What Is Survey Money Machines? Is Survey Money Machines a SCAM?

By | November 3, 2017

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Another Survey Site Offering Riches! Let’s Find Out What Is Survey Money Machines.

Should you be in need of What Is Survey Money Machines reviews, is SurveyMoneyMachines safe and legit or if SurveyMoneyMachines. com is a scam and not worth your time answers? Then, you have landed on the right website as I do reviews into ‘suspicious’ looking sites. The claims of riches were so high I wanted to know if they were true. A website by Hailey Gates who has collated the best survey sites to earn money from at home.

One problem with survey sites is this – it takes an awful long time to make any money!

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Let us now continue with our review.


WEBSITE:- www.surveymoneymachines. com.What is Survey Money Machines and is it a scam?

FOUNDER:- Hailey Gates.

CREATED:- 25/9/2008.



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Review into What Is Survey Money Machines and Do They Pay OUT!

At this early stage into What Is Survey Money Machines I am happy to say it does look real, safe, legit and not a scam site. However, I have a few more ‘stops’ to make before I can firmly back that with conviction!

Created by Hailey Gates, and hailing from the USA, WY, Cheyenne, 1621 Avenue, I am confident this website is not trying to ‘hide’ for fraudulent purposes. Website details like these are a good indicator that you are not being deceived, this of course, is great news!




It is, as I am sure you have figured out, a Survey Site. You get paid for signing up to many sites offering to pay you for your opinion. Hailey has made a pretty extensive list on that she emails to your inbox x 2 once a day. You are told to sign up to as many as possible to increase your chances of earning money quick!

You will only make $100, maybe a mere $200 a month for a lot of your time. But still, I did not find any complaints of no payment, so it is an honest few extra quid! That is basically the full ‘gig’ explained.

I went to scamadvisor.com, a great resource for finding out if a site is good or not, and they rated surveymoneymachines.com as ‘HIGH RISK‘ with a trust rating of 48%. That is a shame and a surprise! The reason being, it seems, it is connected to a number of high risks sites. See images below:-


What is Survey Money Machines?


The only reason, I can only speculate, that Hailey Gates website is considered ‘High Risk’ is probably due to connecting with scam survey sites, which happens a lot when you are doing lengthy surveys for little pay. Perhaps the ‘vetting-system’ could be improved. So much as I can see Hailey Gates site looks legit.

So, I have found contradictory information on scam analyze.com which says SurveyMoneyMachines has a poor online reputation! However, it also says it is ‘SAFE‘! CONFUSING – LOL!!

This tells me there has to be complaints and a high volume at that! Let me see if I can find any.

OH BOY! OK, one positive and one negative review later, my view has changed somewhat. Be sure to make another EMAIL ACCOUNT so you can receive a pile of junk emails. Bots, programs will collect all that ‘juicy’ data you submit to all those survey sites to spam you in the future.

Survey Money Machines is nothing more than a ‘redirect‘ site to other survey sites where your actions earns Hailey Gates commissions. Clever, but, dangerous when you consider there are FAR TOO MANY SURVEY SITES that are just scams.

If you are prepared to let all those junk emails flood an email account you don’t care about, then, it is still possible to make some money. That is all Miss Gates is saying the service is.

On their home page there are ‘CRAZY CLAIMS TO RICHES‘! Makes me not trust this site.

With mixed reviews and contradictory data, I am now going to ask ‘YOU’ what you think?

For one, it is not Miss Gates Fault that the majority of survey sites are scams. However, it IS not a responsible thing to do to redirect people to scam sites! But, all she offers is a way to make money filling out surveys, sooooo, she is keeping her ‘word’ but leaving your own online ‘safety’ up to you.

It is a tricky one!

Until I get a flood of complaints in the comments section below about SurveyMoneyMachines.com, I have no choice but to leave it in my ‘Good Online Jobs’ section of my website. Please let me know if I am wrong and why that is below. Thank you.





I don’t really recommend anyone do surveys online to make a few extra quid a month in comparison to time spent on taking them. The inherent and intrinsic flaw with doing surveys is you can be disqualified at any moment. This is deeply unfair when you consider you just handed over your full name, email, location, phone number etc for nothing! That is utter and total B. S and really annoys the hell out of me! This is the primary reason why I don’t do them anymore!! You could be 10 to 15 minutes into a 20 minute survey and you can be disqualified. There are better uses for your time and better ways to make money online. Just read my review or to find out how you can EMPOWER yourself for $0 Start Up Today!!

I am confident, if you sign up to Haileys site, you will make some money. One is confident as well, you will be ‘targeted‘ by scammers and spammers! I am sure I have provided you enough information about What Is Survey Money Machines and I hope you see it is not a great use of your time, actually, it is a waste of your time!! Thank you for reading my post and I recommend you sign up to my websites free newsletter as I post daily, this way, you can learn to recognize online scams and avoid them. Better still, you can report them to me and I will get them for us all! Please help in the fight against online crime by sharing anyone of my reviews in the ‘SCAM SITES’ section of my site (TOP LEFT MENU BUTTON) DO SO. Thank you.




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