What Is Sparky Clix? Is SparkyClix.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | December 1, 2017

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What Is Sparky Clix and why it Looks A Bad Idea.

Seemingly once legit site, I want to know What Is Sparky Clix, is SparkyClix.com a scam or a real, safe, legit and genuine money earner! I do reviews regarding online scams and SparkyClix has been accused of being a Ponzi Scheme and a Matrix Scheme. Both will be briefly explained below. After reading my review you will know if they are a fraud or honest. However, to save your further reading, I will say that they are not trustworthy and you should not sign up to them. If you want to know in full as to why then keep on reading.

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They Are Combining Two Illegal Schemes! Let Us Find Out What Is Sparky Clix.

Sparky Clix is a PTC (Paid To Click) where you earn money multiple ways. Unfortunately, they have turned ‘bad’ and stopped paying out to their users. SparkyClix.com was created on the 17/1/2017 by someone calls themselves Daniel Stephan. Their organization is called ‘Sparkteam’ but they do not have an email listed! There is NO online business address listed as well. Some bad signs of deception for sure and warrants further investigation.

The Internet has started to be littered with complaints by its users of no payments. This is a shame as they were good, however, this is the way with many PTC sites. They start off good for one to two years and then stop paying out!

Some say they are a combination of two illegal schemes. Let us clear up these terms first.

Ponzi Scheme:-

Simply put, is when older members recruit new members. Simple so far. New recruits pay a sign up fee. The money from new sign ups then pays out to older members. These new sign ups will recruit new people, the commissions from which, will go to their recruiters and the people that recruited them. With me so far? When the money comes from New Sign Ups to Pay Older Members – this is known as a Ponzi Scheme – as they do not have any real service or product other than this!

Matrix Schemes:-

A Matrix Scheme is when you put people name on a list to win something. Let us say it is a HD TV. Once your name is on that list you will pay in about $20/$30 (maybe more relative to the price of the ‘free’ giveaway prize) as you recruit others. Others you recruit (New Sign Ups) will also pay some money. As more recruits come in, YOUR name will move closer and closer to the top of this list, where one week the TV is yours for free! SOUNDS GREAT!


Review of Sparky Clix

no longer pays out!


Where’s the catch!? It is not uncommon for THOUSANDS of people to pay some money to get that TV, resulting in the company making thousands and thousands of dollars, just for giving a way a TV!! It is very clever. Such promotions could also include, CD’s, IPOD’s etc. Do not fall for it. Do you get the product? I do believe they do give out the prize. This is just a PYRAMID SCHEME IN DISGUISE (albeit a variation) where many people are squeezed for a small percentage of the items worth times by thousands of times, until, it reaches in to 10s of thousands of profit.

All the money goes up, hence, a Pyramid Scheme. Additionally, you WILL have to pay a shipping fee – we all know how that can hike up a ‘Free Prize’!

I did not find any proof of this!! These claims appear to be false!!




You can be a ‘user’ by clicking on ads, doing tasks, surveys etc. You can be an advertiser as well where you can get 5000 clicks on your product links for just $1.35!! That is more than a great deal as other places charge $5 for only 1000 clicks. But, are those ‘clicks’ ‘unique’ (meaning first time user click per IP address)? Sparky Clix says all clicks are ‘unique’!

You can complete offers as well. They run an Affiliate Program where you make money by referring others. Below is the pay break down:-

  • You can make ‘UP TO‘ (not necessarily the amount shown) $00.02 per click.
  • Minimum Pay Out Threshold $00.25 and payout within 24 hours, or at least, they use to.
  • You earn from your referrals by clicking on at least 4 ads a day!


Payment methods are SolidTrusPay, PayPal, PerfectMoney, BitCoin. I am surprised they STILL have PAYPAL, but since they have turned into a scam, that will surely change shortly! ULTIMATELY! – YOU DO NOT GET PAID ANYMORE!







It is always great to hear from you! Did you sign up to the site under review and experience some difficulties? Perhaps you were getting paid but that has stopped happening? You are welcome to leave your experiences in the comment below to help inform and warn others. I believe I have answered the question of What Is Sparky Clix to help everyone make up their minds as to what they should do next. Remember, if you really do want to know how to make your own online business from scratch, and from $0 for a Starter Account, Read >HERE< to find out how! Thank you kindly for reading my post and I hope it was of use to you. All shares are deeply appreciated as well. Stay safe online everyone! CHEERS!!



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