What Is Rand Builders Net? Is Rand Builders Net a Scam or Legit?

By | January 30, 2018

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Details Answering What is Rand Builders Net

Easy Answer To What Is Rand Builders Net!

RandBuilders.Net is offering ‘dazzling’ returns from their website! Should you be looking to KNOW (really) What is Rand Builders Net, is Rand Builders Net a scam, is RandBuildersNet safe and legit then you have come to the only review you need. I will try to track down website owner ID (as it is common practice for online scam sites to hide such details) and are they really paying out? To save you reading the whole post, I can tell you now, Rand Builders is a Ponzi/Pyramid/Cash Gifting Scheme which makes them illegal, and since many will get have or get robbed blind, will become a Scam if they have not already done so!

Some will get paid early on, but, MOST WILL lose all their investment(s) – that is the problem with these illegal schemes. However, I do have one highly-established and highly trusted opportunity. They are called Wealthy Affiliate! For full details on how to start your own online business please click >HERE – $0 Start Up!< or >HERE< to sign up.




What Is Rand Builders Net and Clear Reasons Not to Join Them!

“Risk Takers Wanted!” That should be their site logo. Instead, they are luring people in, people in need of a quick ‘money-fix’, and forwarding themselves as a solution to all your financial woes. For a small few, perhaps, but for the most – NO! They will only increase your struggles!! The answer to what is Rand Builders Net is, quite simply, a game where 90% of participants will not get any financial benefit! Since that figure is so high – THEY ARE A SCAM!

That figure above is the mean/average amount of victims per ponzi/pyramid schemes and can be safely applied to all of them,

It is interesting to see, they say, they are he “First of its Kind in South Africa“. (!!?). You are most welcome to hit the ‘HOME‘ menu button above, and have a look through some of my posts, and you will see there are MANY of these types of same scam sites!! SO – we now know they are lying, or at least, deliberately misleading. South African Cyber Space is crippled with these websites.

OK, enough jibber-jabbers! Let us now find out who owns Rand Builders. The owner name, apparently, is Khoboso Tsike! I Googled it and nothing returned for it – never good. They have an address but who knows if it is real. Email is hidden, which is insane for an actual online business, as they should be one of the primary sources of communication between themselves and customers. Online ID is ‘shaky‘ at best.

So, I see they are trying to ‘pawn’ themselves off as an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company because they have some PDF with training and tips to purchase? So, this is a tiny ‘loophole’ for illegal schemes to try to pass for legal. However, it is not financially regulated, as it should be, and all monies for purchases of these PDF’s goes straight to your up line (your referrer). It is a ‘front’, a ‘smoke screen’, to blind you to one simple fact – They are Illegal!

I can clearly see how much people get back per low investment, which do go up, and the returns become unsustainable to pay out to every member that buys/donates – OR, to use the EXACT WORD they used – “GIFTING“…

Cash Gifting Schemes are completely illegal given it is based on ‘trust’ that what you ‘gift’ to people you don’t know online, will be returned to you with added monies, as such, it is an investment. “Gifting“, “Donate” all mean “INVESTMENTS“. They are used interchangeably with these online scam sites.

Their own site covers what you get back per investment, so, I won’t nauseate you with repetition this time round 🙂 .


Is Rand Builders Paying out and Scam Signs Galore Exposed!

Why Are Additional Incentives Canceled“. That is one of their questions in their FAQ’s Section. You would not believe how many times I have come across the same idea as what I am about to tell you.

Rand Builders have canceled some ‘incentives’ for the purposes of, and here it comes…




What does that mean? It means you ain’t getting paid per the conditions upon which original members first joined! It means they are starting to break their word. Also, and just like MLC247 that collapsed like a Fat Cinderella in Size ZERO High Heels, is a future ‘EXCUSE’ not to pay out to its members. “Oh, yeah, sorry – the ‘SYSTEM’ thing – you know?”. THEN! Get this!! I have seen sites like this call their members LAZY, Blaming their OWN MEMBERS and accusing people of NOT PAYING AND OTHER CONVOLUTED BIZARRE REASONS FOR PAYMENT PROBLEMS!! LIES! LIES! LIES!

The ‘system’ ‘feature’ is should be considered tantamount to a confession of future illegal deeds yet to be perpetrated upon their members! A SUPER RELIABLE SIGN YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET (pick a word) CONNED!!!

You ever see this, forget it – just run!

Below, I am going to further illustrate (OK, I will be honest. I am going to pick a part their site, and I know, I am going to find sign after sign after sign that leaves me in no doubt they are NOT legit!! Let’s begin).


Here Are Poisonous Scams Signs on Rand Builders Net



  • Sign of a Scam 1:– Founder, per their website, DOES NOT EXIST! No where to be seen on their site.
  • Sign of a Scam 2:- They used he word “gifting“, in their FAQ’s, in explaining future working/payment activities – ILLEGAL ONLINE OPERATION RIGHT THERE IN THAT ONE WORD!
  • Sign of a Scam 3:- ‘THE’, without exception, FAKEST attempt at ‘TESTIMONIALS’ I have ever seen. There is no name per testimony, no image or online member ID – LOL!
  • Sign of a Scam 4:- Shoddy site! Their site, for the monies they say they can pay people, is very poor.
  • Sign of a Scam 5:- Thanks to their Facebook link, I came across one of their posts. From a simple question as “What happens if you make more than two referrals per your link…” (seems like you can only get credit for just two people, meaning, additional referral monies are not going to you – so they must be going to them!) got this response. Here is the ‘gist’. Please refer all your password queries to this email (email) where a password will be sent! (In the same breath)…All password queries will – NOT – get a RESPONSE! WHAT!? All queries referring to referrals will not get a response!!! No questions will be answered on Facebook and Twitter and are only promotional and marketing platforms!!!!!! Seems like you are on your own once you pay up!
  • Sign of a Scam 6:- They want your EXACT and True name, address and mobile/phone numbers! That is enough info to commit fraud in your name. Big mistake, initiate online safety procedures such as changing passwords etc. Contact your bank and make sure no one is living off of your good credit. Cancel any weird debits you did not authorize.
  • Sign of a Scam 7:- Grotesque imagery of money!
  • Sign of a Scam 8:– Their Terms and Conditions are interesting! They are allowed to monitor your browsing activity = that is just plain weird!!
  • Sign of a Scam 9:- You ‘AUTOMATICALLY AGREE, by signing up, to receive special offer promotional emails from them. Should you receive mails not from Rand Builders that you never received before, JUST KNOW, they have sold on your details to online gangsters who are targeting you for the purposes of fraud. I saw such a list in Naira Land Forum being sold for 3K! 100’S OF 1000S OF EMAILS BEING SOLD!!
  • Sign of a Scam 10:- They are not responsible if you lose your money due to a slow member sign up activity! There you have it!!


OK! I have made my point. Below is a recap, scam rating and then you can have your say!


RECAP:- Founder is not locate-able online. No guarantee of money success. They started on the 10/12/2017 and already struggling to pay members, TELLING ME, they are already starting to collapse. I have saw such sites collapse in a matter of months – you have been warned!









You are most welcome to add to this forum with enthusiasm! Perhaps you think I got all this wrong? That is fine, difference of opinions is obviously allowed and healthy, and you can leave your suggestions where I went wrong in the comment box below. Perhaps you need to know about another site online? Just ask me and I will look into it and get back to you ASAP with a response. I would certainly suggest signing up to my site to stay up to date regarding online scams. What Is Rand Builders Net I believe has been adequately answered and looking forward to all of your comments. For now, stay safe online everyone, and farewell until next time 🙂 .


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2 thoughts on “What Is Rand Builders Net? Is Rand Builders Net a Scam or Legit?

  1. hong

    I love your website. Thank you so much for writing this. There are so many scams online. I appreciate your dedication to help people avoid falling a victim of these scam sites. I got scammed a few time in the past. I wish I had this information available. I learn new things every time I come to your website. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hong,

      Thank you so much for your lovely compliment 🙂 always makes my day when others appreciate the effort involved to find and expose sites like Rand Builders Net.

      It is always my aim to provide as accurate details as possible to help everyone come to their own decision, ultimately, saving them a lot of time and some money.




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