What Is ThePayz.com? Is ThePayz.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 23, 2017

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Detailing What Is ThePayz.com.

Full review and with a warning of What Is ThePayz.com answering questions like is ThePayz.com a scam, is ThePayz legitimate and trustworthy. Should you be looking for reviews on The Payz then you have come to the only article you need to leave you in no doubt to their honesty. Like SalaryDaily, this site is a scam and the owners have many other fraudulent sites cropping up to defraud others. The owners of these sites hide their ID very well and have proven very difficult to shut down!

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Investigating ThePayz.com to find out What Is ThePayz.com.

The only work you will find on ThePayz.com is just referring other people through your affiliate link. THAT is it! Every referral you make this way will earn you $10! You get a $5 Sign Up Bonus and you receive $5 for every ‘click’ on your affiliate links as well. That is high and completely unsustainable!! You would have to be running a multi-billion-dollar website to afford to pay out $5 for just one click, when you think about it, you can get 50 links ‘clicks’ for just a few dollars as well. Its nuts and not real! Do not sign up to them. I have got to the point quickly to save you time and effort in reading all of this article. If you want to see my reasoning for calling ThePayz a scam then you are welcome to keep on reading.

ThePayz was created on the 7/8/2017. There is no Founder Name, no legit business registration details with their email hidden to boot! These are highly common signs of deception and warrants great caution!! The details can be verified by anyone at WHOIS.

Minimum payout is $300! This is a monstrous minimum payout limit and one should always look out for such signs of scams.


ThePayz.com Registration Page.

Not Recommended!


With a flood of complaints online from its users of no pay, being booted out of their accounts without any recourse, that is enough to call this site dishonest. However, many reviews are surfacing depicting this site as a fraud and not to be trusted. If everyone who signed up actually got paid what the site says they are paying out, then and only then, will the net be flooded with a huge amount of reviews depicting positively without too many complaints of no payouts!



Other Fraud Sites Owned by these Scammers.

The following sites have been set up with full intention to get other people to drive free traffic to their sites. These referrals also get scammed and no one gets paid. Please be careful and do not join the following sites that I have reviewed below:-

Incredibly, these are only a handful with many I have not included! Additionally, I have found many more I have yet to review to help warn others.


How The Scam Works.

Can you even imagine to drive traffic to a site for hours a day just to find out, potentially weeks or months later, it was all a scam!? I do know the feeling. I once spent the whole day spreading an affiliate link, from a site promising me a lot of money, just to be told by someone on Facebook that it is a scam site. This gentleman saved me a lot of time! He proved it to me and for that I am grateful. However, I felt very foolish and embarrassed!! It happens, I guess.

Here is how ThePayz seek to make us their fools!!

I said before the payout limit is $300! At this point you can get (ask) for your cash. They will require you to fill out a survey, complete an offer or even upgrade your account, before this can be processed. You will have to pay to complete these final tasks, after which, you are locked out of your account with your password changed! There is no way to get your money and admin does not respond to you. If they do, it will do no good either, as they are not interested in paying you anyways.

That is it!!








It would be great to hear from you! Did you join up to the site under review, or perhaps anyone of those sites I LISTED above, and did you find the problems I detailed here to be true? You are invited to have your say, which you can do, by placing your experience below in the comment box to help warn others. Perhaps you are looking at an online opportunity but you don’t know if it is trustworthy? You can ask me and I will look into it for you. I always respond to comments and I will do my level best to get back to all questions on other sites as well in good time. I am optimistic I have provided all the information on What Is ThePayz.com to help anyone to make up their own minds regarding their online credibility, or lack, thereof. Questions regarding my #1RECOMMENDATION are invited as well where I would be happy to further assist you in learning how to make a living online. Needless to say I am placing the site under review in my ‘SCAM SITES’ section of my site. I recommend you sign up to my sites newsletter as it will help to inform you of all the current and most damaging scams online. Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see you soon. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!

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