What Is Roscan.co.za – From Animal Shelter to Helping Homeless People – Legit?

By | December 29, 2019

roscan.com non-profit charitable cause.

Roscan.co.za Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Given the unprecedented level of homelessness scourging Mankind right now we should all be compelled to do what we can to help out. In this need to help there are those that are just scammers. This deception can indeed stop good people from helping due to the fear of this unsavory behavior. Roscan.co.za I believe to be 100% Legit and not a Scam. This article, in essence, is an appeal to our shared humanity to push what we can afford to those on the very edge. You may send a small, or whatever you can afford to spare, to their PAYPAL DONATION POINT HERE.

If you know of a website that is falsely pushing for donations in this area, or you are suspicious of, we would very much appreciate your reports. Please leave links in our comments section below this article, or anywhere on our site, to help alert those that would otherwise fall prey to those that would cheat them out of doing good. Let us now begin seeking the relevant info like who the founder is, contact data, location, donation points and ultimately why I believe they are sincere.








What Is Roscan.co.za about?

Lets begin shall we. We need some transparency before we can say they are legit, just to be safe. This is prudent as we have already mentioned that there are those that do not care but only to use this kind of niche as a guise to cheat others out of their hard earned cash. However, as said, we believe this is a sincere entity that is doing what they can, and what must be done more and more, to help those that have nowhere or no one to help them in life.

Recently I read that homelessness is worse then it has ever been. Even greater than the 1930’s/ 20’s. 08 Crash is only relatively recently surfacing globally. It took about ten years for it to become visible as people will and have done their best to keep what they had.

Of those that caused the crash only one banker in the USA was sent to jail. In Ireland – no one was sent to jail. Perhaps for a few months but really that is not justice. Our world has been taken over by psychopaths that go on TV and lie time and time again. Civil unrest is the symptom of cruel and corrupt establishments where only the 1% live in exorbitant luxury.






Background Check for Roscan.co.za.

Roscan.co.za was registered online in 2019/08/09 and done so for one year. It is my hope that many will donate so they can re-register for at least ten years to come. So they are new and started out as an animal rescue center. Recently it seems they have begun to expand their help to humans.




The address of their location is Matroosberg Station R318 Touwsrivier, however we have located HRCP+36 Kleinstraat, South Africa under the key words ‘Dog Roscan Sanctum’. I have been in communication via a trusted third party friend that they are situated next to the rejuvenated rail station house that is going to be vacated in due course.

And so we have located them despite only minor confusion. Not to worry as scammers would supply a fake address that would in no way would anyone believe they were there, such as they do all the time.

Their shelter is run by volunteers only and so they receive no other funding other than by donations, best to my knowledge. 

Rose and Duncan are the founders of this website and the foundation of their charitable cause which is non profit in nature. Their contact info is Duncan@roscan.co.za and maRose@roscan.co.za. Contact numbers are 082 211 4494 for Rosemary and 076 694 6223. There are no scam reports attached to these numbers or to their address, names etc. 

Additionally, Roscan Sanctum Worcester 076 694 6223 is more contact information provided to myself via Facebook. That checks out perfectly to their site and Facebook Page.

There is nothing of a ‘scam’ nature about their site in Google. So that is the most vitally important part of this research.

The connection in their location is poor and so Whatsapp or Skype is their preferred contact for better connections, by the way.



The volunteers teach, at their own expense and time, those in need, various skills. These skills are:-





 1). animal husbandry (we have pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and dogs)

2). farming skills (we plant our own crops)

3). carpentry skills (our residents produce hand crafted furniture)

4). interpersonal relationship skills





Final Thoughts.

There really is nothing more to say that has not already been said at Roscan.co.za. They are a group that started off rescuing animals and now expanded to help people. There are ten people so far with the goal of 10 more added to be helped. All donations will go very far in this goal and so in time I hope 100’s are helped, if not more. So there is no confusion, they are legit, as I expose online scams and Roscan is NOT one!

You are welcome to donate below via their own PayPal Link, and so if you are not in a position to do so now, you are welcome to bookmark our website for a time when you are 🙂 .


You may also make a bank transfer donation via the data below:-



Please share this article, or any article on our site, as we will be in discussion with Roscan owners to work a percentage of our sites profits to their work on a monthly basis. The more traffic to our site the more we can afford to give. Those that aren’t able to donate right now can share any content on our site, if so inclined. 







Before you go:-

Those working at Roscan.co.za, and the people there, if you wish to add to this article
for corrections, or additional info (in comments below), or if someone is not comfortable
having their image on our site, then we would happily make such corrections to this short
article. Thank You.

www.roscan.co.za. website.





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