What Is TasMoney.Bid – Paid Advertising Viewing System, Scam/Legit?

By | October 11, 2017
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What Is TasMoney. Bid and How to Cash Out.

Thank you very much for visiting my site today as this article begins to answer What Is TasMoney. Bid (http://tasmoney. bid). We will tell you now you can’t cash out with these guys. Those that want to know Is TasMoney Bid fake, criminal, not paying, legit or not will find out now in this TasMoney Review. Just like TasMoney, there are 1323 of these sites in English. They come in German and also in Russian, and we don’t promote as trustworthy.

I will now show you if this is a scam, genuine, safe, legit or fraudulent from the core! I am suspecting it is a phishing and malware site that is connected to a Russian Scam Network Online. At First glance I can see it is exactly like mesmoney. club, advmoney. tech, docdengi. top, vawdengi. site,fepmoney. club, wotmoney. club, duhmoney. club, findmoney. club, suremoney. club, webmoney. host, normoney. club, zendengi. club, ahadengi. club, faxdengi. club, hurmoney. club, voddengi. club, romdengi. club, kavdengi. club, jamdengi.club, cumoney.club, and razmoney. club all are owned by the same people! They have a reputation for not paying anyone ever! Don’t worry though because I do have an online legit way to earn money online. Just read my review in to Wealthy Affiliate or Sign Up Here (No CC required). Read on and you will see why this site is no good and will take your money and time.


Here is what you will take away from this article:-

  • What SubMoney is and the required of you to make money online.
  • The various ways this is a total fake, fraud and not legit scam!
  • Scam Rating.
  • Final Thoughts.



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What Is TasMoney. Bid – Extraordinary Pay Claims.

This website is going on my scam websites list as it is a total copy of all the sites listed in the intro. This is what it is! I will prove it as we go forward. It will offer to pay you 10 cents per ad viewed and up to $4800 per 1000 advertisements watched! For every referral you make to them they will pay you 50% in commissions – this sounds great- but wait, it is a scam remember!

So, that is the ‘work’ part taken care of. You watch ads and make referrals. Sound easy enough but one of the signs of a fraud is extraordinary claims of high money for no to easy work! If it were real I would not be wasting my time Hitting Page 1 in Google Ranks Daily and be with these Guys instead! Should you be interested I can show you how you can get Rankings in Google Easily. Should you just want some keywords for your own post then go ahead and use the Jaxxy Keyword Tool Below – 30 SEARCHES FOR FREE:-





You will be ‘advised’ to share your poisonous affiliate link all across Social Media Platforms to pull in others who will also be defrauded. This is a very disappointing scam to fall for as evidenced by the amount of people YouTube ‘crying‘ for their pay! I do feel for them as I HAVE FALLEN for scams in the past. It’s a tough lesson to learn – get-rich-quick-schemes don’t exist – Unless your a Banker or a Politician (this is the only time ‘crime’ is legal!).

Conditions for Cash Out.

When you hit the minimum withdrawal limit you can ask for your hard won earnings. They say you can get your cash to your ‘card’ or account with in one hour. This is much further from the truth! They will say you have to make 40 REFERRALS before the funds can be released or you can BUY THEM. Do not buy them as they are FAKE!

Should you make those referrals by hard work or buying them then you are LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT FOR GOOD! That is the scam explained in full.

Proof they are a Scam.

It is easy to make claims like I have and point the finger and say terrible things about another website, don’t you know think? Unless, of course, I have overwhelming evidence for these claims? Well – I do! Below see several images of (apparently) ‘different’ websites but clearly they are all the same – aren’t they?




Shut Down!


Shut Down!



Shut Down!

Normoney.club scam

Shut Down!

Ahadengi.club homepage

Earnings Are Fake! -> Shut Down!



A scam website. This is the ‘stupid’ message they give you when you try to get your cash





OK, now you see that there exist many copies offering the same service. What about the Founders?

The Founders of all these sites, whom like I have said – owns all these sites, can not be found on WHOIS – Online Identity for Everyone. Surbl.com has BLACK LISTED several of these sites even though may are less than six months old! No contact email address available and no way to contact owner of site(s). Most if not all of these sites have complaints of people asking for their money with no response or a response that ‘acts’ stupid.

WHOIS website says they are from Panama, I don’t know if this one is as it sometimes changes, but I am so convinced of its ‘nature’, I am not going to have a look. They all are a part of a Russian Scam Network and they are scamming a hell of a lot of people. Please share this post to help stem the tide. Twitter is ablaze with tons of people promoting them! YIKES!

Read any one of my reviews at the beginning of this post you will see the ‘similarity’ = they are IDENTICAL!



This is an Up Dated Post of the former scam site submoney. club. Here is an up to date list of the scam Paid Advertising Viewing System sites currently operating in 2018 – see date of this post – VanMoney.

Business man running away with brief case.






Bitdefender 2019 728x90




Final Thoughts.

Clearly, we are not recommending TasMoney Bid as legit and safe. Owner has 1323 of these sites in English, some of which, have shut down. They replenish old sites with many more fortnightly, I am finding them all the time, and simply can’t keep exposing them. Any site you see that has the say layout, as the one in the image at the start of this post, is undoubtedly a scam site and belongs to the same people.

I do not recommend you try these guys to make money online legitimately, just in case I did not make my self utterly clear, as they are con artists. I know I can show you a way to achieve this goal but of course the choice is yours. Should you are interested read here or sign up here. 99% if not all paid ad views are scams. Do not waste your time. Stop sharing that affiliate link if you are and alert others and apologize for your mistake – it happens to the best of us.


That is about all we have time for today on What Is TasMoney. Bid. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions. Those really looking to find a good and honest way to earn online may sign up to #1 Recommendation HERE to Earn Money from Your Laptop Blogging.. Looking forward to all of your comments to come and I will always respond to you.. Let me know if you still got questions about anything in this article. All the best!


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