook – much appreciated 🙂 .

          Working the whole weekend but I hope you have something more relaxing lined up 🙂 .

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  7. Anthony Lombardo

    Hi SW. I wound up on your site here as someone that I was prospecting for my Isagenix business had just signed up with Ts Life and I hadn’t heard of it yet so I was doing a little research.

    I personally don’t get involved with startups, but I’ve been in the industry since ’85 and I like to keep on top of everything. I do share your concern as to some of the secrecy, as I have not really seen that tact before.

    Also it is not good if it is mandatory to order every month. In Isagenix a qualifying order from an associate’s business center (either by the associate or someone ordering through that center, retail) is required only to collect commissions. Someone can then come in, try the products, and really not reorder if they don’t want to, until they have built a nice organization where their commissions can be in excess of their qualifying order. If that never happens, maybe they don’t reorder at all.

    Now I don’t train or teach people necessarily to do it that way, but it is an option, as not everyone is in the same position money-wise, and this way does allow everyone to try and start a business.

    Isagenix started in the UK last year and is now in 17 countries.

    Thanks again for your analysis, it is appreciated,


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Anthony!

      You been in the industry since 1985?! That has to be a huge selling point in your own marketing online 🙂 . Do you have your own website to leverage your monstrous amount experience online?

      I hear you on what you are saying. For me, they lost me completely with the secrecy – I don’t like surprises.I felt that I could make an affordable investment – now I got some ‘skin’ in the game, ‘something’ to lose, but and yes, something to gain.

      However, locking myself into a program, without full transparency – makes me feel very uneasy.

      I have welcome TS LIFE members for them to leave their sign up links here in this forum – I don’t see any. In time, when other much larger affiliate blogs get wind of Ts-Life, this article maybe pushed way back down on rankings if Google does not show me loyalty for being the first to write on them – it happens. Point being, most affiliate blogs won’t allow links left so I do urge members to take advantage of that invitation.

      I haven’t heard of IsaGenix before, but I see that they are getting significant traffic and 0 comp, relatively speaking. I may review them and really you are most welcome to land the nitty-gritty details of that offer in this forum as well Anthony.

      OH! IsaGenix only started in the UK last year – they have many countries included as well! That is amazing 🙂 Anthony. How are things going for you with them?

      I like how IsaGenix allows for the fact that a lot of people may not have the recurring fee’s to stick with their program and so there is an easy ‘out’ option. I have received reports of people who had to get counselling after being certain MLM groups for the pressure and brain washing to buy etc. Not mentioning them – there simply is not enough proof of this going on, and of course, I am not implying this to Ts Life – just MLM’s in general.

      Tell me Anthony, How much is it to start with them?

      Looking forward to hearing back from you and also thank you very much for your comment and introducing me to IsaGenix – much appreciaed 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    2. Lynne

      Hi there. Just to let you know there are no monthly autoships with ts life.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Samuel,

      You can look for TS LIFE GHANA on Facebook and see if they have a group set up for people in your region. Or just look up TSLIFE FACEBOOK GROUPS and I know you will find plenty of them and then ask anyone in those groups.

      Hop that helps.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

    2. Ebenezer

      Hello Samuel,I am an affiliate…
      Send me a mail
      (perhaps leave your affiliate link or facebook link) and i will add you up.

  8. Richard

    Hi! Am Richard, the Ghanaian Representative of TS-LIFE. In fact, any Ghanaian coming across this article can join the Ghanaian TS-LIFE

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Hi Richard,

      That is great news! I actually know one lady online that would be delighted to hear about this. I will let her know, we are friends on Facebook and work on a different platform together.

      Really appreciate your information here Richard 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  9. emad

    hello dear is any phone number i can call and have more info and price ?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I can get one of the ladies I know on FB to contact you. Please, when you see this comment, then watch out for a comment from one of the ladies I know connect to Ts-Life.

  10. Chloe

    Philip, as you didn’t have the full understanding during pre launch,
    Would you like to message me on fb ( Chloe Pye) go over it in a full bit simple way and maybe reconsider joining?
    The comment of hush hush someone made, you can type the website in and it will explain what TS stands for and what we do and what we have the ingredients & percentages are there also ?

    To learn the TS-Life way has been made simple. Our system is duplicatable.
    Like any job, you have to work & have a passion for building your own business.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Chloe, great to hear from you 🙂 .

      Sure! You can leave all the info you want in my inbox on Facebook (or at this sites email support bottom right of this website) and I can copy and paste it here for others to be better informed, if you like.

      Thanks Chloe 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  11. Andrew McAlpine

    I too have joined Ts-Life which i am very happy with, Your comment about , needing a big down line is not true. The actual way that we work is unlike other companies.
    As with most companies It is a free for all get as many people as you can, which benefits only those at the top of the tree.
    With Ts-Life You only need to introduce to people yourself, as we work on a binary system any more than 2 gets feed down to your down line and your up line feeds their people to your team.

    So everyone wins. That’s the difference between Ts-Life and the others I had joined .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      My apologies. I don’t recall having the structure explained to me properly. Not an insult to the people there but I was told it was an MLM structure but, if recalling correctly, I don’t remember having this explained to me per the unique structure you say above. If so – then it was not understandable to me at the time. Either event, you have cleared that up.

      So! That is the advantage TS Life has over other MLM’s – good. I am happy that you clarified that Andrew because if I had of known this then perhaps my perception would have changed.

      As you probably know, MLM’s in general have a bad name online. I am glad to see that TSLife has made a structure that appears to be fairer and allows a better chance of generating a full time income.

      I appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to clarify that for myself Andrew and for all others that maybe reading this in time.

      Thank You 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      You are welcome back anytime Andrew.

  12. Jeanz

    Not convinced at all. My sister has gotten involved… All a bit too hush-hush. WHAT actually IS TS Life all about?
    Is there Senna in any of the products? This can affect physical absorption of medications.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jeanz,

      A real and genuine member of TS-Life is more fair and suited to answer this question. From my limited exposure to them, here is what I believe (which is completely not trying to misinform or disparage or misrepresent ts life in anyway) that they are an MLM – Multi Level Marketing Company that deal with the sale of sought after products as their inventory dictates.

      The more people that you recruit that buy the more you ear recurringly – it can be lucrative for some. Its a legit venture, it really is. Not to compare, but there have been other types of companies that have been accused of being pyramid schemes, because, too much of the money is going upwards and sellers are not breaking the $10 profit point per investments.

      This can happen with any MLM. I was afraid of being stuck with product I could not sell and also not enough expect expenditure details for me quick enough to know what to expect. It was a little hush-hush bu that was due to releasing of something new, so I guess I can understand that as well. I don’t want to ruin many a good peoples hard work by blabbing about it prematurely, there are legal consequences that would not be nice, I imagine.

      Your sister got in early. When new programs like TsLife first launch the buzz and activity around it can be explosive. Your sister potentially has done the right thing here because now she is near top tier level numerically speaking for many monies to flow upwards to her. I expect she may do quite well indeed. But as the numbers rise in time, the numbers to recruit decrease drastically (potentially) and now we have many sellers stuck with product and getting into debt to maintain membership status levels to ensure they get their profit if they make sales.

      Its something I am not comfortable with personally. But, I know it works for a good number of people. Alas, time will tell the true story of this new and very vibrant company.

      Interestingly enough, I was on one of their pages and they assured members that they just got Ts Life Unblocked From Facebook – well, I would not put too much stock in that as Facebook can do that at times.

      Senna – now! You have said something that I had concerns over. There are companies that promote products that have made claims that they could not medically prove even though they got some Doctor to say it was a miracle cure for something or other. OK, I AM NOT SAYING THIS ABOUT TS LIFE! But, it was just a concern. You see, I expose a lot of online scams so I admit I tend to look more skeptical at offers online than most. Its just a habit at this stage and so all my concerns, well, I just put myself off I suppose. But mostly that it is an MLM that most concerned me.

      Any members are welcome to correct me because I am not 100% versed as you maybe so add to this conversation and better inform us all. Payment proofs are always welcome and you can leave them at my sites site support email at:- scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com.

      OK, we must give them a fair shake at it before we levy too much concerns at them. That is not fair. There is a ton of lovely people there that I would have loved to work with if it was a different way of operating. Really nice people 🙂 .

      So, time will tell, as said. I really value your contribution and question here Jeanz and hope there will be others in time that will better inform you going forward.

      Does this answer your question? If not, I will try to be clearer.

      Thanks 🙂 .

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  13. Sammy jenks

    Hey i would like i am with ts-life , only 2 days after launch and i am already earning and im up on my initial investment i paid to join , i was ready to walk away from network marketing and was feeling very sceptical about the industry as a whole. Thankfully i gave this a go as i had never worked with a dual unit plan before , i have to say its refreshing , supportive and everyone from the customer up is winning. Im very pleased with my decision and very proud to be partnered with a company with such good ethics. I hope you find the right business for .

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Sammy!

      I am very happy to hear this news Sammy 🙂 . I get so many reports of people losing investments and having their time wasted that it really is just so nice to hear your experience with TS Life.

      May it continue always and I also want to thank you as well for taking the time to place a comment on this article. Now others, looking for good Ts-Life Reviews will have a good chance from a real member if it is legit or a scam. Nice Work Sammy.

      What are your promotional methods by the way, if you have time to say?

      Thanks again ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. Samantha Jenkins

        Hey sorry I have only just seen this reply, basically each product has a points value (30 points per product) I love the fact it’s the same regardless of what your selling so your not penalised for having a best seller so to speak , these points are accumulated by yours and those you introduce to the bussiness/ placed in your dual unit and this is what your promoted on so it’s not £ sterling sales but points value. The first rank in which you earn a bonus in addition to the % you earn from your sales is director this requires 500 point volume so is roughly 16 monthly packs sold by yourself and your downline this will give you a stretch your earning by 120% (this is everytime you hit this rank not just the initial time. Here is the thing that I do love , in order to maximize your earning as a leader we help each of our downline with growing there customer base and also a downline of their own , for doing this you also receive a team support bonus and I Beleive this is the reason so many are winning with this company as its not as “dog eat dog ” as I have found in previous companies.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Samantha,

          Its great to hear from you again and thank you as well for your clear explanation. That is going to benefit the visitors to this short article on what Ts Life is offering new members and how they can starting winning within their company. Thank you very much Samantha for your time here and it has added additional much needed info for those looking for it.

          Much appreciated 🙂 .

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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