What Is RichGoPTR.com? Is RichGoPTR.com a Scam or Real!

By | December 28, 2017

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Quick Answers to What Is RichGoPTR.com.

Curious to find out What Is RichGoPTR.com, is RichGoPTR.com a scam or legit? Or in need of a review of RichGoPTR – WELCOME! I will delve into the extreme madness of their payout promises and the execution of their scam. RichGoPTR offers Executive Pay for menial online tasks that anyone can do – ‘you’ and me and everyone else is going to get rich really soon! But wait, is it real? I am afraid not! No site can afford to pay out hundreds of dollars for reading an email or going to a site. They give themselves away in the very first paragraph on their Home Page and it is now easy for me to call Rich Go PTR a scam site. They are being dumped into my SCAM SITES portion of my site.

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What Is RichGoPTR.com – How They Scam YOU!

To answer what is richgoptr.com we just need to understand what is PTR? PTR stands for Paid To Read (for those that don’t already know) and that is it. This is going to be a really short post I think. They have Two Options for you:-

  1. You may read emails for $150 a pop! Nice! That is for Stand Members. Premium Members get $100 more.
  2. Or, you can advertise on their site for extortionate rates. Let’s put it this way – no advertiser is going to pay thousands of dollars for the same amount of clicks, they get else where, for only a few dollars!!

It is so obviously a scam, I am not going to waste your time breaking the second option down! E.g.:- 15K for 1000 clicks for your ad on their site. Comparison:- a few dollars on a real and legit site for 1000 clicks per ad! Big difference in prices we see and clearly a fraud. They promote similar sites to themselves and look to come from themselves, which I have seen on other fake sites, to give the illusion that many are advertising on their not so ‘legit, safe and honest site’.


RichGoPTR Scam Site!



RichGoPTR.com was registered in WHOIS in 2010 and set to expire at the end of 2018. No creator name and fake address along with suspicious looking email – classic scam signs! However, they are another thing as well – RichGoPTR is a PTC Site to boot! (Paid To Click – just in case you were wondering). For every advertisement you ‘click’ on you will be paid $100 for Standard Users and $50 more for Premium Members. Word to the wise on this point – PTC sites will only pay out between 1 cent/2 cent or even 3 cents per click = 3 IS nearly impossible to find! Shall we find out how they execute the scam on its members? Keep reading to learn how they further damage you online.



I am leaving that above on a line all of its own for a reason as minimum threshold is usually only a few dollars and rarely $100 before you can claim your earnings with PTR/PTC sites. But, if you just want to earn $500 for signing up to them then that is what they are currently paying out. This clearly is complete rubbish and acutely displayed for all to see on their site. These are enticements to play on peoples need for money now and but they will never receive monies per time and effort expended. Richgoptr has a very poor online reputation with endless complaints of no pay outs. Be warned.

Additionally, it is my opinion all PTC Sites are worthless ways to make money online. They will not even pay you good pocket money for time and effort expended.



How The Scam Ends.

When you make the insane payment threshold of 10K you will be told to Upgrade. This is a trick and just a way to tempt you to make some money for themselves. They will accept your payment through the likes of PayPal and Payza etc. Those two payment methods are the boss of payment methods and would not deal with a site such as this given its long run of online criminality! Should you fall for this then you will still will not see a single cent for your time and efforts. Not even for making them referrals at a rate of $200 each!!







Be welcomed to jump straight in and tell me what you think! It boggles my mind this site is still running, and amazingly, still receiving decent pool of traffic to defraud despite the amount of warnings from others online via videos and articles like mine. Should you wish to warn others about your experience you are welcome to leave that in the comment box below and I am sure many will be helped by it 🙂 . Should you have any questions about what I have written here, or on How To Make Money Online, I am available to further advise in whatever way that I can. I think I have answered What Is RichGo.PTR.com to help you make a decision on this matter. Thank you for popping by and please come back soon. Take care for now.

One thought on “What Is RichGoPTR.com? Is RichGoPTR.com a Scam or Real!

  1. jose diaz

    Parece mentira que siga habiendo clientes para esta página. SCAM total ylo digo por experiencia y menos mal que no se me ha ocurrido invertir


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