What Is SatMoney Win? Is SatMoney Win Scam or Legit!

By | May 23, 2018

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SatMoney Win PTC Rumbled!

Non-Member Answer to What Is SatMoney Win and How They Operate.

This New “Paid Advertisement System” is pretending to pay big cash for easy work! Those needing to know What Is SatMoney. Win, Is SatMoney Win all lies, Is Sat Money Win OK and safe will have all these answers here. As we begin our review of SatMoney, I just want to tell you that they are indeed dishonest. They have many sites pretending honest payouts but no one gets paid. Run by unknown prolific scammers! We advise you to STOP working with them if you are currently doing so.




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SatMoney Win Owners, Work and Pay and Their Sister Sites.

Who are the Founders of SatMoney Win

The owners behind this site do not like to be known. They have excluded all images and name of such on their sites and no registration of these vital details upon their website registration online. Their email is not available, except when you are a member, and that one is associated with countless other scams online.

They created this SatMoney site in the month of May 2018 and expire same time in 2019. One year is only time enough to get your online rep going and doing some kind of legit business. However, those bad online companies that only want to be around for 12 months just to scam, will set such sites for this time period.

These sites come from Russia and also come in English and German. There are now

There are now 965 of these copied and pasted sites. That is right, they simply copy and paste the code for the site from someone else. They even carry with that action all site errors – which there are many. These sites have been avidly robbing people since 2014 and have no signs of slowing down either.


IF YOU PAID VIA YOUR CREDIT CARD, RING YOUR BANK, WHEREUPON YOU MAY BE DUE A REFUND AND A NEW CARD! That is to address an issue that occurs with these sites a lot!


They have 1000’s of these sites spread across three languages. For more extensive details on their operations, you have a look at anyone of those reviews below. These are the one’s we have found for this year alone. There are many more exposed on our site:-

  1. olmoney club.
  2. eromoney win.
  3. afmoney win.
  4. ugmoney win.
  5. ugamoney bid.
  6. armoney win.
  7. xymoney site.
  8. ydmoney bid.
  9. ummoney bid.
  10. nonmoney bid.
  11. yxmoney bid.
  12. elmoney win.
  13. ukmoney win.
  14. edmoney site.
  15. elmoney win.
  16. ubmoney win.
  17. agmoney bid.
  18. akmoney win.
  19. ogmoney win.
  20. opmoney win.
  21. oxmoney win.
  22. avmoney win.
  23. yhmoney win.
  24. ekmoney win.
  25. ewmoney win.
  26. ygmoney win.
  27. ytmoney win.
  28. odmoney win.
  29. uvnmoney win.
  30. asmoney win.
  31. exmoney win.
  32. ifmoney win.
  33. ommoney win.
  34. osmoney win.
  35. uxmoney win.
  36. agmoney site.
  37. ammoney win.
  38. ubemoney site.
  39. edmoney win.
  40. ebomoney win.
  41. abamoney bid.
  42. epmoney win.
  43. ovmoney win.
  44. oramoney club and also oramoney site.
  45. emumoney club.
  46. immoney club.
  47. otmoney club.
  48. ecamoney site.
  49. epomoney club.
  50. aqmoney win.
  51. atmoney win.
  52. ubamoney club.
  53. arimoney bid.
  54. ehmoney site.

Should you know of another of these sites you are very welcome to alert us in the comments section below.



If any of what they say was real I would be working for them full time. All participants are signed up just using an email address and all new members are welcome – there are no criteria to qualify. They just want members to click on advertisements, which do appear to be paid by real advertisers, and fill out a code. Then, you will be credited money to your account.



They will further incentive their free to work for no money work-force by saying they will make half of the commissions their new sign ups make. Should anyone find your link on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, on blogs like this, on any area of the net where they think they will get away with illegally spamming others – they will sign up and begin to work.

This program is not real and indeed just a ploy to make their members recruit others who may become victim in one way or another.



YER, they are not paying out even 1 CENT A DAY TO ANYONE!

However, they are saying they will pay all members ten cents per video viewed and code filled. This is non-sense as their advertisers are more than likely just paying fractions of a cent per each click! Highest such sites will payout for a click is 3 cents!!

Yep, no one is paying you nearly $500 a day and then COUGH UP MORE MONEY TO PAY THE SITE OWNERS!!

1000 member views on ads is said to make such members $4800 per calendar month. Another lie. No one has ever reported such a high payout for this kind of no skill labor online. If it were true, you would never have found my article, because it would have been out ranked by no many excellent reviews bursting at the seams with positive comments!

The table they have on their site showing off the payouts to members is all fake. Those member names are not real and monies are just digits on a screen. Don’t fall for it.

This pay out occurrence with any of these sites is a phenomenon I have never observed or seen reported as true legitimately online. HELL WILL DEFINITELY WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE THAT HAPPENS…



Spamming advised at SatMoney Win

NO, it is the quickest way to get a call from the cops! This is actually not legal and is frowned on for a reason. This is unasked for advertising i.e. unsolicited and could carry with it some heavy consequences. These unknown scammers tell people to leave their link all over their:-

  • Social Media Networks.
  • Texts.
  • PM’s.
  • Word of Mouth.
  • Blog about them and share your affiliate link this way.


Etc! Anyway possible you can get the word out, they want you do it! They have the bad effect of pulling in your friends and family to be scammed as well. If money for easy work is high – take a minute and do research it first. Google is your friend.


The article below will detail what happened to one such person who spammed like it was going out of fashion, which in time, I hope it will:-

What Is Spam and Why it is Bad. Thank you to etherboy.com. Opens in new tab so you may come back here if you like.



Cash Out and Get Out!


It is far too easy to hit your minimum payout target for all members. Too member are saying they are hitting this figure and more in a matter of hours. Upon asking for your cash they will want you to pay them $10 to do so. After which, you have to pay $9 more for 100 referrals, if you have not already, referred 40 people to them as yet.

There maybe someone called Martin Wood, pretending to be some kind of legit project manager, saying the system crashed and they want you to pay again. All part of the scam. They are never paying you and they have introduced this part of the scam into it relatively recently.

They require BTC Wallet payment – ALWAYS BAD NEWS TO PAY WITH BTC! There are zero traces of who sent what to whom! Not Good!


OK! I think I have made my point and we shall leave it there. Should you be thirsty for a lot more information on these sites, you can click away on any of those reviews we have already done.

Below, well – this is where you have the option to speak up and report on your experience with the site just exposed.





Were you scammed? Did they ask for your bank card details? Perhaps you handed over your PayPal and are concerned – just report such to us and we will do our level best to help you. Thank you all for reading this article on what is SatMoney Win and sincerely hope it helps many people avoid their horrible scam trap. Check out our #1 way to make money online from home below if you are serious about earning online.



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