What Is Super Naira? Is Super Naira a Scam Or Legit?

By | January 13, 2018

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What Is Super Naira and are they ‘SUPER’ Enough NOT to Rob You!?

Looking to find out What Is Super Naira (supernaira.org), asking is Super Naira real or a scam or maybe you need a review on SuperNaira? It is a ponzi/pyramid scheme that offers, like some ‘SUPER’ Marvel Comic Strip Hero, offers back 100% ROI per investment! YUP! FAKE! No online business could guarantee this as it creates a debt in their business operations. This debt then must be paid by new members, upon which, the debt is created again! The citadel collapses when new sign ups stop coming into such a scam and the last bunch of sign ups, which is always the majority of the members, will lose their investment, and some, perhaps their life savings. SCAM! Be careful.

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What Is Super Naira (supernaira.org) and the Dangers of their Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme – How it Works!

Let us do some background research before we know what is Super Naira (supernaira.org). I can already see they are enthusiastically exhibiting scam sign behavior! There is no name for the founder. No email contact address and fake as dirt registration PO address. They will cease operations on the 11/2/2018 per WHOIS, so, late comers will struggle to guarantee an RO. Additionally, I have seen that address more times than not by many other online scam sites. All reliable and common signs of a deceptive/suspicious online scam.

Let us now look at how their online criminal work from home operation works. It is Free to sign up but not to par-take. There are several levels of donations/investment options. First they are saying you get 100% ROI, scroll down, and now they are saying you get 200% ROI within 24 hours! OK. They will ‘PURGE’ you from their site if you do not pay someone after sign up within a fixed period. That is nasty!


Super Naira Image.


You sign up and then you pay someone, you don’t know, a ‘BASIC‘ donation of ₦2,500 to receive back ₦5000! Where does your profit come from though? When you donate then Two People will be matched to you in their system. They will each pay you ₦2,500. The process is continued until no new members can be found, at which point, the scam owners will take all payments to themselves – barring a select few – before they shut down their site and start up a new one!! Such people are actually able to buy new houses and cars from the proceeds of one such scam site!

When there is no actual physical product, or online digital service product, but profits come solely from new sign ups, then, we are dealing with a class Ponzi Scheme. SuperNaira is also a Pyramid as well. Why? Well, most the money flows upwards to Level 1 members (first people to join) and the founder(s), hence, from the base of the pyramid to the top – the money shall flow. They are also a Cash Gift Scheme (this is also illegal – surprisingly) where members sign up, lose their common sense, and give away their money to people they do not know online. Never talk to strangers, and certainly, never give them your cash – quick joke 🙂 . Let’s continue. The point of this is the hopes of receiving double the amount donated back. This is great when it works, but for most, it will not work and also you must consider you are par-taking in an online illegal operation! When founders of such are located in the real world the cops may just come after some of its members. You have been warned!

In short:- SuperNaira combines three illegal ways of doing online financial business and thus is illegal to the power of 3!! Most members will not see a dime. Some who do should leave it now. They are closing down soon anyways so do not ‘donate’ so late in the game. Below, I will list their signs of scam as found on their site. Such ‘SIGNS’ can help you immediately identify other online scams going forward.



Signs of a Scam Website!

Sign 1 of a Scam:- Flash cars and airplanes is a good indicator you are dealing with some fake people.

Sign 2 of a Scam:- Make threats of deleting your account if you do not pay! That’s a biggie!! You want to welcome people with a handshake and not with an ultimatum.

Sign 3 of a Scam:- Their Term of Service is full of drivel such as if your donation is declined, your account is suspended, and you will receive no further benefit! So, you donate, and if someone declines your donation – WHICH NO ONE IS GOING TO DO AS THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SITEYOUR the one they will blame. This is tantamount to looking for a reason to take your cash and disqualify you anyways. When you sign up – you legally agree to all the ways they can rip you off! I can’t read anymore of their nonsense. I think you know they are gangsters by now.



Brown and gold colored auction hammer rest on a circular piece of wood.









Tired of online scams? Then, you should say something about them. One voice resenting against online corruption will have to bring change. Did you sign up to the site under review? Why not let everyone know your experience below in the comment box. Did you get paid? Some will. If so, please do let us know in the comment to have a fair and balanced understanding of this obvious online ponzi illegal scam! Thank you. Need more information on a site you are not to sure about? You are welcome to ask me and I will investigate it for you. I want to thank you for your time in reading my article and I am happy to have answered What Is Super Naira. I look forward to all of your comments and all shares of this article will help lessen online scams. Take care for now – bye! 🙂 ,


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