What Is Rich Minds Network? Is Rich Minds Network a Scam?

By | January 7, 2018

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What is Rich Minds Network doing Re-branding MLC247!

I am chasing this site scammer all over the net! Should you want to know What Is Rich Minds Network, asking is Rich Minds Network 247 (rmn247.net) a scam, and need to know is RichMindsNetwork legit or out to con you? I can say the founder of rmn247.net is the disgraced founder of MLC247, later set up MYMLC247 and GreatMinds247, all of which, are running the same online scam! I will leave links to those reviews so you can see the comments from people who did not get paid, how Olsen Larsen ran off with all the money etc. Soon as he shuts down, or simply picks up another site to scam with, please let me know and I will expose him again, and again, and again until he can not operate online to rip people off anymore! Leave your stories, opinions in the comment box below to save others from these prolific scammers. Thank You.

I do not endorse the Rich Minds Network because I have already proven the founder is a criminal fraudster. Armed with this new information, and you may still be looking for safe ways to earn online, you may wish to take a read of my review of Wealthy Affiliate >HERE<. Alternatively you can sign up >HERE< to try it out for yourself and learn about Affiliate Marketing.





Websites:- https://rmn247.net.

Founder:- Famous Scammer Olsen Larse, Alias, Makifiri George.

Revealing What is Rich Minds Network.

Created:- 7/17/2017. Their website says they have been online since 2012 – another lie.


#1 RECOMMENDATION:- Wealthy Affiliate.

Payment:- BTC.



What Is Rich Minds Network and Amazing Reasons Not to Join Them!

Let us first do some back ground research, before we answer What Is Rich Minds Network, so we know more about the nature of this particular beast. RMN247.NET was created 17/7/2017! Their site says they have been online since 2012! LOL! Too easy to call them scammers already – thanks for making my life easier boys and girls. The Founder is, per a comment received on another post, is Makifiri George. Olsen Larsen and Makifiri George are the same person! This individual(s) have already ripped untold numbers from former site MLC247. I will now link you those reviews below so you know the full scale of their online operations and their deceit:-



Do you know of another by the same scammer? Please let me know in the comment box below and I will expose them for you online! Thank You πŸ™‚ .

True to the form of a scam site they do not have any legitimate WHOIS details for their online ID. No email address either and certainly no Founder Name. All excellent signs that we are dealing with an online scam. Below I will detail all the signs of a scam from their site. I am happy now you know the history behind rmn247.net and you found it all in the one place.



Signs of a Scam Site by Same Scam Founder Olsen Larsen/Makifiri George.

I will now dissect their site and show you reasons why they are not legitimate.

Sign of a Scam number 1:-

No Founder Name. No email Addresses. No legit online business registration location. Already covered.

Sign of a Scam number 2:-

It is a cash gifting scheme, which is illegal the world over, whereby you give/donate/invest money to another member of their site. The ‘system’will match two others to you and you receive money with profit. This can take 1 to 6 months depending on how long you want to wait for it. The interest is 50% per month (far too high and not sustainable), and when you ‘sponsor’ 3 others (meaning – giving away your money online to utter strangers!!) your own financial dreams can be cashed out automatically. Words likeΒ automaticallyΒ and instant, when it comes to payments online, usually are associated with scam sites.

Sign of a Scam number 3:-

It is a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme! These two schemes are illegal everywhere. When a business relies on new people joining, who then pay money upon, that money is paid out to older members. Not always though, a lot of the time payments are given out to a few (10% of members) while the others won’t see a dime. You have been warned!!

Scam Sign number 4:-

Since, soon after starting up, will – or already have – be greedy with the money paid in. Not everyone will get their share and they will use delay tactics to frustrate payments/people and find reasons why you must ‘HELP’ another member again. ‘HELP‘on their site simply means = make another payment to a total stranger so their and your financial dreams can come true! They are not regulated! They operate on trust and solely online! They are not obliged to ensure you make a dime! I hope you are getting message! They are targeting:-


  • UK.
  • USA.
  • DUBAI.


Please share this article to help so many people to avoid the online scam site under review.


Sign of a Scam number 5:-

Payments are made out in 48 hours upon qualifying criteria. A Wallet Keeper (formerly known as ‘KEEPERS‘ on their previous scam sites) will keep money and then pay out. These keepers are just members who donate/invest. Should you require more money than what you were able to pay in, it is OK, as you can ‘DONATE’ 25% of your profits back into the system to help others. This is a ruse to keep your money and the whole show on the road. They are ‘true’ to their title and actually do ‘KEEP’ your money, small joke πŸ™‚ .


I am done with them. Their site is riddled with nonsensical sentences that make no sense. Full of generic meaningless statements. They contradict themselves on too many points that have been covered on my other reviews regarding their sites. Below I will take great pleasure in dishing out their well-deserved rating!




Job Done! πŸ™‚ .





Did you make money with the site I just reviewed? If so, Great! Please leave that information in the comment box below so we are fair in our discoveries. However, have you invested once, two or three times and still waiting? This is common with these scammers and you should definitely expose them below. Those that come here to get information and not leave your experience, well, you are tacitly allowing them to continue. Google will note such complaints and will save many others online from them. Thank you for your time. Their is enough information on What Is Rich Minds Network to leave no one in any doubt, and if you still wish to join them, then be quick as the first level of investors will mostly make some money. However, you only have your self to blame when the inevitable occurs. Good luck!


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8 thoughts on “What Is Rich Minds Network? Is Rich Minds Network a Scam?

  1. Luna

    I found humor in this article about you chasing this fraudster all over the internet. The amazing thing about these scammers is that as soon as a site is taken down they spring up somewhere else. Same information, different name, and same objectives.
    I don’t believe anyone made any money from any of the sites because Olsen Larse has become a professional and wants to get rich without working. The onus is on everyone who is buying products online to do their research and avoid these unconscionable persons’
    I am thinking about your suggestion to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, I noticed that I can sign up for free. I have some questions for you.
    How long can I stay in the free program?
    Can I make money with that program?
    Is the training the same as the Premium Membership?
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Luna,

      Haha I am glad you found it fun lol and is not too far from the truth either.

      They do have a knack for shutting up shop but having another site to start earning from as well pretty quickly.

      People, I am sure in time, will definitely be getting into the habit of researching before they sign up to anything from now on.

      So, regarding Wealthy Affiliate, You have a 7 Day Free Premium Pass giving you a taste of the full power of WA.

      You sign up to an account that is Free for Life, and yes, even Free Members can earn commissions form Wealthy Affiliates Referral Program – which – is one of the many things that made me stick with them.

      There are differences between free and premium, as you would expect.Free members get Two Free Websites a Ten Free Training Videos. You also get the use of Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool. Premium gets that and too much more to list here. You have All Phases of Video Training up to Expert Level. Class Rooms. Webinars. Live Chat. Access to the Founders of WA (Kyle and Carson) 247 etc etc etc there is just too much to list. There is nothing like Wealthy Affiliates Premium Program as it is only $19 for first month. $49 thereafter and the price never goes up. The Yearly Savings Plan is for people that want to earn sooner and should only be considered when one is sure they truly want online success.

      You are most welcome Luna and I was very happy to hear from you πŸ™‚ .



    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Deon,

      For now I’d advise you stay away from royalbitcoinsa .com for the following reasons.

      There is no site owner name on site that I could see. WHOIS details site owner as Thabo Modise. There 48 Facebook accounts with same name and some Linked In accounts as well.

      There is no website registration details and email is hidden on WHOIS, THOUGH, they do have one on site.

      Tellingly, they have registered their site for only 1 YEAR! This is common practice with scam sites, of which, it is too early for me to label them that. Let us just say LEGIT sites do not have missing online ID details EVER.

      They want to float bitcoin on forex which has never been done before. SO, that is another tell tale sign.

      Grammatical errors on their site which no professional business site would allow.

      They want inexperienced investors to invest but they do not detail training opportunities, therefore, they are asking money from people so they will do the investing for you. WARNING! Ponzi Scheme Alert and that is another sign that they are not to be trusted.

      All in all Bit Coin is out of my area of specialty at the moment and so do know too much about it, though, I am reading up on it daily.

      So, to conclude, they are dealing in Rand Currency, this is Naira? If so they are Nigerian site owners and Nigerian Scams have EXPLODED online after the people were warned not to go near them. Given the economic situation of the people many took the risk and went to such sites.

      I hope I have helped answer your question Deon.


      Philip. Oh, I will shelve this site for now until my knowledge is better and certainly will write them up in time. Thanks again.

  2. Alex

    Hello again Philip,

    You sure have been chasing this fraudster all over the Internet. It is wonderful to know that there are people like you out there looking out for anyone who wants to make money online. It is a darn shame that he keeps doing this. No one should have to suffer what he has put these people through.

    You are right that people need to pay attention to the wording of any business proposal. The fact that they say automatic and instant is very misleading. There is no legitimate way to make money that way. It takes time in every profession. The wording is key to understanding something.

    I do have a question though. How did you get so good at understanding how to spot a scam like this one? It seems like you have a very useful skill that everyone would benefit from. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make today a great day!



    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hey Ale – Great to hear from you again,

      Yes, the wording is crucial for identifying contradictions and sneaky loop holes that are misleading per initial site description.

      Well Alex, I have been writing about online scams for about 7 Months now, and so, you tend to see very common attributes are most scam sites. #1 Thing I nearly always notice first is profit per time and investment. For instance, “Earn $10 Per Click”. So, someone just clicks on your affiliate referral link and you get $10 – nahhhhh…not real. Another is, of course, WHOIS details. If none – then you are dealing with a scam site = 99% of the time.

      Poor reports on other reviews and user complaints are an invaluable source of information regarding the truth of such scam sites as well. Scamadisor website, scam detector . info and other sites will usually have accurate data – but not always – in my experience.

      Yes, the founder mentioned in my article, would probably get 4/5 years in jail should he be ever caught.

      Thank you once again for your lovely comment Alex and hope to hear from you again some time.



  3. Lario

    Hi Phillip. want to know if carlswaldcapital a scam or legit business please help before we use our money like we did with mlc ….

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Lario,

      Please stay away from them for now. 80% RETURNS is not sustainable and looks like another Ponzi Scheme to me. It is not regulated by any authoritative outside financial body, thus, it is build on trust without guarantee of making a profit. ONE QUICK LOOK and I am confident in saying – I think they maybe a real scam. I look continue to look further.

      I will keep you up to date and will probably write a post on them as soon as I am 100% certain of my suspicions.

      Chat soon Lario.




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