What Is SharesMore.com? Is SharesMore.com a Scam or Legit?

By | December 17, 2017

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Uncovering What Is SharesMore.com to Save you Time and Money.

Looking for a way to earn online and found SharesMore.com and asking is What Is SharesMore.com, is SharesMore a scam or is Shares More a really good high pay out online business? They are offering $1 Per Click with ‘instant payment’ that takes five days – looks like SharesMore does not know what the word ‘instant’ means. With a professional looking home page they operate to execute fraudulent acts against their hard-working members on a daily basis. This site is very interested in receiving Free Traffic and habitually refusing to pay their members. This is not even the half of it as they do other criminal acts that cause damage to people who sign up to them. I will detail the work, fake pay and how they truly take advantage of their online members.

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What Is SharesMore.com and Their Operating Online Scam.

It is Free to Sign up to SharesMore.com and you get a sign up bonus of $0, which is unusual, as scam sites usually offer one. WHOIS details are poor to say the least with no name for the site, address is any ones guess if it is eve real and the email is not visible. Clear indications or online suspicious activity. They were registered recently on the 24/8/2017.

Basically, no one knows who they are!



HOW to Make Money with Them.

You make money by referring other people to their site. They say there are tasks to complete for $5 and you can win $20 bonuses. Should you have two to three hours a day spare you can earn between $60 to $160 from the work they offer. However, online reviews and YouTube videos are declaring this to be a scam for no pay outs!


SharesMore.com Home Page



They wish for you to share your link so others may join up through it. Every time this happens you earn money even if it is just for a site visit. Everyone of their members can share their links in the following places:-

  • Chat Rooms.
  • Blogs.
  • Forums.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Etc.



How They Scam You.

I do not recommend you waste your time as they do not pay out. The minimum amount they pretend to pay out is $100, upon requesting it, they will give you the run around by asking you to complete a survey or an offer. This is so common I am literally writing that last line 100 times a day! They want you to pay money out of your own wallet/purse to complete this step to get your money. Unfortunately, this is the financially defrauding part of the scam and they still won’t pay you.

The sign up details, along with other sensitive data, will be sold on to people who want them for further fraudulent purposes, thus making SharesMore, a phishing site with potentially downloading malware to find cached data on your laptop etc. Lastly, you are locked out of your account with no way to collect your money.

Furthermore, $1 per click is a huge amount to pay to anyone for simply sharing a link. $1 can get you somewhere up to fifty link clicks and this is why no pays out $1 for just 1 click. SharesMore also says you can earn about $50 a day with their top earning members making $1500 and more a month. Of course, no one is making that or at least getting paid it anyways.

You can work as much as you like with the site under review and they will not care to pay you ANY monies for time you can never get back. Please stay away from them. Should you have been scammed by them then why not share my post to help warn others, especially, if you have promoted them on your social media accounts.

Should you have wasted considerable time on the site being reviewed then try to take heart and know there are real ways to make a go of it online. With training, time and work you to can learn to create a website that generates you and your family a quality of life you deserve. Just Click the Link below to learn how:-










IT would be brilliant to hear from you! Did you sign up to their site and spent hours doing work and still did not get paid as they promised you? You are more than welcome to leave your story in the comment box below which will help many to avoid them. Perhaps you have questions on another site? You can ask me and I will let you know. I hope to have provided all the answers to What Is SharesMore.com and hope I have helped you stay safe online from them. Thank you for popping by and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments. CHEERS!

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