What Is UxuMoney.Win – Paid Advertising Viewing System Scam?

By | October 22, 2017
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What Is UxuMoney. Win and my Warning to You.

Thank You for ‘clicking’ and I am happy to share with you What Is UxuMoney. Win (http://uxumoney. win). Those asking Is UxuMoney Win good, Is Uxu Money Win owned by cyber-crooks, will get all of your questions answered in this UxuMoney Review. They are a Paid Advertising Viewing System Paid to Click offering big money for easy and low skilled work. They are numbering into the thousands where many complaints have been levied against them for no payments. For this reason, I am not recommending UxuMoney as Legit! 

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Company:- http//uxumoney. win.

Created:- 07/07/2018.

Founder:- Unknown.

Scam/Legit:- Keep reading or see our ‘Final Thoughts’ at the bottom of this post.

Farewell Note.




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What Is UxuMoney. Win and How it Works to Defraud.

Welcome and I feel it is very fortunate that you are wondering what is skymoney. site. I will show you if sky money site is a scam, legit, safe, real, trustworthy or straight up con. This reviews its credibility, given that, it has a host of others fraudulent sites defrauding people like it is going out of fashion.

We are talking about thousands here. Thousands of other identical sites disappointing separate waves of hopeful participants. I say ‘fortunate’, because, one can be wasting a lot of time just to get no pay with this rip off ‘opportunity’. The following reviews some websites that belong tot the same owners, as I will do with skymoney, have proven them ALL to be FAKE!


The list thus far is fepmoney. club, mesmoney. club, docdengi. top, razmoney. club, kavdengi. club, cumoney. club, jamdengi. club, advmoney. tech, voddengi. club, hurmoney. club, vawdengi. site, romdengi. club, webmoney. host, duhmoney. club, faxdengi. club, wotmoney. club, ahadengi. club, zendengi. club, normoney. club, suremoney. club, runmoney. club, zatmoney. club, dummoney. club, submoney. club, donmoney. club, nowmoney. club, datmoney. club, nowmoney. pw, vobmoney. club, advmoney. pw, advmoney. press!! A review of one is a review of them all as they are all IDENTICAL!




You may find a more up to date list of the current scams from the same owner as UxuMoney –>>> UpeMoney. BID.



  • Sky Money Club is a ‘Paid Ad Views System‘, of which, this is only one of a duplicate of 1000s, Free to sign up to you will be instructed to start watching ads. On the Home Page of all these sites you will see High Earnings for a single days pay. Those figures are fake. Actually, all the websites, are so a like, they even contain the same website errors right on down to the most minute mistake.
  • On average, you can earn between $50 to $300 a day just for watching advertisements. If you have the patience to view 1000 ad views per month you can earn up to $4800! None of this is true. NO ONE, who has had the unfortunate luck of running in to these scam websites, has ever been paid.
  • One may make even higher commissions by making referrals to this con site. They offer you a huge 50% on commissions for every ad video your referral views. Of course, again, it is simply not true. Things get very interesting once you start asking for your money. YouTube has loads and loads of these videos promoting these sites telling people of riches! Playing on peoples need for easy and quick cash.
  • From the out-set, all these sites are set up to just rip people off, leaving a ton of people asking for their money but without satisfaction. Here is how they Lock You Out of Your Account.
  • Once you hit the minimum a mount that you allowed asking for your cash. It is $150. Once the application for this has been made you will get an absurd message that does not make sense. Only sensible thing is that it takes Two Months to ‘process’, your money. You can buy those referrals for $14 or you can make them by spreading your affiliate link all over YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Your Website, Pinterest to drive traffic to get your own cash. The logic is just all wrong!!
  • In either event you will get the very nasty shock of just being locked out of your account. Any contact via email, if you can establish this, will reveal the contact email is fake, or returned mails do not make any sense without resolution. That is ‘characteristic’ of these particular guys – such responses are common on YouTube that pretend they don’t understand the difficulty.
  • That is pretty much all you need to know to stay clear of this and all the other websites detailed in the introduction for your convenience.







Final Thoughts.

To recap, the owners of this website can not be located. They have and are duplicating these sites with the only difference is the website name and domain. They even sell on your personal details so you need to take so security precautions to secure your accounts online. The sites come in English and in Russian. The location of the owners of these sites says they come from Panama. Others say it is a Russian Scam Network, a point I have detailed in other reviews, bu another online resource says they are from the USA. Who really knows? All round, it is a bad idea to think you can earn any money from watching ads as high as this site promises. Not legit, trustworthy or honest!


I would love to hear from you! Were you scammed by this site under review or another? Tell your story in the comments section to help warn others who may be tempted to sigh up with them. Are you suspicious about an online job opportunity? Let me know in the comments section and I will look into it for you. I want to thank you for the time it took you to read my post. I hope it helped answer what is skymoney. site. Come back any time as I post daily exposing fresh new scams online. All the best for now and stay safe online!

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