What Is SpeakWrite About? Scam or Legit – Worth it Transcription Job?

By | July 7, 2018

What Is SpeakWrite About and How to Earn Money with them Typing from Home. 

Learn What Is SpeakWrite About

In answering What Is SpeakWrite About (https://speakwrite.com), we want to focus in on is it a good paying transcription job, and what you need to know before applying to them. We will quickly say that SpeakWrite is a good and trusted online company. They have been online since 1997 and have a proven track record of trustworthiness. We can safely recommend them as a possible online typing job. Also, I wish to inform you that I do not work with SpeakWrite as a contractor and simply informing readers of our site of a possible job they can apply for online, given the many requests for legit online work recommendations.


Company:- speakwrite.com.

Founder:- Richard Jackson.

Created:- 01/05/1997.

Scam/Legit:- Legit!

Affiliate Program:- No.

Fee:- Trial Period on offer without obligation.




What Is SpeakWrite About and is it really worth your time?

SpeakWrite Transcription Job Offers

There are many fine and good online transcription jobs and Speak Write is one of them, per our research. We would like to quickly answer if they are even worth the pay per time and effort, as we begin to fully answer, what is SpeakWrite about.

Per their site you are can be paid up to $15 per hour! That is for those that have become proficient as a transcriber for speakwrite.


Quick History.

We mentioned already Richard Jackson set up SpeakWrite in 1997. Mr Jacksons spent 30 years prior running a successful law practice and no doubt noticed the labor/time intensive of producing documents. SpeakWrite is to assist the following type of companies to create quick documents when time is of the essence:-

  • Legal Transcription.
  • General Transcription.
  • Law Enforcement Transcription.
  • Protective Services Transcription.

Mr Jackson observed that typing important documents was labor intensive and time-consuming, as said. His website is to save unimaginable hours by having transcribers online do the work for you. They say they can deliver your documents to you in around 3 hours. This is very good news when those are needed today!

On their website, under Typist Jobs, they claim working for them can earn you $300 per month and even $3000 per month. $3000 per month is what the top earners are making.


Who can apply to SpeakWrite?

Unfortunately, unlike some transcriptions jobs we have located online, they are only for USA and Canadian citizens only. All other locales are auto-disqualified.



  • Minimum speed per minute is set at 60wpm.
  • Accuracy of 90%+ accuracy. You will have to undergo a typing test.
  • Must have an excellent command of the English language.
  • One must know their way around Microsoft Word 2007/2010.
  • Must have hardware specifications as listed on their site.
  • Legal applicants will be required to have a good understanding of court headings, formal correspondence etc. Must have 2 years working in a Law Firm.
  • General applicants must have 1+ years in an office environment in the previous 5 years. Accounting, data entry does not make you qualified for the job on offer here.
  • Hardware requirements will be your standard foot pedal set up, but its likely you have that already, if you are looking into typing from home.

So in short SpeakWrite seems to pay out decent money for your typing services. Below is what they are offering to USA and Canadian applicants:-


  1. 1.25 per word for General Transcription jobs.
  2. For Legal Transcriptions you are being offered 1.5 cents a word.
  3. for Multispeak Transcription you are looking at 2 cents a word.

Minimum word count for jobs is 100, though of course, the count can be higher. This is on a job by job basis as far as can be seen and you are a contractor to SpeakWrite.

Payments to USA citizens is an online method or a check in the post. Canadian citizens must settle for check in the post.


Are there background checks to undergo?

YES! All applicants will have to pass local, federal and state background checks.


Free Trial for Customers?

Yes, you can get a 1000 word free trial.


Have they got an App?

The SpeakWrite App can be located on the App Store or on Google Play store. There is a user guide to their app that is free to download to help become familiar with all the functions and features.

This handy app allows customers to dictate and upload to SpeakWrite for immediate transcription. NOW that is efficient and will save many businesses a lot of time and money in paying for it in-house.


When do transcribers get paid?

It is twice a month and I read that should you be waiting some time for jobs to do then they will pay you some money for making you wait. This is per the research of wahadventures.com. However, per that website, that has not been confirmed. Anyone experiences payments when jobs were short?




Any Other Ways to make an income online?


Avoid Scams to Earn From Home - Just Ask Us!

Just Ask Us How in the Comments Below.


There are many ways to make honest money online. Below is only a short list of what we have researched and recommend. Of course, we can not guarantee anything without recommendations, and always suggest you reply on your own research and never solely on the word of one website.

Affilorma Review. Legit online company since 2005 that offers to train people how to make money in Affiliate Marketing.

QuickTate Typing Jobs. Here you will find out if they are more suited as they do accept global registrants for paid typing work.

What are some ways to make money blogging. Learn how easy it is to get set up (for $0 start up fee) and run your own website to make a full time income online.

QuidCo – Cashback website review. Should you do your shopping online then QuidCo will give you cashback on selected items.

TopCashBack – cashback website and offers cashback on selected purchases. Average savings of about $300 per year.




Typing Speed too Low? Here is a Free Way to Up Your Word Speed Per Minute.

Here is a free typing software you can download to help up your word speed to land a typing job online. It is called Mavis Beacon and is what I learned to type from many years ago. Simply go to the link below and download the free software typing package to your laptop.

Click here to get your free typing software!

It will teach you from beginner to expert level!




We hope that SpreakWrite is something that works out for you. Should you have any experience with this company then why not let us know in the comments below.

Would you recommend SpeakWrite?

If so and why.

Do they pay on time and is the pay worth it.

Do let us know if the pay is worth your efforts and do they pay you something if you have no jobs?

Do you know something that we don’t?

We would glad welcome all additions to this article to help increase its usefulness. Just leave your comments below and we will consider all.



It has been a real pleasure to recommend a legit company as normally we are lambasting bad online companies. We mentioned already, given the over whelming need of our readers to find good and trusted online companies, we have researched and recommending your consider the company we just reviewed. Thank you one and all for stopping by in your research to know what is SpeakWrite about and we wish you all the very best until next time.



2 thoughts on “What Is SpeakWrite About? Scam or Legit – Worth it Transcription Job?

  1. Mary O'Donnell

    This is great info, I was surprised people are still wanting proper transcriptionists with all the software now, so that is good to know. The software does a terrible job and those cheap services don’t include editing. It has forced real transcriptionists to lower their fees to compete, which is sad.

    I do professional transcription but I select the jobs and name the price, and I’m confident in my quality so did some lower priced jobs to show the boss what was possible and when he saw the difference between quality work and what he’d been offered in the past then yes I was getting paid twice the going rate 😉

    That’s a fantastic resource you provided for helping people type fast and properly – I learned it by simply typing a lot on a project many years ago so I know that has to work, anyway you seem to be living proof 😀

    btw I’m superfast at transcription but have discovered ways to do it without a pedal 😉

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you so much for your comment on this review of one of our recommendations.

      WOW you sound like you know a hell of a lot in this area of work. Have you got any suggestions for other sites that people in your link of work could apply for? Do let us know and we will share them on our website to help others find good and legit transcription jobs online. Thanks.

      Yes, anytime now we will be recommending typing jobs, we will include that free touch typing resource to help others learn how to type and to help others become quicker at typing.

      Some of these typing jobs will accept you at just 60 words per minute. Then others will require a lot higher – 120! So this I hope will help many to apply for the typing job they want. The higher the speed, one imagines, the more money they will pay out.

      Yes, there are different ways to get paid. Some offer money per word. Others offer money for job. I am glad you are receiving the higher end of the pay scale for your work Mary and well done on that for sure.

      Thanks again for stopping by Mary and hope to hear again from you soon.

      – Philip.


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