What is SwagBucks About? What is SwagBucks.com? – Scam Review!!

By | October 18, 2017

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What is swagbucks about

What Is SwagBucks About and Why It’s A Good Idea but Not that Profitable!

You are very welcome to What Is SwagBucks About. I want to know, in this review, if swag bucks is safe, legit or is it just a scam, not real and a fraudulent website promoting lies and to see if it does or does not pay out. I will go into detail for those that have never heard of swag bucks. They do come with some draw backs – negatives that may make you reconsider spending so much time trying to make just a few quid. If you want to earn faster and for the long term I recommend you read my in-depth investigation into Wealthy Affiliate. Alternatively, you can Sign Up Here to see how things go – it is FREE to do so!!

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WEBSITE:- swag bucks. com which is a subsidiary of Protege, LLC, who provide digital services online.

FOUNDERS:- Eron Zehavi, Chuck Davis, Scott Dudelson, Joseph Gorowitz.

CREATED:- 29/10/2007.

LAUNCHED:- 27/2/2008.

TYPE OF SITE:- Rewards User Activity via a Loyalty Program.

SCAM RATING:- 69/100%!



What Is SwagBucks About – an Overview of a Good Idea.

What is swag bucks about? It is a great idea actually! Swagbucks. com is a Search Engine that actually rewards you for using it – which other search engine can say this? There exist an array of things you can do to make some cash for doing online activities. Whenever you earn some money they are called ‘SB‘ or ‘swag bucks‘! Each SB is worth, roughly, $00.01. Not great, but still, you are getting paid for doing things you already do online anyways, so, why not?

So, how exactly can you earn some money? You are spoiled for choice as you can just use the search engine, by downloading it, and you get rewarded the more you use it. One can get paid with Gift Cards, SB points being redeemed, to use for Walmart, Amazon, ITunes with a greater selection available. One can also receive cash via PayPal if you prefer- Nice!

Here are the kind of things you can do to begin earning money with these guys today. It is FREE to Sign Up To!

  • Performing searches.
  • Watching Videos.
  • Playing games.
  • Doing Surveys.
  • You even earn SBs for buying things online!!
  • Finding Money Making Opportunities as You Surf.
  • Adding an extension that Alerts you to money making offers.



How Excited Should You Be?

You are getting paid to surf! That is brilliant! However, and I do mean ‘However’, you should not go into this with the attitude of making big bucks fast!

It takes quite some time to build up all those SBs as surveys could be a good ten minutes long and all you get is ten SBs. That’s just 1 cent per minute. If you don’t mind earning so little then ROCK ON – but its not something you want to be saying in interviews in case you get a ‘special‘ rate of pay for the job!!

BUT, if you go into this opportunity with swag bucks. com, with the attitude that as you use the internet (in a regular normal fashion that you already do) those ‘bucks‘ will add up in a naturally better way over time. Eventually, over time – as I have said, you will log into your free account one day and see there is a Gift Card waiting for you. Per time and effort though..there are better ways.

WARNING! Do not get addicted to earning all these SBs!!

I ain’t kidding either.

During my research I viewed many statements of people spending, a lot of daily time, running around this website’s opportunity doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, doing more surveys and what ever they can do to make that Gift Card! The Rewards are cool and all but it is NOT worth all that time and effort! Just use it normally and it’ll happen naturally!


Swag Bucks has over 12 million members Worldwide with an Alexa Ranking of 657 globally with a U.S.A. rank of 153. They have paid to their members well over $200,000,00 since their time in business online.

OK, so how excited should you be? I do not recommend them as a time effective way to make money online. It won’t make you loads of money quickly and you won’t get those coveted Gift Cards very fast, but still, at least it will pass a few minutes at a rainy bus stop sometime.

You get some money and incentives for performing online tasks one performs daily anyways. The cash and cards will add up over time, but for me anyways, it has proven to be a little slow.



  • Takes a while to earn cash or gift cards.
  • Takes a lot of work to earn as well.
  • Too time consuming.
  • Gets boring after a while


  • They actually pay you for surfing the web!
  • One can earn redeemable gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and other customer favorite stores..
  • They have many and entertaining ways to earn money.
  • They run an affiliate program.
  • It is free to sign up.
  • Incredibly, you earn money as you buy things online!
  • Have been in business for a long time and so are trusted.
  • Search Engines trust this site given its Alexa Ranking.
  • Founders can be identified online. Nearly all the scams I review most of the founders can not be located online.
  • Only Search Engine, to my current knowledge, that pays you for doing online tasks, you already do anyways.




I do believe you have nothing to worry about these guys as they are legit EXCEPT wasting your time for disappointing money. They have correct and accurate contact details, terms and conditions and all the other things you want to see. The pay is low though for the amount time required to get so little, but, over time it still is not worth it. I can show you a quicker way to earn more money for the long and I will leave a link for you at the end here.

So I do not find SwagBucks a great way to earn good money – but then – that is just my opinion.



I would love to hear from you! Have you ever joined this website to get paid for performing online tasks? What was your experience and opinion of these guys, such as, is it worth the time and effort given the rewards in their loyalty program? Would you recommend them to other people and why? Did I said something in this post you disagree with then go a head leave it in the comments section. I respond to all comments in excellent time! I recommend you read my in-depth review in to Wealthy Affiliate as I rate them 97/100% for a reason.

It will explain everything you need to know to build your own online business and learn to get paid for it. I also recommend you sign up to my websites Newsletter, top right of this post, to keep a head of the scammers. So, what is swagbucks about? It is about getting rewarded for performing on line activities, however, the ‘reward’ is NOT commensurate with time and effort ergo not recommendable in this regard.

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