What Is Start My Cash? Is StartMyCash. com a Scam or Legit? Review!

By | December 19, 2017

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What Is Start My Cash and is it just another Online Scam?

Have you come across StartMyCash. com and need to know What is Start My Cash, is Start My Cash a fraudulent scam or real, safe, genuine and legit? In my StartMyCash review I will show what work they offer, the pay and how they scam people online. Yes! Start My Cash is indeed a full-blown scam on steroids!! The person or people that own this site own many other online scam sites and are not to be trusted as they are a propensity not to pay out to its members 100% of the time. This review shall list a few of their other criminal sites and detail glaring signs as to why it is a fraud.
In my research I have come pretty accustomed to recognizing scams when I see one and the site under review certainly fits that bill! Should you need a way to make money online that even trains you how to do so then why not Sign Up to Wealthy Affiliate >HERE<. For those that need for information then you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate that shows you how it is all done so yo can make a website and learn to make money from it >HERE<. Let us now continue with our into Start My Cash.



Detailed Answer to What Is Start My Cash or StartMyCash. com.

In your search for to find the truth on the legitimacy of a site I advise you always go to WHOIS. A quick glance will show you there is not any legitimate details and will all ID, that would allow authorities to find and prosecute them, are not submitted with fake details instead. Start My Cash (startmycash. com) was created on the 17/8/2017 and is already attracting a sizable audience to defraud!

I will now detail the work for you and the pay so you can see how ridiculously untrue their lies are!

The work for Start My Cash is incredibly easy and, if it were legit for their payment promises, would employ and improve the economies the world over! All you have to do, once your sign up for free, is copy and paste the affiliate link they give, to all social media platforms and online chat interactive outlets! They will say paste that spam link to places like chat rooms, relevant make money from home videos on YouTube, Twitter, forums etc. Where ever you can find space online you should post it there. If this site was legit I’d advise to make your own website, which takes five to ten minutes to set up, and write about your offer. Therein you leave your affiliate links for others to be referred by. When others are referred and buy something, you earn money. This is called Affiliate Marketing!

Given the exhaustive efforts required to earn any real money with PTC Sites, we no longer endorse any of them, and say they are all a waste of your time. The money is so low, for work and time, that it is actually worthless to collect. The choice is yours of course to decide for yourself.



Start My Cash Scam Site Home Page




Per every one that signs up through your link you receive $10. I do not have a problem with that amount of money and seems like a reasonable amount. However, where I get utterly dismayed in believing in these guys, is when they say you get $5 for everyone that simply visits their site via your link! UTTER GARBAGE. $5 can get your 100;s and 100’s of clicks so why would online entrepreneurs pay out $5? You now see how much of a lie this is by now.



Minimum Payout and How They Scam You!

The minimum payout for Start My Cash is $300! The highest legit sites would set such a threshold is $100 and many pay out from cents to a few dollars. That is a major sign of a scam site and you should always look for such high minimum payouts as a sign to their legitimacy.

Once you try to get your cash via PayPal, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, Western Union etc they will have a little more work for you and a horrible surprise! A survey, or offer or a demand to upgrade your account will be made. They will ask of you money for doing this. This is how they get a few quid out of you! Once paid you will not have access to your account! You have no way back in! You account can not be erased by you! Details you used to join their site will be exchanged for money online with other illegal operators who will use your legit details for other scams. Such scams may include getting a passport in your name, drivers license, opening an online bank account and rinsing your good credit! Such details, once the authorities see ‘YOU’ doing illegal things online, will or may actually chase you and you may get into trouble and until ‘YOU’ prove that it was not you. Be careful guys!!

One review I did to expose one of their online operations was IncomeDoze. com. PayJut, SalaryOn. com, DollarClass, freshcash and bestcashjob is where you will find an even more extensive list of their illegal sites! Some of their sites may look different but just look to the same details etc and you will see the connections.

They say they pay out every month so that gives them a member that may work tirelessly for many days for nothing!




I believe I have said more than was necessary to warn you of Start My Cash. They have shown zero loyalty to their hard-working and devoted members. You could make a million referrals to them and still you will never receive 1 cent in return. Should you have placed your link in many places then it would best you stop this practice now. To make a little amends for your error you can share anyone of the reviews and this to show others why they are scams. You views and comments are most welcome below should I need some correction in any part of this article. All views and comments are respected but disrespect is for sites that tolerate such behavior. I say this because I get people who chat nonsense in a manner I would never stand around in real life and listen to.







I hope you enjoyed my article and found it to be informative. I wish to invite you to ‘chime’ in and have your say about anything I have written in my article. Did you sign up to them? How long before you realized something was not right? You experience, which you may wish to leave below, can potentially warn thousands of other people online! This would be a great service and would be deeply appreciated. I am here to advise everyone should you have questions on my #1 RECOMMENDATION or on another site. Just ask me below and I am usually able to respond in the same day, sometimes, in minutes – depends on if I am a sleep or not lol. I have gathered up enough data to inform everyone on What Is Start My Cash to help out against online scams. I am looking forward to all of your opinions and comments and hope to see you all very soon. Take care online for now every and subscribe to my newsletter as I post daily! Thank you for reading my post 🙂 .


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