ObyMoney.icu Review – Is ‘ObyMoney’ Scam or Legit Job Online?

By | November 4, 2019

ObyMoney. icu and the ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Cloned Scam Sites Russian Network.

ObyMoney.icu is never going to pay out. ObyMoney never has and never will. There are many thousands of these fake sites and so now you know www.obymoney. icu is a scam and not legit. Do not worry as we have a real offer to help you earn online below. Beware also of their other copies such as Yobmoney. icu, PnaMoney. icu, VpoMoney. Club, EnaMoney. icu, HneMoney. Club, PnyMoney. icu, WbiMoney. Club, EdiMoney. xyz, YetMoney. icu, YakMoney. icu, LkaMoney. ClubAohMoney. Club, BduMoney. xyz, OnyMoney. icu, UogMoney, GsaMoney. icu, etc. We will be exposing the most recent ones in order to help nullify their negative effects online.

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www.obymoney. icu.

Do not login into www.obymoney. icu!


ObyMoney. icu Exposed as a Cloned Scam Site.

We do not recommend you waste your time at the site called ObyMoney. icu. There are many sites as we have already stated, and to be clear, do stay away from Bdumoney, GsaMoney, UogMoney, OnyMoney, AohMoney, EdiMoney, LkaMoney, YakMoney, YetMoney, WbiMoney, PnyMoney, HneMoney, VpoMoney, EnaMoney, PnaMoney, YobMoney and really any sit that looks like ObyMoney. icu and the ones listed. They are all the same with same errors and fake reviews and fake payouts. It never changes only the new people that find it and know not it is a scam.

It is a ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ that promotes itself  the best way to make money while watching ads. The money is very good to say the least and referral commissions are insanely high as well. ‘High Pay Outs‘ online for easy to little work online is a characteristic sign of a scam! LOOK out for that.

The founders to this site is not contactable or find-able online which should always be a concern for anyone signing up to anything. On a positive note, it is FREE to sign with them but what good is that when it is a malware and phishing site! Yes, they actually download nasty ‘gifts‘ to your device and sell on personal sign up details to third parties for a profit.

There are 1000’s of these sites! All the same in every way as well. They all have the same wording, format, coding, grammatical errors and exact wording everywhere on every site, except of course, site name and domain. I have proven this so extensively in all those reviews up to that I now feel it is REDUNDANT to keep on supplying that proof in every post. Just click on a few of them to see for your self.


How the Scam Works.

You sign up with email. Firstly, when

you land on their home page you will see ‘proof’ of extraordinary earnings for one days pay – please believe me when I tell you – those numbers are fake! Do not fall for it.

Once signed up, you are told to get ‘busy’ watching adverts. Each ‘ad unit’, as they call them, amounts to ten cents and will be credited to your account in real time and in a way you can see it topping up. Not real.

Every referral you make will net your 50% in COMMISSIONS that you will Never Receive. These are interested in making money, just not, sharing it with anyone else. Your activities on their sites does generate income for the site and no one else.


Average Earnings break down as follows:-

  • 10 cents per ad viewed.
  • $50 up to $300 per day – I wish – just watching ads!?
  • 50% on all of your referrals viewed watched ads.
  • 1000 viewed ads – I can’ even imagine watching five ads in a row never 1000 – nets you an incredible $4800!

When you earn $150 you can request to receive payment. You may or may not have noticed, on their Home Page Description, they say you can receive your money with in one hour (another lie!).

You request it and they sen d you a bizarre message basically saying it is going to take TWO MONTHS to process or something your money. Two Months! Another thing, they demand you make 40 referrals to them FIRST before getting your cash. You can buy those referrals, please do not as they are fake, for $14.

So, once you buy those referrals, or, go all over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest spreading your affiliate link, you will just be LOCKED OUT of your account. Any communication via email afterwards is either nonsense or the email is just fake. Being scammed online like this is a bitter pill to swallow, I know, because it happened to me.

Imagine, if you will, having your OWN online business (like mine), where you are your own boss (like me) and you dictate your own hours and get paid for it!! I love my Job and I love being with Wealthy Affiliate whom have a stellar reputation online and who do pay out on time. No pressure, no hassle, just good information.




Wealthy Affiliate mug.






Final Thoughts.

So now you know ObyMoney. icu is nothing but another ‘Paid Advertising Viewing System’ Scam that never pays out. Not out of their 3068 copies in English has one site proved they have paid one cent to anyone since 2014. The unknown cyber-crooks are running them in German, French and Russian. With four languages they are running countless sites. If you know of more than feel welcome to let us know below. Be sure to check out our way to earn online for the long term below or HERE.


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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Is there a question in their Kiran? StoMoney Site does not pay out. I don’t work for that site and I only reviewed them to help warn others. Let me know if you are still looking for a way to earn online.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Manish,

      Here to help so ask away. You asking something about earning online or how I found exposed Sox Money? Perhaps you are asking how I build this website and you would like to know more. I am here to help so please just ask away and thank you very much for your comment here today as well 🙂 . Much appreciated.

      ~ Philip (Scam Witness).



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Tabrez,

      Is there a question in there somewhere Tabrez, hehe 🙂 . I am here to help if you need it.

      – Philip.


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