What Is The Payz? Is ThePayz.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 29, 2017

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Showing You What Is The Payz Before You Sign Up.

This reviews What Is The Payz and asks is The Payz a fraud, is ThePayz safe, real, genuine and legit or if ThePayz.com is even worth it! I do reviews into suspicious websites and these guys do not pay out to its members. They never have either! The owner(s) of the site runs 100s/1000s of these online scams and their owners are very well hidden online. I do not recommend this site or the others sites I will soon list. You will discover what kind of work they ask of you, what the pay is meant to be and how they execute the scam while trying to get a few dollars out of you to boot!

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What Is The Payz and My Warning to Stay Away!

The Payz is a site that allows you to sign up for free. I am warning you as they do not pay out to anyone. The internet is on fire with complaints of no pay as well. Slowly but surely reviews are popping up telling people to stay away from ThePayz as well!

WHOIS details are slim at best!! The site under review was created on the 7/8/2017. There is no name submitted for the Founder Name. The address is not legit and is a typical address used by online scams! These are very common signs of deception and one has to ask why they are so ‘aloof’ with such details. Such sites usually exist for a year or two, scam as many as possible, then disappear with all the money. I will detail now the work they ask of you.

Once you have signed up you will notice a few blocks of text and a FAQ’s page. There is nothing else. No Terms and Conditions, no Privacy Policy page etc which Google looks for. You are instructed to go a head and share your affiliate link in places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube videos, blogs and forums and anywhere that you can get away with spamming people! I know Twitter is a very popular place for spam links!


ThePayz.com Registration Page

Not Recommended!


That is all the work they ask of you. You can even write an article about their site and leave your affiliate links in the hopes of making referrals. This is the best way to make sales online as you can funnel traffic from all over the net to one place!! However, I do not recommend you do this with ThePayz and as you can see I do not have linked to them for good reasons!

The PAY is very HIGH for the work asked of you! Imagine getting $5 every time someone just ‘clicks’ on your affiliate link and visits a site. They do not even have to sign up for you to get that $5! If they do sign up, ThePayz says, you get a nice $10! You also get $5 as a Sign Up Bonus. None of these matters of course because you will not see a penny of it anyways!!

Why is the pay too high! Well, anyone that advertises on line can simply pay a few dollars for 50 clicks! Why then would they pay out $5 for just ONE ‘click’? WELL, they do not and can not afford to do this unless they were running a billion dollar website and selling high end products. Furthermore, if any of their claims were true, they would have 1000s of positive reviews with the worlds’ unemployment rapidly falling! I kid but it is true!!

That is the work and pay covered. Let us now look at how they scam you and a list of other online scam sites they own that you should avoid as well!!



How This Online Scam Works.

The Minimum Pay Out is $300! This is very high as many legitimate sites would be happy to allow payouts as low as a few cents! Once you apply for your money, after making 30 referrals, you will be asked to do a survey or complete some offer by a separate site to ThePayz. Here is the CATCH! YOU have to PAY MONEY to complete this step to get your cash!! People that do pay, well, the site earns some commissions for that and is how they make some money out of you. Should you wish not to pay, the outcome is the same, you will be LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY!! All those referrals you worked so hard to make will be scammed in this fashion as well. Please warn everyone, where you shared your link, that ThePayz is a total scam!

BELOW are all the sits that belong to the owners of the site I am reviewing.

If you need additional proof then you may wish to read anyone of these such as jobzipo. com, dollarsteller, dollartent, dutytimes, dollar2refer, dollarmilk, moneyismust, dollarsplug, earninghabit, buxinc, dutyspace, payjut, dollartell, developdollars, dutykid, buckstip, earlypayjob, moneycomefirst, jobtaka, dollarbirth, cashinwork, usdwork, dutyrevo and all are online scams that you should avoid!

I think I have covered everything. Let us look at the rating and have your chance to make your voice heard as well.







I would love to hear from you! Did you sign up with these guys and what was your experience? You are welcome to leave your experiences below in the comment to help warn others. Did you actually get paid! I would be amazed but you are certainly welcome to let us know. Some sites will make ‘some’ payments as ‘proof’ to new members that they are legit. However, these payments do stop very quickly! Within this review, and the other reviews of the sites by the same owners, I am happy to have supplied enough data on What Is The Payz to help you decide for yourself. For those that what to learn how to build your own online business then click >>HERE<< to find out how. I recommend you to sign up to my sites newsletter to help defend yourself online against criminals as well. Thank you for reading my article and I am looking forward to all of your comments below! Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!!

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