What Is SwissGolden? Is SwissGolden a Scam OR Legit?

By | January 14, 2018

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What Is SwissGolden and Why I believe it is a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme Cloaking Itself In Gold!

Have you come across SwissGolden.com and wondered, really, What Is SwissGolden, is SwissGolden a crooked scam or a real and legit way to invest in Gold for profit? Online since 2009, they require you to refer others before cash out – 1:2 Matrix System = Pyramid. Since the Swiss Golden is dependent on new sign ups for injection of cash to pay off older investors, it is also a Ponzi Scheme. Both business structures are illegal and it will crash when they have no more new sign ups. I believe it to be a deceptively professional looking scam and I recommend you stay well clear of them. Many online reviews are warning people not to go near them as well. I did not invest and sourced my data from reliable sources online.

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What Is SwissGolden and Is It Really a ‘Golden’ Opportunity.

Let us find out, first, who owns this illegal operation, before answering what is SwissGolden! I am immediately concerned over two things, but, I will cite the good first. They do have a PO registration based in London. Their email appears legit. However, owners name is “Swissgolden Swissgolden“. Big Red Flag right there!! No CEO names on website that I could easily see. The other thing that concerns is they are set to expire their website in 21/5/2019 – perhaps they will continue by updating, it remains to be seen I guess.

Should you be a resident in Nigeria, Swiss Golden has a ‘special’ way of doing business with you. Nigeria Residents may, of course pay/invest in Gold Bars, however residents of Nigeria are only allowed to accept into the country a much smaller amount than other countries – out of 193 other countries to be precise. All other participating countries can buy 1g well up to 100 grams of Gold Bars. Nigerian Swiss Golden Investors are only allowed to import 10 grams or 15 grams per person into Nigeria. BIZARRE! Very strange!! Should Nigerians wish to purchase more, the excess can be stored in Europe with a delivery charge of 55 euros, or a 1% charge of the Golds value per month in storage. This appears to be a way to garner more cash out of people for, well actually Swiss Golden does not sell a lot of (Gold) and (Per Ethan Vanderbuilt – thank you for that Ethan) makes most of their money from new sign ups. Let us now take a look at the Ponzi/Pyramid features of Swiss Golden.


A Snippet from SwissGolden Home Page.



Ponzi and Pyramid Features and Why Swiss Golden will Collapse.

As mentioned, they are making most of their money from new members. While, it appears they are selling/receiving investments in ‘GOLD’, whereby such investments yield a healthy ROI to investors, they do put emphasis on ‘YOU’ making referrals to them! Those referrals then invest/buy for their ROI. You must (MUST) recruit Two Others into this scheme before you receive your own returns. This is tantamount to ransom, in my opinion, and not an ethical, and actually, unheard way of doing business per any legit and honest online opportunity that I know of! This is the pyramid part. When your sign ups pay, you will receive your ROI, your referrer and certainly the founder as well. Hence, invert the pyramid to its tip, we see most of the cash is going to this point.

See image below where I ‘try’ to leave you a memberable visual of how pyramid schemes work:-



SwissGolden Pyramid Scheme Image.

LOL! Example of a Pyramid Operation.


As you can see, many are pulled into such schemes by a few. The closer to get to the tip of our inverted pyramid, we see fewer members, until, the bulk of the cash goes to the Founder (not a real dog but a person lol). Each investor above could equate to 100’s, 1000s or even millions of members. Referrer’s should though in a similar fashion but scaled down and the Founder could be one person or a small group of people.

If now you image no new people at the base of the pyramid, than the referrers slightly down, become the last wave of membership sign ups. No more new people than the last sign ups will not receive money, thus, it is doomed to collapse and no remuneration is possible per time and investment. This means Swiss Golden can not have funds to acquire Gold to ‘ROI’ their investors! GAME OVER!! So, we finally see, they are cloaking themselves in Gold to acquire money i.e. a pretense of sorts. The opportunity can not and will not survive due to its inherent flaws. The selling of Gold is more of a ‘front’ to entice new members – don’t fall for it. It is the same/similar to Karatbars – which was popular for while.

Where does the Gold come from? It is sold to people like you and me and, my research indicates, comes from the European Houses of Gold, which are trusted and legitimate in the precious metal’s niche. Amusingly (I want to thank submit scams.com for this one! – thank you 🙂 ) `1 gram of gold is so small you are looking at a microchip. But, that is not the funny part, they actually have to seal that tiny bit of gold on to some kind of plastic so you don’t lose it. WHAT! OK. Other unfortunate flaws on their site is there are site buttons that do not do anything! Their website was not checked very well for errors, and that is deplorable, when you are dealing with a site that has been online their amount of time and not corrected yet. As I mentioned earlier, founder is NOT able to be presented in name or visual. Many reviews are kicking up stink over this, which, I also verified to be the case.



SCAM RATING:- 25/100%! They sell some Gold, but, not as much as you would expect. Primary source of Income is from new sign ups! PYRAMID/PONZI COMBINATION – BOTH ILLEGAL! Not Recommended and is Actually a SCAM!! Stay Clear! 25% is for having some kind of actual product – even if it is a ‘front‘. Last bunch of investors will lose all investment when they go belly up!





Would you like to add to the article above? Should you know something that I missed, then, you are welcome to leave that in the comment box. THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU RIGHT TO BE RUDE – BE WARNED – and please be respectful to all participants in this forum. Did you invest into the website I just wrote about? You are most welcome to share that experience below to help better educate others on What Is SwissGolden. As always with such schemes, first sign ups do quite well for themselves. However, as the membership expands via 1:2 Matrix Structure, new members become increasingly more impossible to find which leaves no new money. One thing I find quite unusual about what they offer is this:- Did you know that when in a recession you will start to see tons of ads on TV asking to buy your metal’s – why is this? Simple, they want that metal, for which they will pay desperate people relatively little of their true value. They will melt down that metal and turn it into something that is worth a lot more to be sold on! That is from memory and I am open to further elaboration on that process. However, clearly – unless you have permanently glued your eyes and ears shuts – the Globe is in such a recession, ergo, the website just reviewed is doing the opposite of what normally occurs. I just thought it unusual is all and I believe it was worth pointing out. I am looking forward to all of your comments to come and learning more about buying/investing within the Gold niche. All shares of this article to help warn others online about this current scam would be deeply appreciated. Lastly, to keep up to date from all the current/trending online scams, I advise you sign up to my sites newsletter, where you will receive 1 daily update, or just several per week – the choice is given you to choose.


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2 thoughts on “What Is SwissGolden? Is SwissGolden a Scam OR Legit?

  1. Mark

    Now I have learned more of this I will be very careful, thanks Phil for this post. Best wishes.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Yeah, they are not legit and base their business on ponz/pyramid set up, which as I have said in my post, is illegal and will soon crash.

      Thank you kindly for your comment and hope to hear from you again soon.




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