What Is Salaryon.com? Is Salaryon.com a Scam or Legit? Full Review!

By | December 17, 2017

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Showing You What Is Salaryon.com.

Should you need to know What Is Salaryon.com, is Salaryon.com legitimate or a scam or reviews on Salaryon then my article will answer all of your questions. This site tries to convince you to join with high pay outs for easy work. Salary On is a fraudulent website whose founders have many of them online. I have uncovered some of them thus far but the owner is very well hidden and this is the reason such sites are able to work to defraud with impunity. I will lay out the work they want you do to, the pay they say they give out and how the scam comes to pass. Just know for now, they are being submitted to my SCAM SITES menu button!

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What Is Salaryon.com and Why They are a Scam.

First off, Salaryon.com does not pay out to their members – this is why they are a scam. Anyone can go to WHOIS and find out their site registration details. In the case of Salaryon it is easy to see that their address is not real with no email address to contact admin. As well, I do not see a name attached to Salaryon telling me they do not want to be found online. Very clear and serious signs of intentional deception. Incidentally, it is a new site that was created on the 19/6/2017 and already garnering site traffic to defraud online users.


Work and Fake Pay Details.

It is free to sign up to Salaryon with a $5 bonus – another thing they never pay out. The work is extremely easy and guarantees anyone that can turn on a PC is qualified. All they want you to do is share your affiliate link. This unique link can be shared to Twitter, Facebook and any and all social media platforms – even chat rooms. This is more commonly known as spamming. Should you want to know how to promote legit links in a manner that gets you free traffic then consider signing up for Two Free Websites – yours for life! Training provided – first ten lessons. Simply write about your product/service, and when someone clicks on your links and buys, you earn commissions. This is real affiliate marketing and anyone can learn to do it successfully to create a Full Time Income.



Salaryon.com Home Page



OK, after spending some time-sharing your link you will receive sign ups. Each sign up, or more commonly known as ‘referrals’, will earn you $10. However, and this is where I take strong issue, if someone simply visits Salaryon via your linkyou earn $5!! That is far too high for it to be real and no one online has ever been paid $5 for a ‘click’. Usual amount is $00.01/$00.03 per click!

Their ‘infamous’ minimum threshold to pay out is $300. I say ‘infamous’ because that is insanely high and legal sites would have that pay out from as low as cents! This money is meant to be paid out monthly through payment processors such as PayPal etc. Of course, it is worth repeating, they do not pay out!


The Cold Execution of Their Scam.

At the exciting moment comes to get your hands on your earnings a few strange things will occur. They will want you to PAY MONEY to fill out a survey, view ads, complete an offer etc. It is one of those three anyways. I have seen complaints that this is the case. Should you pay then this is how Salaryon.com makes money from you. Given you may have spent four weeks of your life sending them free traffic, well, they now have more members to try to defraud. I say defraud because when you pay they will still steal your account from you. You can not sign back in and there is no way to even complain to admin to get your cash.

Here are just a few of the sites I have found and reviewed by the owners of Salary on, should you need more details. The sites are listed in these articles called dollarclass, freshcash. Beshcashjob has a good listing of such sites as well.







It is always nice to hear from you! It is not uncommon for my site to get stories of people who have signed up to such sites and fall victim to their scams. Only recently one lady commented on another and earn just over $700 to find out they will not pay her. Horrible! Did you sign up the site under review and have a similar experience? You are welcome to let everyone to help others from having their time and potentially money wasted. Perhaps you are thinking about signing up to a different site but don’t know if they are legit? You can ask and I will see what I can do to answer your concerns. Herein this article, and the many others I have written, I am happy to say there is more than adequate information regarding What Is Salaryon.com to help you all make the right choice = not to sign up to them of course :-). I look forward to all of your comments and hope to see you soon. Thank you for reading my article and all shares are much appreciated. Do not for get about my #1 RECOMMENDATION if you are serious about a real way to make money online. Stay safe online and report all suspicious sites to me if you have any concerns. CHEERS!!


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