What Is TerMoney Bid? Is TerMoney Bid Scam or Legit!

By | May 26, 2018

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TerMoney Bid Member Complaints



All Research on What Is TerMoney Bid, AduMoney Win, AduMoney Site, YcaMoney Win, OzuMoney Site, EfoMoney Win, ApiMoney Win, UceMoney Bid, NetMoney 2017 and ExuMoney Club.

Welcome, as we answer What is TerMoney Bid, what is AduMoney Win, what Is AduMoney Site, what is YcaMoney Win, what is AzuMoney Site, what is EfoMoney Win, what is ApiMoney Win, what is UceMoney Bid, what is NetMoney 2017 and what is ExuMoney Club. They are all the same. Will also answer is TerMoney. Bid pick-pocketing members for time, effort and money? Is Ter Money Bid so altruistic to pay out so much money for easy work? This TerMoney Review will encompass all sites mentioned herein, owned by same people, and delve into work, pay and why they are all scams.

Those that had their time and money stolen by any of these sites are welcome to report it below in the comments section. Those still working on any of their sites – should stop doing so – none of them have every paid out!

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Everything on What is TerMoney Bid, AduMoney Win, AduMoney Site, YcaMoney Win, OzuMoney Site, EfoMoney Win, ApiMoney Win, UceMoney Bid, NetMoney 2017 and ExuMoney Club.

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These guys will leave you high and dry.

TerMoney Bid was set up to scam people on the 19-5-2018 and only lasting one year. Sites that provide jobs from home online will last much longer than this. 1 Year is a clear sign of a scam site. There are no Founder Details to be found online and email address is not there. Address is fake as well. All very bad signs indeed.

All the other sites were set up around the same time, except for NetMoney. NetMoney is only a site logo and not a name of an actual URL site. AduMoney Win, AduMoney Site, YcaMoney Win, OzuMoney Site, EfoMoney Win, ApiMoney Win, UceMoney Bid, and ExuMoney Club are ALL re-directing their URLS – but all their sites have NetMoney 2017 as their Site Logo. Bizarre, no?

When URL address is different from Site Logo, this then, is a classic scam warning. You will even see website errors like “FedBack” instead of FeedBack on the bottom of their site.

Originally from Russia and made in Russian, their sites have gone into English and German. There exist close to 1000 duplicates in English. They started up this operation in 2014 and have kept all profits from every site. No one has ever been paid a penny.

Below is a list of the sites we have located and exposed in 2018:-

Those are linked to their respective reviews. Know of one not on this list? – let us know and we will expose them.

Anyways, let us find out the work side of things:-


Crooked Work Details.

There are no criteria that inhibits anyone from joining. They only ask for an email address. This email is now stored to be sold onto scammers for a profit! Careful what you click on in your inbox this point forward people.

The work is only clicking on ads and doing a code. This is the extent of their tasks. Their Paid Advertisement Viewing System also is happy to lie about their referral program as well.

Referral Program – huge money to be made, apparently.

Per their offer, all referrals you make to them, when those referrals work and start earning money, will get you 50% of their profits. This is then a bad idea as it strips your sign ups good ability to earn good money in a quick amount of time. It does not make any sense for commissions here to be so high.

Earnings a Day!

The fantastical earnings they purport are hard to believe, because, they are lies.

Click on ads, in any PTC (paid to click) operation is not paying out 10c an ad. Best you can hope you for be tiny fractions of a cents and then way up to 3c a click. That there is industry standard and is why we don’t consider this kind of work worth anyones time, and so, do not recommend it.

$500, almost, per day is nonsense. $4800 for 1000 ads watched and code filled out is also another statement none of these sites have ever proven to be true. There exists no payment proofs of any kind anywhere online for all these pay statements.

Don’t believe them when they say they Pay to PayPal, Western Union or any other method of receiving payment. NO legit payment method would go near these guys – ever!




Cash Out Nightmare Begins!

TerMoney Bid.

TerMoney Bid Termination Process.

At the end of the cash out process all members will or should realize they have been duped! Not nice, I know, I have experienced it myself.

After hearing back from admin that your money is coming to you but takes nearly 3 months for it, you will notice you can get it quicker.

They will politely request $10 to receive your money. Then they want $9 for 100 sign ups if you failed to make 40 sign ups to them. This is the money rip-off part!

Once paid, then you are locked out of your account. The only time your account is closed is when they shut down that site. The reason to keep your account on active status is to not alert your sign ups that anything is wrong. It also gives false impression of membership numbers alluding to its popularity.

No one gets paid. Below is where you have your say to report on these sites. After which, you will see quick info on our #1 Choice – Free to Start without handing over credit card details for this option!




Should good people say nothing we are drowned out by our silence…

Here is your opportunity, in this specially made forum targeting these sites, to speak up and let us know what happened with you. Were you scammed? Did you hand over bank details, PayPal details etc? Would you recommend them and why? Any questions surrounding this article, and our #1 Work From Home Offer, are gladly responded to. Thank you all for clicking on this article to answer what is TerMoney Bid, what is AduMoney Win, what is AduMoney Site, what is YcaMoney win, what is OzuMoney Site, what is EfoMoney Win, what is ApiMoney Win, what is UceMoney Bid, what is NetMoney 2017 and what is ExuMoney Club.

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