What Is The EarnIt App? Is The EarnIt App A Ponzi Scam or Legit!

By | March 10, 2018

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Exposing What Is The EarnIt App


Full Exposure Answering What Is The EarnIt App and Why They Will Scam Countless Members.

Many are asking What is The EarnIt App, what is EarnIt Ghana, what is EarnIt, what is EarnIt Gh and asking is EarnIt App legit or a scam? This App has absolutely EXPLODED ONLINE with many hopeful, super positive and very loyal members. Their Facebook Group is actually very professionally run, however, complaints are beginning to surface! We shall also try to uncover who owns this very popular app and answer all these questions. Look out for member complaints of EarnIt within this review as we will feature them.

This app is nothing but a Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme, and as you may know, these are notorious for ripping people off. We do have some Good Jobs in our menu but our #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Should you need a real opportunity to earn online please check out our review >HERE< or sign up >HERE< for a 7-Day Premium Trial (No CC for this offer). Comes with Paid Options for Quicker Online Success. Let us now begin our review of EarnIt.


Here is Our EarnIt App ReviewWebsite:- earnitgh.com. Created 14/11/2017 – Expire in 1 Year from creation.

App:- EarnIt.

Owner:- Anthony Barker.

Fee:- 100 GH₵.

Returns:- 50% ROI in 7 Days!

Website Slogan:- Valar Dohaeris – more on this later. Patience is Golden.

Scam?:- YES! It is a Very Popular Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme App. Be careful.

What Is The EarnIt App and Reasons They Will End Up Ripping Most Members Off.

As this popular App garners more and more traction online many are beginning to ask What is the EarnIt App. Before we fully answer this in our review we always need to, at least try, to find out who the real owners are. A very quick look within WHOIS reveals the apparent owner is Anthony Barker. Though that name is no where displayed on their website or on their App in the Google Playstore = WHY? This is an alarming scam sign and warrants further research before investing with them. No owner details, no investment – that is a basic criterion before you trust others online with your money. No email and a PO BOX for an address. They hail from Ghana, incidentally.

With their PlayStore Reviews they have many. Many quite unhappy ones. That is 100% Customer Satisfaction Failure thus far! One can only assume the App was released on the same date of their website. Speaking of their ‘Website’, there is nothing on it, except a few lines to get you to use their scam app. Have they paid members? It appears some are very happy and excited. This highly positive ambiance is quickly being polluted with opposite opinions, minimally, with high levels of doubt and acute suspicion.

Only two months into their new app and they had to put a delay on payments. This tells me their ‘System‘ within their App was already overloaded with members, and minus, the finances to make 100% ROI! That pay out is utterly insane and as time passes becomes a total lie!! Be warned. Already – members are asking where the heck their money is and one lady, by the name of Joyce, complained that her query for a refund has so far being ignored. This lovely lady is not the only asking for their money back.


How it Works.


Nonsense Slogan of The EarnIt App


Download the App from Google PlayStore (we don not recommend you par-take in an illegal online venture!). Please heed this warning because members, it seems, are already losing their cash and we are only just over three months for their app. Not Good Folks!

Free to Sign Up and the usual is with an email address and phone verification. It appears when you donate to another, you personally, must ring that person to verify they received your payment. Alarmingly, if someone takes your money and does not ‘VERIFY’ it then you are ‘MATCHED’ with another member whereupon you must donate again. What a Total Rip Off! You just lost your donation/investment and have to try again – ‘POOF‘ – that money (‘your’ money) is gone…

Once signed up you can begin donating or investing (same thing) via your compatible phone. All donations are received into your Mobiel Wallet. I believe the minimum is 100 GH₵. There is no information regarding their levels of investments and returns and this lack of transparency is one of the SUREST signs of a scam. Members are complaining that there is NO FORUM – yest another sign of a scam – to place complaints or even just interact. Even one member said they have done this deliberately because it stops EarnIt members displaying comments regarding lack of payments and refund requests.


Inevitable Collapse of EarnIt, Member Complaints and Further Signs of a Scam.

Their app has ALREADY collapsed and restarted. They asked their members to wait one month for payments, distinctly the February wave of new members, and then promised to pay. Many are complaining no payments for them and asking where their money is. ‘SUPPORT’ is not responding to these queries. Are you having the same problem? Please do let us know in the comment box below to help warn others.

The reason Scamwitness.com believes they will collapse, at any time without warning or payments to members, is because they are a Ponzi Pyramid Scheme. The very nature of these schemes depends on New Members to pay money to older Members. These Older Members have already chucked away their money and waiting for their initial investment plus their double profit. This is a problem as for if no new members then there is no money to now pay the older members. The more time that passes the more it becomes mathematically impossible to maintain their promise to their members of 100% in 7 Days!!

As well, they are a Pyramid Scheme. This is simply to mean most of the money will go upwards to First Level Members (the so called ‘lucky ones’ who signed up first) and to the Founders. Certainly, the Honey Moon is well over, and unfortunately for new sign ups from now into the future, such profits to members will become less and less.

Now, we shall see some member complaints below from their App in Play Store and from their Facebook Page:-


Complaints of the EarnIt App by Members

EarnIt App Member Complaint

More Member Complaints for the EarnIt App


The App Complaints Continue. Let us take a look of their Facebook Complaints.


Facebook Member Complaints about the EarnIt App

More EarnIt App Member Complaints


Complaints in Their Own Facebook Page are Many Fold.


As we can see the truth is hitting the fan big time!


Time to check out a few scam signs from the owners of this app. Most notably, please observe below where their ‘website link leads to, from the Play Store:-


Earnigh Website Exposed


Impressive, eh?

That is ONE MAJOR MISTAKE! And one far too easy for me to find. How can a legit online opportunity place a link to a website just to be so unprofessional? We see also that the section where complaints can be lodged within their App is not working. Admins are continuously asking for Patience from people but people are getting sick of it by now. Peoples ‘MATURITY DATE’ is being changed continuously, informing me, that they don’t have the members, to make returns to their members.

So yes! Personally, I can not say they are legit and safe opportunity. In my opinion I have no choice but say they are illegal, which they are indeed for being a Ponzi/Pyramid/Cash Gifting Program – illegal three times over!

NOW! What does Valar Dohaeris even mean? A quick Google Search returns something about the game of thrones – wdf? Anyways, it means ALL MEN MUST SERVE? AND WHO MUST ALL MEN SERVE? Scammers will leave clues in the open to tip off that they are telling you the truth. Patience is Golden is just an excuse to make people wait even longer than what was originally promised when sign ups don’t come quick enough to pay older members – I am sure there should be a comma or two in there somewhere lol.


As always, I try to avoid mistakes in analyzing any website online before hailing them as a scam. Everyone is welcome to help make the necessary corrections to this article in the comment box below. Perhaps you can add to it by letting everyone know the investment levels and if you got paid as well? This article is based on my opinion and knowledge in exposing online scams. If mistakes have been made I am happy to make the corrections where valid.




Please Consider Sharing this Article to Help Get the Truth Out There.



There are lots of Earnit Apps and they are scams as well. But there is one that is Legit and it is not related to money making industry. Should you want to find out the list of those Earnit apps and their short reviews then you can click on this link https://www.newsonlineincome.com/earnit/.




THIS FORUM IS NOW OPEN! Everyone is now welcome to place your opinion, experience, stories below regarding the App/Website just exposed in the comment box below. I respond to all comments in good time and in kind – so be nice hehe 🙂 . Should there be any other issues I was unable to locate and expose you are more than welcome to raise them and may feature such in this article. Even if you just want to rant and rave about your experience, either positively or negatively, you can do so as well. This will allow Google to perhaps index such comments allowing YOUR VOICE to be heard by even more people. Right! Time to say good bye answering What Is The EarnIt App and I certainly very much look forward to your comments below. Take care everyone and hope to see you again some time soon 🙂 .


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38 thoughts on “What Is The EarnIt App? Is The EarnIt App A Ponzi Scam or Legit!

  1. WealthyBen

    Hello Philip.
    Your review is impressive and highly revealing. I have been seeing the EarnIt App promotion everywhere on social media for a couple of weeks past and looking at the business model – structured in pyramid scheme – I always knew problems will arise soonest. It’s good thing you expose this as this review will certainly help others to avoid this time wasting and money devouring platform called EarnIt App.
    I am glad you shared this.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi WealthyBen,

      Thank you very much and I do believe the EarnIt App is going to be the next big online scam app. Many members in a short amount of time is due high levels of concern.

  2. Marco

    I have to congrat with you because this post explained in a clear way what Earnit actually is.. a scam! I enjoyed the way you wrote down things and the proves you took with you such as screenshots and photos. They are very useful to our readers.

    Have a great day!


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Marco,

      Great to hear from you Marco and I am very Happy you appreciated the article revealing what is the earnit app for the safety of the online community.

  3. Kifk

    Hey I hadn’t heard of earnit before but I’m glad I hadn’t. Wow your research is so endepth and compelling. This site really serves a great purpose for the public. You’re saving people from a lot of grief and money loss.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kifk,

      Thank you very much and thank you very much for recognizing the effort to help better inform others. The intention is to save people money as well and I believe it is only a matter of time before people realize the EarnIt App is not real.

  4. sarah

    Thank you so much for sharing your reviews about such a great app. I am going to download it now, it seems very useful without being tie bound and this is one of the best thing in it. I will share it with my friedns as well so that they can download it.

  5. Nathan

    Well if it seems to good to be true then it usually is! I think a little common sense goes a long way in determining whether a certain program sounds like a good idea or not. This almost sounds like a cash gifting scheme, since it sounds like that you are sending money directly to other members, would that be correct?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nathan,

      You have that correct Nathan. They may call it whatever they like such as ‘donating’ etc but they are really cash gifting to each other. I don’t recommend this EarnIt to anyone. Can collapse at any moment in time.

  6. Rox

    Thank you for shining the light on these kind of schemes. Often there are plenty of earn money passively schemes online that we as a consumer are unsure of whether it is legit or not. And many sites do not tell us whether we should trust them or not.

    It is really interesting the translation of the “all men must serve” symbolism it is almost like it is a cult lol.

    Again thank you for shining light on these kind of schemes so we don’t fall into their trap!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rox,

      A surprising number of people will use the EarnIt App knowing the risks. However, it is for those that don’t know they are dealing with a illegal online operation is who I would most dearly wish to reach. You are welcome and I am glad you appreciate what is trying to be done here.

  7. Melissa

    I have never heard of Earnit but I have been in plenty of scams to know one when I see it. This is such a sad situation for all those who have invested in it but I thank you for shedding light on it for those who are unaware of it. I wish there was a way to keep this from happening but I guess everyone should be careful and do as much research as they can before investing money. Thanks!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Melissa,

      Yes, it is very sad and it is only a matter of time before this forum is flooded with tons of complaints of no pay or refunds – seen this happen too many times now. It will start off with many saying the earnit app is paying them. Then the opposite will be reported. All only time. You are very welcome Melissa and thank you for leaving a comment.

  8. Kirsti

    Whoa…. just in the nick of time! So glad I found this – a colleague was pushing me to get involved with earnit. I think I will be having words!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kirsti,

      Well! That is going to be an awkward conversation. But. If the person genuinely was unaware then I’d just inform that person so they know. Thanks for letting us know Kirsti.

  9. Andrew

    Thank you for drawing our attention to the Earnit scam. I am very aware how a pyramid scheme works because some one tried to get me involved in a similar scheme, but i am now to wary and experienced to fall for them. This is just another example how these type of schemes spoil it for the legitimate companies that are operating online operating quality programs.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      You are welcome indeed and I am happy to hear that you are too informed to roped into such things as this EarnIt App. Thanks for commenting and yes such sites do give the rest of us a bad name.

  10. Maurice

    I want to applaud you for all the scams that you have revealed. this one is another in the long line a schemes that are out to commit fraud. Because people are always believing the grass is greener on the other side there willing to take chances on get rich quick schemes. it is a shame people have to learn things the hard way

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maurice,

      I was one such person that had to learn the hard way and the grass does look greener with the EarnIt App for sure. Unfortunately, it is all smoke and mirrors and many few will reap any benefit. I am waiting on the flood of complaints that will soon hit this forum like a hurricane!!

  11. dani

    Hanks alot for your exposure.can you please review another scheme globalcoinhelp com? Waiting please

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dani,

      They have no TIME FRAME for when you MAY GET PAID! I’d advise you stay well away from globlcoinhelp com because they are shutting down the website in the middle of 2018 anyways. The have probably stopped making payments and it appears to be a cleverly disguised BTC Ponzi Scheme. In my opinion, it has scam written all over it. Hope this helps and thank you for letting me know Dani 🙂 .



  12. Benito

    Hey Phillip,

    This is the most comprehensive and honest review ever. You did you homework quite well by even interview victims to get first hand information. You left no stone unturned about EarnIt App scam. It’s great that you have made extensive research to be able to inform the would be victims about this scam.
    This is what we want nowadays, to help innocent people from prying scams that promise overnight riches.
    Thanks indeed for an in depth analysis.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Benito,

      I am glad you fount What Is The EarnIt App article helpful. Certainly very complimented you can see all the effort put in to help other people online who may not know that this App is actually highly illegal everywhere. It is only a matter of time before they make local news as the next big scam warning online.



  13. Matthew

    I can’t believe that people are still falling for these pyramid schemes but most of them that do are always none the wiser to what they are really about.
    I have gone through your website and you give nothing but an honest opinion and all websites should be like this.le that I know won’t fall for the Earnit scam and hopefully, they will soon be shut down so that they can’t rip anyone else off.
    Thanks for pointing this out to us all

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mathew,

      I am very much complimented and yes I do speak very real and just myself all the time. People just want the info without the Shakespeak, you know?

      EarnIt App is particularly dangerous only because it is sooo popular! 10K followers on Facebook in 3 months is a feat and if they were legit I would of wished them well.

      Alas, not everyone knows this App is not legit and for those is article for.



  14. Maja

    thanks for this good information. There are many websites on the internet for quick earnings but a lot of them are the scam. It’s hard to know them. Everything is well explained in this post.
    Thank you for that.
    Best regards.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maja,

      Thank you so much for your comment and yes there are many websites and apps online just like The EarnIt App promising riches to people all over the Internet, in particular, in Ghana and the likes.

  15. Kimberly

    Wow! Extremely nice to know. I have noticed that scammers seem to get very good with coming up with new ways to scam us so being informed early on is great! I was wondering about this now no more wondering.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kimberly, I am glad you found out early how difficult and actually how much of a scam The EarnIt App really is. I am glad this article was of help to you.

  16. Boryana

    This is what I call an article. Very efficient, no questions remain unaswered.
    The only thing I can say – try to get yourself a share buttons on the top as well, this post should go as far as possible.
    Not all the people know about this app, we sould spread the word.
    Awesome job!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Boryana,

      WOW, I have very complimented and I deeply appreciate your comment. The share buttons on the bottom but I think I will re-arrange them to the top for sure. Yes, this is the next big scam app online and I personally suspect it may make the local news in Ghana, such, is the sudden and explosive success with downloads and members.

      Thank you again Boryana,



  17. Kevin

    Hey Philip, Thanks for the really transparent and honest review of the app.
    Most of the time when the online platform is residents in Africa it equals SCAM.

    But for newbies who still believe in making money fast with no effort, it’s a trap for sure.
    Looking forward to connecting with you in WA and wish you a great day.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Kevin,

      Unfortunately, soon as you see an opportunity is hailing somewhere from South Africa is does indeed Explode my Scam Radar to bits! Costing me a fortune to continuously fix lol.

      Yes, these kinds of work from home jobs such as the EarnIt App tend to play on newbies. Surprisingly though, there are plenty of seasoned ponzi participants that keep on falling for these kinds of offers. They know the risks and are willing to take them despide EarnIt being illegal many fold over.

      Good luck to them all is what I say but of course I can never recommend such a way to earn online.



  18. Mary

    Thanks for the heads up on this, and the translation of the slogans – all men must serve and patience is golden – omg they are like hypnotic suggestions to get us to follow along and the fact they weren’t in plain sight and needed translation says something too.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Yeah, I had to Google what is Valar Dohaeris and realized it comes from a made up language based by the popular show Game of Thrones. I think its made up anyways as I never watched this show 🙂 ?.

      I would have to agree there is a level of hynoptic menipulation occuring here. Even when I saw the Valar Dohaeris words I was a little drawn and to the ‘Valar’ = I thought it meant Valor to imply to be brave to earn big bucks.

      Thanks again Mary,



  19. FrankTwumasiMarfo

    Fresh Boy:
    Suggestion for Earnit

    Earnit should pay the Capital of it’s members with money from the vault and all over.
    Introduce compulsory recycling policy where someone is matched to receive 50% of GH first and has to recycle that amount before the remaining 50% of the GH is released. This will help to sustain the system.

    I believe my suggestions will help both System to remain for long.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂 .

      Thank every so kindly for your recommendation on how to improve the EarnIt App. Although, it is only a matter of time before it collapses no matter the improves – there are only so many people to recruit.

      This is why opportunities like EarnIt are illegal.




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