What is Survey Club About, A Scam or Legit? – Full Review

By | October 4, 2017

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What is Survey Club About and is it Worth it.


Surve Club home page


In this review I wanted to find out what is Survey Club about to see if it is a real legitimate way to earn money online, or, just another fraudulent survey website. Survey Club has been around since 2005 and has over 16 million members globally. The sign up is free and you can earn money by filling out surveys or referring a friend. Most survey sites are actually scams and only want to target your inbox for phishing purposes, however, this site is not a scam but not profitable eitherDo not skip on this information as it may save you a lot of disappoint. If you are looking for a way to earn money online that does pay you for your time properly then CLICK HERE, or read my review of my #1 Work From Home Recommendation Here. Let’s have a closer look.


Here is what you will get from this article:-

  • What work you will do at this site.
  • Pay.
  • Two ways to earn.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Scam Rating.
  • Conclusion.



What is Survey Club about and its Paid Work.


Survey Club questionaire


It describes its website as a “research recruitment platform” where online businesses submit surveys, to be filled out by users of this website, to determine what we think of their products/services. The process to begin earning money with them is only five steps:-

  1. Sign up and verify by email. No fee, some survey sites, charges a fee at the start, one time.
  2. Fill out Profile with name, income, healthy and a lot of other ‘personal’ and ‘sensitive‘ data.
  3. Information step 2 will align you with the appropriate surveys.
  4. Studies/surveys will show up and you click on one. You will then follow instructions.
  5. When you completed a survey/study you will receive cash in one’s surveyclub account, or, receive a check, Gift Card for Amazon or get it paid into your PayPal.

This all sounds great and very easy to do.


Online Surveys that Pay and is this one of them?

Yes! So, it seems you can earn money but, as mentioned, not a lot. Actually, surveys are a poor way to earn anything good enough to even cash out. This is bad as it can take quite some time to make anything. Not worth it ultimately.

Have a look at the image below, this is a screen shot taken from this survey site, and as you can see, you can earn $00.50, $2.00 up to $5.00 per survey. The ones marked ‘SPECIAL‘ means you have to sign up to another survey site and have even more of your time depleted from your day.


Survey Club surveys available to get paid


One of the major flaws with this site is you qualify only for surveys according to your profile data. Often times you could be half-way through a 20-minute survey just to be told you don’t qualify for this one. You will still get some money, 10 cents, but that is hardly worth nearly 10 minutes of your life.

Most of the surveys I filled out on this site never got close to paying me $5 for my time and most just disqualified me based on demographics such as age, location, income etc a good bit into it. This is exasperating. Once again, you can make money with this site, but it is a terribly long road for low pay!

Additionally, I have never qualified for one of those $5 in my life! SCAM of time and effort! Just my opinion based on my experience.


Two Ways to Earn with them.

You can either fill out surveys all day long or you can refer a friend for commissions. However, you will only get paid $1 and only get paid up to a max of 5 referrals. So if you make 100 referrals to them you still only get credit for the first five! Not good and not worth any ones time.


Survey Pros:-

  • It is FREE to sign up! Many sites like this charges a one time fee.
  • Many surveys to choose from.
  • Getting paid for filling out surveys.


Cons of Surveys:-

  • No ‘filtering’ to weed out bogus spamming businesses who just want your details to target your inbox.
  • I kept on getting ‘disqualified’ for the survey I spent nearly 10 minutes on, if not, even longer.
  • The pay is excruciatingly low for the time and effort put in.
  • You can only refer five friends for a lousy $1. No ‘credit’ for additional referrals.
  • Some of these surveys are really time-consuming.
  • They ask too many personal and sensitive questions to sign up to them and other survey sites that you get directed to do the same. Very data harvesting in nature.
  • Many people complain that they their inbox gets flooded with spam emails after being on survey sites.
  • It is too easy for other businesses users to get personal data out of you even after be disqualified.
  • For the time it takes to get your pay, $20 is the minimum, you will have forgotten about it! Most just give up!
  • You can qualify up to five surveys a monthly, however, many say they only qualify for two if they are not sent by a scam site through Survey Club.
  • This is a ‘directory’ of companies looking to get ‘cheap’ if not ‘free’ consumer opinion data out of you on their products/services!


I fell for these years ago. I was so excited to try to get paid $5 just for filling out a survey! How wrong was I. I soon left it as I realized I had spent two and a half hours on my phone and their was hardly any money in my account. Pennies! I was not happy at all.




This is not a scam site but it is also not a good opportunity to make money online with. You will spend hours reading long questions, giving out very personal data about yourself, often times getting ‘disqualified‘ because they filled their quota – after you give your personal data to them -, you won’t get anywhere near the $5 mark, you will leave it very disappointed and hard done by. It is not a scam, but, it kinda is in a way. Its not just not a fair and legit opportunity but I do have one for you if you are interested. Click here for my review on Wealthy Affiliate or Here to Sign Up Now.


I would love to hear from you. Do you have experience with filling out online surveys and were you financially successful? Let others know in the comments section below to help them make a decision on this issue. Regarding my Free Sign Up Offer to Create Your Own Online business I am here to take questions on that as well. If you were wondering what is Suvey Club about I certainly hope I have answered your question on this issue, if not, please ask me in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading my post and I look forward to all your comments.



6 thoughts on “What is Survey Club About, A Scam or Legit? – Full Review

  1. Annie

    Another great blog Scam Detector.

    I am actually suiting here in front of tv and my boyfriend is doing surveys, not survey club.

    I will leave em for a while them show em ur post?????????

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Annie,

      Haha, I’d be interested how long you left him doing surveys until you showed him my post? Did he continue doing them after reading my post lol?

      Thanks for commenting again Annie.

      All the best,


  2. Marcie

    Thanks for this review. I have earned good money from some survey sites such as Pinecone research. But many are just a waste of time.
    Although this one is legit as you say, it is a low paying time waster and not much else.
    There must be some much more lucrative ways to make money online than surveys. They are just pin money at best!
    So what can you recommend for me?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Marcie,

      Thank you for taking the time for leaving a comment on this article, I really do appreciate it.

      I am glad you found a legit Survey Site and actually earned some money, not many can say that!

      Shame really, there are a lot of surveys to choose from but it is very hard to ‘qualify‘ for a lot of them due to strict demographics, at Survey Club website.

      Yes Marcie, there are many good ways to make money online. From my extensive research into making money online I have found one that stands out from the rest.

      Wealthy Affiliate stands head and shoulders above the rest! Wealthy Affiliate gives you a Free Lifetime Membership Account that comes with Two Free Websites, Ten Free Training Videos in Affiliate Marketing and 7 Days Premium Access! Within the 7 Day Trial you can go Premium for only $19 for your first month and $49 there after. Should you want to go the full way and go Yearly you upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Yearly Savings Plan for $359! That is $29 a month and a saving of 39%!

      You would have to pay a pretty penny with other sites just to get the free tools you are given with Wealthy Affiliate – just for signing up!

      What you get at WA you would have to pay $$$$$’s anywhere else and still not make any money online.

      I truly hope I have answered your question Marcie and Look forward to any questions you may have in the future.

      Best Regards,


  3. Dale

    This is a great review and its important to know there is actually some legit survey sites out there.

    Sure they may not pay out that great but even a little money is super especially for newbies to see you actually can make money online.

    It is a good starting point for the newbies before they move on to bigger and better.

    Thank you for this great review.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Dale,

      Yes, at least it pays out, however, it is very time consuming!

      If people want to give it a go they will see how long it takes to earn anything at all.

      I can’t recommend it 100% but least it gives people a chance to earn something.




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