What Is TopCashBack.co.uk? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join

By | June 29, 2018

Guide to What Is TopCashBack.co.uk and How to Earn Money with Them. 

TopCashBack Under Review

No doubt most of us have seen the adverts but how many of us know how relatively lucrative their offers are? As we detail What Is TopCashBack.co.uk (https://www.topcash.co.uk), we will also answer is topcashback a scam? We can assure you it is not a fraud! Perhaps you are looking for a member topcashback reviews, then this article is intending to answer all queries, while showing you how it all works. Below is what we shall cover:-


1). TopCashBack Founders/History.

2). How it works and where to sign up to get cashback on groceries and general purchases.

3). A look at their Affiliate Program.

4). Online Reports of TopCashBack.

5). Conclusion and Your Opinions/Experiences/Stories of TopCashBack.



Founders of TopCashBack

Company:- topcashback.co.uk.

Created:- 13/07/2005. Expiration:- 13/07/2019.

Founders:- Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins.

Scam/Legit:- Completely Trusted and NOT a Scam – Good Opportunity to make money via online purchases.

Affiliate Program:- Free to Join with Lifetime Recurring Commissions Per Referral!




Review of What Is TopCashBack.co.uk and its Origins.

TopCashBack.co.uk Highest Paying CashBack Site.

As we begin our research to answer What Is TopCashBack.co.uk we always start with a quick background check on the Founders. This is paramount in establishing legitimacy and weeding out all suspicions of it being a fraudulent site. Of course, in this instance, there is no doubt that topcashback is indeed completely kosher.


Website registration, per WHOIS, gives the date creation but no founder name or real world address. That is a little unusual and don’t see why a legit site would not have those details visible. However, the following info was sourced from everybodywikihow/topcashback (link opens in new tab), and I paraphrase:-


  • TopCashBack is purely funded by advertising revenue.
  • Founded by two computer programmers who are Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins on a “boot strap budget” to sincerely help their readers to make savings on purchases. They have since held true to this ethos from 2005 to date!
  • They hold offices in Stafford, Bolton, Bangalore, New Jersey, and Charing Cross.
  • As stated, created in 2005, and in 2011 they had 1 Million Members. By 2017 they had over 6 Million Members worldwide!
  • TopCashBack is the UK’s Biggest CashBack site with aims of the being the Worlds top CashBack Site, as well.
  • From 60,772 reviews, trustpilot.com has rated them 4½ out of 5! – Definitely verfified legit by many happy customers 🙂 .

*We could go on to discuss their accolades and awards, but the above is more than sufficient, to know we are dealing with honest professionals and a good opportunity to earn money as we shop online.




How to Earn on Your Purchases via Shopping Online with TopCashBack.

First off, one has to join the site to become a member. This is of course normal and naturally allows for
earnings to occur.

Anyone can sign up through this link here —>>> Join TopCashBack to Start Earning on Your Purchases!

We all need to do our weeks shopping, buy electrical items, gifts etc. TopCashBack allows this while giving you money back on your purchases. Furthermore, you may get back up to 100%, 105% and as high as 110% cash back! Beats going into real world stores, waiting in line to realize your 1 MILLION CLUB CARD POINTS ONLY GETS YOU A LOAF OF BREAD – LOL!

There are no joining fees when you are member that just wants to get great deals online.

There is one exception! Should you join their Plus Account then there is a small fee of just £5 – that is all. This Plus Account comes with extra features and resources and so it is worth it in my opinion for such a small sum taken annually.


Once you are a member you can navigate for all the deals they have on offer. Here are the following choices:-


  1. Seek cashback offers. Find the merchants offering the highest cashback amount.
  2. Find best prices and cashback on seasonal sales.
  3. Voucher Codes! Get some money off of your next purchase on selected items on offer.
  4. Search 4000+ merchant offers, including the well-known ones like Tescos, BT, Sky Broadband, Argos! Or, you can peruse their Offers Page at your leisure and see what takes your fancy.



How do you get cashback?

It is really easy! Once you have spotted an item you wish to purchase, you will see a “CASHBACK” button located on merchants sales page. You will be taken to that merchants actual website to avail of the offer. Obtain your item by the usual online purchasing methods i.e. PayPal, Card etc.

Other ways is to pay in-store via their Oncard, or their Grocery services, in order to obtain cashback on items. Seems they have thought of everything to help people earn while they spend.


How long does it take for you to receive your cashback?

All payments can be done by Bank Transfer, PayPal or choose any of their Gift Cards. They have 20 Gift Cards you can use as a form of your own cashback.

These payments for money back will take no more than 7 days to complete to your preferred payment method. However, they say that it usually takes only a few days.


How Can they Afford to be the Biggest CashBack Site in the UK?

We have exposed many online scams. One of the things we tend to say is:- “If this be true then this company would have to pay all members ‘X’ amount of monies out of their own pockets and that would bankrupt this whole operation” ~ or something like that.

Basically, these guys are very rare indeed!! They do take their own earnings and share it with you. I mean you are already ‘cashbacked’ on selected (most) items, and NOW, they will give you 5%/10% on top of the 100% they offer on selected items! No wonder they are so popular.

Their website earns revenue simply by their advertisements! No other way. When you purchase, the merchant will give TopCashBack some commission, and now TopCashBack freely gives a portion of that to you, as well 🙂 .


TopCashBack App!

TopCashBack App Helps You Earn on the GO.

Their Mobile App found in Google Playstore is by far one of my favorite components to their online operations. You may download this app for iPhone, Android Phone, iPad and iPod. It may also be downloaded from the App Store.

So while you are city-slicking around the place you have this app handy for when you make purchases.


  • Get what you want to buy and scan the bar code on the back of the package.
  • Get your receipt upon payment for your item.
  • Take a pic of your receipt.
  • Send that receipt to TopCashBack.
  • They will tabulate your earnings and have them to you, apparently, in minutes!


The App will allow you to see the newest cashback offers and printable coupons/codes!


CashBack on Groceries with the App?

Yes! The list of the items you may receive cashback on are always be added to. You will be privy to this list as it updates. Simply keep apprised of the offers and then when you are doing your food shopping simply include those items, if you like, for your earnings to accumulate.


High Street Vouchers and Restaurants.

This pretty cool App also informs you of all the participating High Street Stores and restaurants and their locale relative to you. Simply show these participating outlets the code supplied to you by the App upon paying, it is that easy!




Always get your receipts and take a pic of them!! Then send them on to TopCashBack for them to tabulate your possible cashback earnings.




Below we shall take a look at their Affiliate Program, and what that entails, for those that what to earn even more!





Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program from TopCashBack

Another way to earn with them is to join their affiliate program. There is an online application form to fill out and then you submit. The fee to sign up to their Affiliate Network, called Awin, is only a few quid. It costs £4/£5 to register on their network and then you make contact with one of two emails:-




Upon signing up to Awin via TopCashBack then you are to submit an email to one of those addresses. You are to inform them of how you wish to promote their affiliate program. Someone will get back in contact and advise on the best approach to promote.

In this instance, my promotion would be to review them to inform readers better so they can make a decision to join them or not, and place my affiliate link. Thus, when people click on that link, and they sign and purchase, this website will earn commissions for the lifetime of that referral.

This is more commonly referred to as Affiliate Marketing!

Anyone with a Laptop and Stable Internet Connection can Earn Online by Blogging.


After going through those steps then you are all set to earn revenues via referrals with the biggest CasBack Site in the UK!




Purchase Tracking and User Reports.

With ALL, and I do mean ALL, website online there are times when things just go a little wrong for some users. Let us now address, what appears to be, one of the main problems that some users are encountering.


There are some instances where a purchase is made but there are no earnings into their accounts to redeem or cash out. The process from purchase to earnings is called “TRACKING”. When this fails there can be legit reasons:-


  • You have used a coupon that was not authorized by TopCashBack website.
  • Could be a problem on the merchants end – the seller.
  • Problem with your cookies on your device. Cookies are simply tiny bits of data sent from a website and stored on your device. This bit of data will assign an ‘ID’ to your visit for website analytics data, among other functions.

What is the Solution?

Wait for 1 or up to 2 weeks and then contact them and inform them that you are missing cashback. You simply need to go to their Missing CashBack Claim section and then they will resolve the situation.




User Reports.

Trustpilot, as said, have giving the site we are reviewing an excellent score! Here are a few snippets of what some had to say about their experiences:-


TopCashBack Customer Reviews


Legit TopCashBack Reviews


TopCashBack App Customer Reviews


App TopCashBack Member Review




As we can see it is all pretty happy users!

I am not saying it is not without complaints on some of those reviews but its way up their for customer satisfaction for sure.




So much can be said about their great site and that they have persevered with and made into a huge success from nothing! They started out without an hourly pay for themselves but believed they could do it. I am of course referring to the founders. It is typical for new sites to do 40 hour weeks for no pay for up to 1 year, maybe even 2 years, and then start to see income. Personally, I have nothing but admiration for their grit and applaud their success.



However, their ads still annoy me…


…But, we won’t hold it against them 🙂 .




While they may not be our #1 Way to earn up to $10,000+ a Month, we have no concerns in Recommending TopCashBack as a Legit and Safe way to make money online while making all those necessary/desirable purchases. So if you are thinking of signing up as member with the UK’s biggest cashback website then we don’t see any issues with doing so. We ask you to let us know how it goes for you in the comments below after a time.

Those that have complaints about the website we have just discussed are more than welcome to place them below. We will do our best to find a resolution to your situation via our own research.

Those that would wish to share their experiences, opinions etc are welcome to do the same below. We respond to all comments on this website.




It was a real pleasure to research the to answer What Is TopCashBack.co.uk as there are a significant number of people asking this question on a regular basis. We have without bias researched said site in order to see if they are recommendable to our readers, who ask us time and time again, are there legit ways to earn money online. To this end we are happy to help.

The banner below is our #1 Program online to earn an good/excellent income working from home. It comes with a free account and many free resources to learn how to make money from a website like mine. Those interested may set up your account and begin with some free training.

Those who are not interested, no hard feelings, and we are very happy that you took the time to visit to us 🙂 here today. Thank you all for stopping by and we are looking forward to all of your comments to come.


Please feel free to share this article with family and friends.



18 thoughts on “What Is TopCashBack.co.uk? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join

  1. Stephen

    Hello Philip,

    Thanks so much for this review on TopCashBack. I know a few Cash Back companies and one of them that can be well trusted as well is “Ebates.”

    I really like the idea these companies are using to help people make some extra cash while shopping online. I sound very good that You can just buy a product through them and then get a reward as Cash Back for shopping through them.

    This is definitely a legitimate company even as You said. My question, however, is, since this is a UK based company, do You think they will accept a registration from a non-UK citizen.

    I will be looking forward to Your reply.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes, they accept global registrants best to my knowledge. They are seeking to become the worlds foremost cashback website so it only makes sense to accept globally.

      I will look into Ebates and thank you kindly for the heads up on that as well Stephen.

      Thanks for popping in – Philip.

  2. Jackie

    I’ve never heard of TopCashBack before so was intrigued when I came across your article.
    As I’m in the UK it was especially relevant for me.
    Your review is so thorough and easy to understand.
    I’m considering signing up and seeing what this is all about. I hope to let you know that I’ve had some good results from it.
    Thanks again for a great review

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your comment here today. We consider TopCashBack very legit and worth your time to get some money from your shopping, because, why not? 

      We are very confident in recommending them and we are hoping many will have nothing good experiences with their time at TopCashBack.

      Looking forward to hearing any successes that may occur in your own online journey Jackie.

      – Philip.

  3. hong

    I have never heard of this before. Thank you for another comprehensive article. You have clearly done a lot of investigation on this topic. I love how you explained everything we need to know about this site. Do you know if this is only available in the UK? I live in the US. I am planning to sign up and take advantage of offer. I look forward to your answer.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hong,

      TopCashBack.co.uk has ambitions to be the biggest CashBack Site in the World so go a head and sign up. They are welcoming global registrants, to the best of my knowledge, and I encountered nothing to suggest they are only taking on UK residents.

      Thanks for your comment Hong and I hope to see you again some time.

      – Philip.

  4. Melinda

    Very interesting. Have you been using this program long? Is this only in the U.K.? Cash back programs sometimes confuse me, but you made this one easy to understand. Thanks!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Melinda,

      Per date of the post was when I signed up to them. So it is quite new to me as well to be a part of their offers. However, I have seen their adverts on TV COUNTLESS times so I knew they were legit once I confirmed the ads were theirs.

      They have made it very straight forward for anyone to earn with them via their app especially. That was when I was super hyped to have found their online membership area and affiliate. TopCashBack.co.uk really are very sincere in their mission to help customers make savings and even pay out of their own pockets extra commission as well – that is almost unheard of.

      They have been online anyways since 2007 and I guess that is when it all started. Bloomberg. com have said they have been online since 2008 but I think that maybe a typo because WHOIS database says otherwise.

      Thanks again Melinda.

      – Philip.

      Thanks again Melinda and hope to see you again some time.

  5. Ivan Brozincevic

    Hi Philip,

    I while ago I read a review of the similar company but located in the US. I never before heard in my life about those kinds of sites/companies. To have a cashback while shopping online is a brilliant idea. I am not a fan of shopping myself (online or offline). However, I know a few people who can use this 🙂

    I like the fact that TopCashBack.Com is earning its revenue strictly from advertising. Plus they are free to join! Even those 5 pounds per year are meaningless! Are they legit or not is a sufficient question based on what I have read in your review of TopCashBack.com

    All in all for all those who enjoy following three actions: shopping, clicking, and earning money, a TopCashBack.com seems like an ideal place to go!

    Thank you for a comprehensive review! All the best.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you very much for your comment on TopCashBack.co.uk and we do appreciate you taking the time to join us here today 🙂 . I quite like the idea of shopping from home as it beats the hassle of physically hunting for it, BUT, I do understand where you are coming from as well.

      What was the name of the USA site?

      Thanks again Ivan and hope to hear from you again some time soon.

      – Philip.

  6. Dwyan Anthony Alford

    Hello it appears that you have given a pretty comprehensive review. I appreciate sites like scamwitness.com. TopCashBack.co.uk use of the mobile apps are also really cool and why not take advantage of this technology to give customers even more options and benefits. Really smart. I like their model of very affordable subscription. This is a good strategy for attaining customer volume. I have never heard of them but it does seem like a useful service. What is the single most important thing you can point to that is a giveaway for a scam or legit online business?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dwyan,

      Honestly, the single most alarming sign of a scam that gets me to further research any site, is a sheer lack of ONLINE ID!

      However, it was easy to find out who the founders were of TopCashBack so I was happy enough. Its when you can’t find any info online anywhere is when I know deliberate steps were taken to hide all that.

      Yes, TopCashBack’s App is so cool! Really generous way to save on shopping and thus earn money.

      Thanks Again for you comment and hope to hear from you again Dwyan.

      – Philip.

  7. Daniellr

    Thank you for such a detailed review! It left me well informed about TopCashBack .co. uk You have also given clear steps on how to join and all that is involved! Even what to do with the receipts and who to contact – just everything! Thank you.

    I didn’t know about TopCashBack .co .uk. Came across this post when I was looking for something else on your site. I like the business model. I will have a good think about this. I am thinking about joining the affiliate program actually

    This review has made me have a think about doing reviews. You explained everything so well I am coming out of this with a good picture of the program, from being a buyer to being an affiliate to what problems I might come across. Gave me good information to make an informed decision.

    Thank you


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Daniellr,

      Thank you so kindly for leaving your kind comment, I really do appreciate the time it took to make it on our TopCashBack.co.uk review. Yes, it was a nice find I stumbled across upon Google. I immediately checked they had an affiliate program, and then, I investigated. Sure enough, I was happily surprised by all they give. It really was a pleasure to write this review and I am looking forward for it to help succinctly inform those interested in it in the future.

      Thanks again Daniellr,

      – Philip.

  8. Nathan

    Great share! I didn’t know anything about this program until now. But are they available to all countries? I also heard that they usually have higher rates with most merchants, but seems to have higher complaints in regards to tracking.

    I might check this one out. Pretty useful app. Thanks!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nathan!

      Thank you very much for your comment on TopCashBack.co.uk review!! We are delighted you dropped by and enjoyed our efforts here to be informative and helpful on the UK’s biggest cashback website!

      So, regarding tracking, there were actually not so many complaints. But the little complaints we uncovered did appear to be revolve around tracking. Sometimes we saw complaints so slow payments and slow support. We believe these complaints, relative to the glowing user positive testimonies, are just at a normal level of disgruntlement. It is to be expected with any human endeavor.

      So, for us, we are not too concerned over any problems and TopCashBack promise on their site to sort out any issues. I found their articles truly did revolve around the user with an ethos of making it as user friendly and enjoyable as possible.

      I find it amazing that you can get money back from purchases you were going to buy anyways – it really is a great savings plan while you shop, so buyers guilt is lessened somewhat.

      Thanks again Nathan for popping in and we really do appreciate your time here today.

      – Philip.

  9. Maun

    Hi Phillip,
    Great review, thank you. I have not heard “TopCashBack.co.uk” but sounds very interesting to me so I will check that out. I am still looking for some cashback company to save me a few bucks.

    I believe UK cashback companies are better than the US. Really, “they will give you 5%/10% on top of the 100% they offer on selected items!” That’s a real deal! Definitely will try it out.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maun,

      Thank kindly you for your comment on our TopCashBack.co.uk review. We really do appreciate your time here today Maun. Yes, TopCashBack has a great App you can use on the go. Simpy follow as directed in the article, to scan the bar code of any product, take picture of your receipt and send it to TopCashBack, and then they will tabulate your earnings. They say you could have your earnings in minutes. THAT IS COOL!!

      Yes! So, when you buy something through their site from a merchant (seller) you will be directed to sellers website. Make purchase and seller pays TopCashBack some commissions. Now, TopCashBack will take out some of that commission and give it to you. I mean, this site really does care abou their users.

      Even some offers are free to take part in and you still earn some money – how does it get better than that Maun? I am very impressed wit them and is why we dedicated much time in sourcing our data for this article.

      Thank you once again Maun for stopping in and taking the time to leave our article a comment!! 🙂 .

      – Philip.


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