What Is The Buxer? Is The Buxer a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 20, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams What Is The Buxer and it is a Legitimate PTC Site or a Fraud.

Are you looking to find answers like What Is The Buxer, or is The Buxer a fraud? Perhaps you are trying to find review of TheBuxer. com? I do reviews into suspicious sites therefore you have landed on the right and only article you need.

I will show you if it is worth joining this PTC site, pay break down, pros and cons along with all the data you need! First off, TheBuxer NOT RECOMMENDED – for now. Many PTC (Paid To Click) sites end up going ‘dark’ and being scams after a while. This is one of the main reasons the PTC Industry, along with GPT (Get Paid To), sites are losing popularity!!

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Detailing What Is The Buxer, GrandClick, GrandMonopoly and GrandRevShare.

All these sites such as The Buxer, GrandRevShare, GrandMonopoly and GrandClick are owned by Mr Mihkel Einaste (aka ‘Teiejumal’) who comes from Spain. TheBuxer was created on 19/5/2003 and appears to enjoying a good online reputation since its inception – we still don’t recommend as a time effective way to earn anything decent. They do pay out but comes with many hard to earn downsides for all these sites. Those links are the reviews I have currently done!

Further WHOIS details reveal, well there are no more details, such as registration address, no Founder Name (obviously, I already know this from previous reviews and research I have done) and no email address. These are hall marks of a scam site, and if I did not know better already, I may have been very quick to call this site a scam!!

Just like GrandClick, The Buxer only pays out a tiny $00.0025 to $00.0075 per click! I thought it was a typo when I first seen those figures as, even for the PTC Industry, is incredibly low and not worth any ones time!! COMPLETELY WORTHLESS PAY – NOW YOU SEE WHY I DON’T RECOMMEND THEM?



The Buxer



I calculated, at those figures of only $00.0025 per ‘click’. You will earn a grand total of $00.10.5c a month!! Keep in mind that is for clicking on 15 ads a day!! However, the site under review gives you 18 a day, but then, that is just splitting hairs and will not a many differences (really) to money earned.



The Work You Will Do.

It is free to sign up to The Buxer with no skills or previous knowledge required. You will click on ads that last for about five seconds and then you will be credited in real time your fractions of a cent.

You may also make money via the following methods:-

  • Make Direct Referrals.
  • Buy Referrals. (Risky!).
  • Offers. (I don’t go near these!).
  • Stay as a free standard user.



Direct Referrals.

Being a Free Standard User you can simply use your affiliate link to bring in other people. You can paste that link on Twitter and Facebook to achieve this. When people join a site through your affiliate link, then, this is known as ‘Direct Referrals’. Being a Free User you only allowed making money from 100 Direct Referrals.


Rent Referrals.

I do not recommend this at all! You can rent referrals for $00.20 per each and cross your fingers they do some work! For every ad they click you will get a tiny percentage of their tiny fractions of cents and it really never does ad up! I’d be gone mad waiting to reach just $2 to cash out – this being the minimum cash out point.

Like anything you ‘rent’ you only have it for a set amount of time. You may wish to carry on renting the same referrals if they are proving to be ‘active’ and making you some money. Most people run away from PTC sites after a few days because they realize it is not a good way making money online. This is the problem!! You are, in a sense, hiring people that do not want to work! You are allowed only to rent 500 referrals.


Buying Referrals!

This is where you can lose the most money! To ‘buy referrals’, that are yours permanently, is $1 per person!! YIKES! You would need to buy thousands of these referrals and hope they love clicking ads where it takes them a whole month making nearly nothing on The Buxer!!

Buy, Renting referrals is considered to be a scam because of its low ROI! Never practice this as over 90% of such referrals will run, and some sites, actually mimic referrals by using bots! Be careful!

You can Buy Unlimited Referrals – NO SHOCK THERE THEN!!



Save money by spending it! Makes no sense right? Well, there are offers that get your discounts on all sorts of things. However, be sure you cancel such sign ups for when the trial period is over your bank account could take a hit!!


Payment Methods.

  • PerfectMoney.
  • Solid Trust.
  • Bitcoin and others.

NO PAYPAL! Among other reasons, this was the main one that put me off from signing up to try it out!



If anyone has the mental fortitude to sit on their device all day and click ads that pay out near nothing then I truly believe such people have what it takes to Make A Money Generating Website!






I would love to hear what you think!

This is where you are welcome to have your voice heard! Have you a gripe, complaints or praise for the site under review? You are welcome to leave your experience and thoughts in the comment box below to help inform others. I feel certain I have provided enough information on What Is The Buxer to help anyone make a decision that is right for themselves. I post daily so do come back soon. I recommend you Sign Up to my Sites Free Newsletter that will help you out smart crooks online and to help find out how making money online. Thank you for reading my article! Stay safe online everyone and report any suspicious sites to me so we can work together in exposing them! CHEERS!!




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