What Is SalaryDaily? Is SalaryDaily a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

By | November 22, 2017

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What Is SalaryDaily and Why You Should Not Join Them!

Thinking about joining but want to know What Is SalaryDaily first or asking is SalaryDaily a scam, is SalaryDaily.com safe and real or just looking up reviews on Salary Daily, then, this article has you completely covered. I have done many reviews on the owners of this site and I am afraid I will put their new scam site into my ‘SCAM SITES‘ section of my website. The payout is too high! Skill level and time needed to earn loads is too low as well. Let us discover how they deceive you and how many other sites they operate from.

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What Is SalaryDaily and Why I do NOT Recommend them.

I always start at WHOIS. WHOIS is a website that registers the details websites submit when they set themselves up. If the details are missing or clearly bogus, then you have a good idea, to their Honesty, etc. SalaryDaily details are ‘incomplete’ and fraudulently fake.

This site was created on 19/06/2017 and already has a bad online reputation with many negative reviews surfacing!

Their address is the same as well-known scam sites such as dutyrevo.com and all their affiliated sites. I do know they are the same people. No contact email – signs of deception and common practices for online scams!






Of course, their is NO Founders Name, and the Founder of the site under review owns the following sites as well, which you should stay clear of to:-

All these sites are online scams and are owned by the same people of the site under review! It is estimated to be 1000’s of these same online scam sites. Actually, these sites are so identical they follow the same site script, they follow the same wording, format, scam fraud process and same way of ending these frauds! There are a few ‘surface’ differences like images, from one site to another, but that is basically it! No one has ever been paid by any of these sites by these same scammers!!


Work, Pay, Skill Level, Experience to Join Salary Daily and the end of the Scam.

The work is mind-numbing but simple. When you sign up to SalaryDail you do so for free whereupon you are credited $25 Sign Up Bonus! You are instructed to share your link on sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, blogs, write your own blog post to drive traffic through your link. Anyone that just simply ‘clicks’ on your affiliate link then you will earn a huge $10!!

None of the above is true and is only to entice further victims to be scammed.

You may also find other online ‘tasks’ that you get $10 for but sharing your link is the bulk of your work.

When we consider that placing a few dollars for advertising gets advertisers up to 50 clicks then we can see that $10 per click is nonsense. No company on the planet could sustain such pay outs and they would go under in no time if they were legit. Consider as well, if this were true anyone could be making 100’s to 1000’s of dollars a day accompanied with an over flow of rave reviews! A simple Google Search will find you thousands of user complaints of no pay and being locked out of their account after many hours of hard work! Do not be fooled!!

You do not need any experience! Skill level is not really applicable. If you can copy and paste then you are qualified.

The minimum payout is $300! This is where things get tricky and criminal!!

At the exciting point you ask for your money you will be presented with, what will turn out to be, your final tasks. These tasks involve either filling out surveys or signing up to an offer! Offers will require bank details etc and you should contact your bank immediately before the trial period is done and you are charged!

Surveys, as always, will ask you highly personal questions and will require sensitive data that they can commit online fraud with. I am not saying all survey sites do this, however, many do! Just something to be aware of.

Here comes the ‘Hit’!

When you have completed the survey or offer then you are required to pay to complete this task. SalaryDaily will receive commission for this. Actually, Salary Daily receives commissions on all of your actions you take on their website, especially, this last part and all the traffic you send to them as well.

Once you choose your payment processor and make payment you will lose access to your account. Your password will be changed. The bogus email they give you inside will turn out to be fake. There is NO WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY! I am sorry to inform you of this.

That is pretty much it and any more info would be redundant! JUST KNOW IT IS A SCAM!










I would love to hear from you! Should you need further proof and data you are welcome to click any of those reviews I listed above. These fake sites are all the same but sometimes the fake payout is different! This is the part that I invite everyone to have their say. Did you sign up and encountered the problem I cited above? I would dearly appreciate it if you left your story to help warn others. Unthinkably, did you get paid!? Sometimes, and I do mean ‘sometimes’, scam sites will make some payments to generate payment proofs to help entice others in. I recommend you consider Signing Up To my Sites Free Newsletter to help keep you abreast of the scams doing the rounds right now online. You will also receive ‘Good’ to ‘OK’ online job opportunity reviews that may be worth your time as well. I hope to have answered all of your questions regarding What Is SalaryDaily to help keep you out of their way. Should you have further questions you are very welcome to ask me in the comment box below. Perhaps, as well, you are tempted by another site that enticing you in with riches for easy work? Let me know about them and I will get back to you with an answer. I respond to all comments in good time! Thank you for reading my article. Do come back soon as I post every day! Stay Safe Online Everyone! CHEERS!!

34 thoughts on “What Is SalaryDaily? Is SalaryDaily a Scam or Legit? Full Review!!

  1. Rab

    You get $10 if someone just clicks on your affiliate link??? Wow that sounds too good to be true, honestly. It is actually quite scary that these people are willing to create multiple scam sites in order to obtain our personal information. That is a lot of website that the same owners owns and it scares me to think that there are probably thousands, if not, hundred thousands more of these similar scam sites. Thank you for exposing them!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rab,

      Yes, SalaryDaily owners have many other websites operating same to similar scams. It is most definitely an illegal company and one should stay far away from them. Actually, it is one of the biggest operating scams online given the multitude of websites they own.



  2. Jill Lunavelasco

    Hi Phil!
    Great information about the online scams–very helpful! I am glad that you provided a list of online scams to help people! I have learned that some scammers have several similar online sites, which is confusing and often misleading.
    Great information!!! The public needs to be informed about what online sites are misleading!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Jill,

      Happy to hear from you and thank you kindly for leaving a lovely comment – always nice to get as well 🙂 .

      SalaryDaily is a horrible scam to fall for. I once fell for something similar where I had to submit sensitive data to win some IPHONE. Once submitted, the page refreshed and asked for the same info = Phishing Site. Opss.

      The owners of SalaryDaily have 1000s of the same to similar sites, sometimes images are changed, but the end execution of the scam is the same.

      I have definitely worked hard to find and expose as many of them as I could and I thank you kindly for recognizing and commenting as such. I see my site as a free service way to alert others and thus help reduce online fraud. Also, my second passion, to help others earn successfully online.

      I really do hope to see you again Jill and, again, very nice to hear from you.



  3. eze

    hi phil, my name is eze christian from nigeria, i have wasted my precoius time on salarydaily and later found out that it was fake. pls i need a site i can sign up and make cool cash.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi eze,

      Thank you for your question and I am sorry SalaryDaily took advantage of your desire and ambition to succeed online. There are many fine and good online opportunities online as in the ‘Good Online Jobs’ menu button top of this post. There are some ‘OK JOBS’ MENU BUTTON but bother sections do require a lot of time for little pay.

      I only recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the Number 1 Way to Earn Money Online per time and effort. You may want to read my review on WA >HERE to find out how. You can Sign Up >HERE to have a look around and see if the World of Affiliate Marketing is for you.

      Whatever you decide I do wish you much luck and a very Happy New Year!!

      Here to help you further should you have anymore questions eze.



  4. Kevin Greenwood

    Wow, I can really see how they suck people into being apart of their program by saying they pay $10 per click! I really appreciate you taking the time to inform us about SalaryDaily. It seems as the internet grows, so do the scams. I was scammed once online. It was a trading program, but after I spend hours “making money” I never got paid out. It’s so sad that this happens to people, but we learn from our mistakes(at least I did).

    My question to you is, what’s the main red flag to look for on these make money sites?


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Kevin,

      Yeah, $10 is far too high and no business could sustain such payment losses. You are very welcome and I am happy to have helped inform you of What Is SalaryDaily.

      The key points to watch out for when determining if a site is a scam or not is to go to WHOIS. IF you see no Founder Name, Fake address and email hidden, these are your first reliable signs of a scam site as no legit site would hide such details.

      Another is when the minimum payout is too high. The highest legit payout is $100 but many legit sites will pay out lower.

      Another is the payment per click is too high such as $10, even $1 per click = astronomically still too high. Legit sites will only pay out 1,2, or even 3 cents per click.

      Google site and see if they have many online bad reviews. NetBusinessRating is very good for such info. Scamdector.info PTC sites is also good but needs to update more.

      Should these sites have social media accounts then go there and see if there are complaints.

      Hope this helps Kevin and let me know should you wish to learn how to really learn to make money online that will not scam you.

      All the best,


  5. Owusu Lambard

    Hi am Lambard from Ghana and thank you for post. I was worried when my payout requested was faking out. When you request your payout alot of Ads will appeared. SalaryDaily is truly fake and to be trusted .
    Thank you for taking off the load from my shoulders.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Lambard,

      Oh, so they just show you tons of ads that never end?

      Yes SalaryDaily, along with all their other sites, are fake as they come. Thank you for warning others and you are very welcome. Should you need a real way to earn a living online please let me know.

      All the best Lambard.



    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Michele,

      Thank you very much for your comment regard What Is SalaryDaily. I do appreciate it indeed.

      Firstly, yes! It is very suspicious indeed and once people see those other reviews as well then I hope they will realize not to go there any of them!!

      You are very welcome and I AM glad I have helped another person stay safe online.

      All the best Michele.



  6. Sinead

    Hi Philip thanks for making us understand all out scams, I have followed you for a while and see you work is helping so many people. Thanks again and best of luck with everything.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Sinead,

      Nice to see you again!!

      Yeah, going six months now and I have saved 1000s already from being scammed online.

      I like this niche as it helps me to help others. I do know the feeling of being scammed online as it happened to me on several other occasions, so, I can talk from experience as well.

      Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you soon.



  7. Ed

    Hi Philip,

    Fortunately, I have never been ripped off in a scam like SalaryDaily. Maybe it’s because I am so skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. And I check and double check everything before deciding to join or not. Unfortunately, I know too many people that have been ripped off. The news is always full of stories about people having lost a lot of money, up to and including their entire life savings, to dishonest scammers.
    The good news is that not everybody on the Internet is running scams. I investigated WA thoroughly before joining and it is the best thing that has happened to me.
    Thanks for exposing the bad guys and promoting the good ones. Keep up the good work.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment Ed.

      I am glad you were cautious enough to avoid the myriad of scams online and yes it is hard to find someone online that has not been ripped! It really has turned into an epidemic.

      It is too easy to lose all you have to scammers especially when you get back a few quid on investments and then go for the ‘big one’!

      Wealthy Affiliate delivers on its word everyday and since I joined traffic to my site has gone up and up and does so by the day! I am happy I Signed Up just to have a look around. Now I can land posts on Page 1 of Google daily!!

      Thanks again Ed,


  8. Merry

    WOW! Actually, I think this deserves a double one of those Wow’s. I have not heard of Salary Daily and I must say these people are very clever as this is an enticing name. From your review it reminds me of another I found some time ago with the people using the same identical site information with just different names. I am really grateful for your time with this as it will save a lot of people from yet another one of these thieves!
    Very nicely done and appreciated. Shared for you on Google+

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Merry!

      Thank you kindly for your comment and I appreciate the time it took you to make it.

      Yes, the title of the scam site is very alluring to say the least. But, be of no illussions, SalaryDaily is very corrupt!

      I am very delighted to get two wows and has made my day for sure and over the moon with the share on Google+!!!

      The more people see articles like this less people such sites will have the chance to scam so many!

      Thank you once again Merry and feel free to pop back any time.



  9. james

    Hi Phillip,
    Thanks for your post on this. It always strikes me as dodgy when the founder’s name is blank on their site. Normally means they have something to hide. What’s even worse is that you don’t even get paid for the hard work you’re putting in! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi James,

      Thank you very much on your thoughts regarding SalaryDaily! Much appreciate the time you have taken to do so.

      Yes! A glaring lack of legit details in WHOIS, among other things, is a major red flag and one should be on their guard and be full of suspicions! It is a usually HIGHLY reliable sign of deception.

      If you are looking for a real way to make money online you should click here as WA is doing a major reduction for a whole years subscription!! >>> http://scamdetector.siterubix.com/exq6

  10. Phil

    Hi there,
    Many thanks for this honest and thorough review of salarydaily and if I am to be honest, I had not heard of this business before today, fortunately.
    Your post is damming of this company and I see that you have a ‘name and shame’ list of other businesses that they had also created…well done for that.
    How much money have all of these businesses scammed from honest unsuspecting innocent people, who were genuinely looking for an online opportunity that would make them some money.
    The downside to all of this is, they will fold after six to twelve months and resurface under a different name and carry on as normal, knowing that there is no online organisation to police these scammers.
    You are doing the public a great service, keep up the good work,
    Continued success
    Cheers PB

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you kindly Phil for taking time out of your time for you valued opinion on What Is SalaryDaily.

      They are a relatively new website that is expected to con many in time. I hope, with this article, to reduce those numbers!!

      It is sad that when people sign up to something they trust that they walk away with nothing. It is a hard lesson to learn for sure for many new to affiliate marketing online.

      You are right, such sites, do not last that long (usually), however, they do cause significant damage in their wake to many people online.

      I appreciate your review above and thank you kindly for recognizing my efforts and the efforts of other online bloggers.



  11. burleyboy

    It is really disconcerting to me that there is stuff out there like SalaryDaily that are sitting in the darkness waiting to pounce on innocent victims. Thanks for the heads up about their scam. I am definitely sharing this.

    On the other hand, I don’t suppose you know of another program that is more legitimate that I could also pass on to friends and family interested in affiliate marketing? You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. What are they all about?

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi burleyboy,

      Thank you kindly for your comment regarding SalaryDaily!

      I think it is also awful how they are able to even get a way with this criminality activity given our technology.

      You are most welcome and I am glad you are able to avoid this scam site and thank you kindly for the share as well buyleboy. Much appreciated sir!

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has proven itself to be honest and a legitimate way to make money online. They have been online since 2005 and can show anyone how to be successful online. You do not need any prior  experience, training or technical knowledge as the Techy side of things are taken care by WA!

      The training is desiged for beginners to understand and apply easily as they look over the shoulder of Industry Professionals via video tutorials.

      There is also materials to read as well. Other resources include live webinars, training classes just to mention a few more things.

      Basically, Wealthy Affiliate can show your friends how to make a website. How to create quality content for your site. How to attract free traffic to your site. How to monetize your site and finally how to get paid for your efforts. 

      It is a long term goal with long term benefits.

      Any more questions buyleboy you may refer to my Wealthy Affiliate Review or you can just ask me here, alternative, they may wish to SIGN UP HERE TO GET STARTED FOR FREE! Free options include Two Free Websites for Starter Accounts for Life! 7-Day Premium Access Pass with only $19 for first month as a paid premium member.

      Thank you kindly once again for your comment and I am happy you now know What Is SalaryDaily. 



  12. Annie

    Hi Scam Detector,

    Wow!! How did you find out about their other sites?

    I was looking into Salarydaily to see if they good or not. Googled it and found your post on page 1. Actually, I have seen many of your posts on page 1!

    Thank you for the warning and I will not be joining salarydaily anymore.

    I have been busy so sorry for so long for not commenting. Thanks again

    Keep up the good work!! xx.


    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Annie,

      Long time no see, I hope you have been keeping well!

      It is OK, I know we all have other things going on in our lives as well.

      I appreciate the time you have taken today to leave me a comment as I do love to see comments on my articles.

      Yes, many of my posts are landing on Page 1, which is, all now to the Training at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for noticing. It is a lot of hard work but it does pay off and it pays off forever once done!

      So, I am happy you know the truth of SalaryDaily and I am glad I have helped another to avoid this scam site.

      Thanks again Annie,



  13. Marley Dawkins

    Thanks Philip! Man this Salary Daily sounds really nefarious to me, I mean it just never ceases to amaze me how some people choose to make their money through dishonest websites like these, conning people out of their hard earned money, I’ve come across so many things like this Salary Daily.

    You really ripped it apart in your review buddy, you definitely are saving me and anyone online from falling into this scam, I mean the fake emails, deleting your account, and literally stealing money is just a criminal racket – stay well away people!

    Great review!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Marley Dawkins,

      Thank you very much for popping by and leaving your valued opinion on my article. SalaryDaily is expected to be the next high traffic scam site and I will be expecting many complaints about them soon enough. 

      I completely with you!! These guys have no conscinece and they do not care if you are a starving student, elderly couple or a disabled person! They are happy to live a criminal live online.

      Yes, I went after these guys in this article in a big way, so to leave no doubt to others, that they are not legit and not to be trusted.

      I am glad that I was able to warn you and happy you appreciate the article Marley.

      Thanks again for your comment.



  14. Bobby

    I had no idea that all those websites were connected in some way to scam people out of their money. I have been in several places like that before where people get promised the world but in the end it was all a lie.
    I hope WA works well for you. They seem to have lots of training to keep you updated.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Bobby,

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to leave a comment.

      SalaryDaily is but one site of a relentless and highly dedicated scam site network!

      The ‘Network’ has been going for years and I am amazed they have not be found out yet. Thats OK though, because bloggers like myself, will help warn others on a daily basis.

      Thank you very much, Yes, Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools and training necessary to be succesful online!



  15. Andrew

    Hi there. I finished reading your article about Salary Daily and just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thanks!

    I have seen tons of these scams recently and the problem just seems to be getting worse. I was involved with a site just like this a few years ago and then I discovered that there was around 50 replica sites, all under different names, all containing the same scam, designed to rip people off!

    I think it’s time that someone stepped in and started to police these online scams. It’s just not fair that these scammers make money whilst innocent people waste their time and hard earned money trying to make a little extra cash.

    Thanks for the warning!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for dropping my article a comment. The last few years has been good for online scammers, in particular, Russian Online Scam Networks!

      I have myself also signed up to such scam sites in the past and had a terrible amount of my time wasted as well. It is a horrible feeling to have been so badly duped!

      Until the ‘Internet’ finds a way for full transparency it is up to the bloggers of this World to help people avoid such scams. This is an recognized free service that authorities should consider working with!

      Thanks again Andrew and all the best for now.




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