What Is QuidCo About? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join!

By | July 4, 2018

Guide to answer What Is QuidCo About and How to Earn Money with them. 


Member Review of QuidCo

We are going to be fully detailing What Is QuidCo About (https://www.quidco.com) and we will answer how to make savings with your own online purchases, also, make decent money from their Affiliate Program. In essence, QuidCo is a cashback site, just like TopCash.co.uk, and appears to pay a one time £20 commission for just referring others to them. Once that referral makes £5 in cash back, then you earn $20 to your PayPal – Simple! We will have a much greater look at QuidCo to see if it is something that is even worth your while as a way to make money online.


We will cover:-

1). QuidCo Founders/History.

2). How it all works and where you go to sign up to start making savings/earnings online.

3). Reviewing their Affiliate Program as a Member of QuidCo’s Affiliate Program.

4). Online Reports of QuidCo.

5). Final Thoughts and Your Views/Opinions/Stories of QuidCo.



Paul and Jen Nikkel are the Founders of QuidCo

Company:- QuidCo.com.

Created:- 25/03/2005. Expires:- Same date 2025.

Founders:- Paul and Jennifer Nikkel.


Affiliate Program:- They have one and it is Free to Join. Just share your affiliate link to Start Earning Money.





Member Review to Show What Is QuidCo About and is it better than TopCashBack.co.uk.

Is it really easy to earn money with QuidCo?

Safe and Recommended!

Both of these sites are proudly hailing themselves as the #1 CashBack in the UK! Lets have a look to know more on What Is QuidCo About.

I have just joined both of them, and for now I can say, I am preferring QuidCo a little more. 


Well, QuidCo allowed me to sign up to their affiliate program very fast. With TopCashBack.co.uk there is a £4/£5 to sign up to their affiliate network. I was not aware of the fee prior to application, and as a general rule, I don’t like surprises like that. However, I find them both excellent cashback sites and would love to know your experiences with either one or both of them and tell me which is your favorite and why?




We expose a lot of online scams and we always check the background of every site. This is to clearly identify if they are a scam or not and is but one necessary step.

As said, the Founders of QuidCo are Paul and Jennifer Nikkel. They started off their website while they were attending the University of Sheffield, UK. Where they found the time, on top of their studies, I will never know! Great Jobs Guys 🙂 .

Anyways, by 2007 they created an office in London that employs over 100 people. They created QuidCo with the vision of helping students to save money online while they shopped. No doubt, their membership is anyone that just wants to save while shopping.

On average, I am guessing you are going to be making a saving of about/nearly £300 a year, if they are anything like TopCashBack. Any long term members here of QuidCo? What was your average yearly savings? Do let us know to help others decide if it is worth their while.

Personally, I think it makes huge sense to collect savings on your shopping, because, well – why not?!




How it all Works to Earn Money.

Well, and obviously, you are going to need your own account —–>>>>> Get Your Free QuidCo Account Now! That will open in a new tab so you may come back here for further info once done, if you like 🙂 .

When signed up you may peruse all their offers. They have 4500+ merchants (sellers) vying for your attention. Upon purchasing your item, then you are to take a picture of your receipt (if in real store), to get your cashback on purchases.

Merchant will then pay Quidco some commissions, out of which, you will get your cashback! The fact they pay people out of their own commissions is a great idea and its no wonder they have over Millions of Loyal Customers!




Always take a picture of your receipt(s) and send it to QuidCo. Once they confirm with the merchants you made these purchases, the cashback per item if they are on their cashback list, will be tabulated and sent into your QuidCo Account.


It really is that simple!



Have they got an App?

QuidCo App for Savings on Your Purchases

For when you are on the go, you may use their app to be constantly updated on new offers, and then take a picture of your receipts, as mentioned. You may search for any item by brand name and see if it is available for cashback. Should it be, simply purchase it online via normal payment methods, and you will see the status of your item and when the cashback is in your account.

Their App, suitable for iOS and Android Phones, can be found in Google PlayStore and the App Store as a free download.

Their App is called ClickSnap!


Can You Buy Groceries with this App?

Absolutely! Stores that are participating with this cashback website, which it seems most leaving brands are, you can get money off (cashback) on your daily/weekly shopping bill. The yearly savings, as I guessed before, is on average with these guys to be at £307!! That is a few weeks shopping worth of savings if not more. And all for just getting an App for Free and sending your receipts for money back.

Does NOT get any simpler than this to make some free money!


Gift Cards?

Your earnings can be topped up with gift cards from leading brands. Such gift cards could make nice presents for those special occasions.


What are the types of items they have on offer?

Below is a list that is visible on their site:-

  1. Utilities.
  2. Take away and delivery.
  3. Gifts and Toys.
  4. Super Market items.
  5. Pets.
  6. Sports and Fitness.
  7. Sports Books.
  8. Poker.
  9. Food and Drink.
  10. Gambling.
  11. Parent and Kids.
  12. Home-wares.
  13. Insurance.
  14. Health and Beauty.
  15. Office and Business.
  16. Home and DIY.
  17. Gas and Electricity.
  18. Finances.
  19. Department Stores.
  20. Auction and Selling items.
  21. Entertainment.
  22. Cycling.
  23. Bingo.
  24. Casino.
  25. Cars.
  26. Charity.




What About their Affiliate Program and Who is it for?

£20 Per QuidCo Referral!

Those that have their own websites should pay close attention here. You can get your own affiliate link, and once someone clicks on that link (and is first cash-backed £5 they earn) then YOU GET £20! Straight to your PayPal. That is not a lot but, those with websites know this can be lucrative, if you know what you are doing

Those that do not have a website, not to worry, we have two free websites for you right here:- CLAIM TWO FREE WEBSITES NOW! Once set up, you can learn how to Earn Money Blogging up to a full time income and beyond by joining the many online programs looking for peoples websites! Anyone can do it.


Their Affiliate Program – who is it for?

It appears anyone can join and earn commissions straight into their PayPal. You need to create your account in the link we left above for your free account. Once done, simply click on “Refer Quidco“. Once there, you will see a slider below, and £20 next to it. That is YOUR COMMISSION when you refer someone.

However, and I think this is a brilliant idea, you can entice people to sign up by offering them $1,$2, $10 or more! Just remember, that is coming out of your £20 commissions so you can be as tight (LOL 🙂 ) or has generous as you like. The link above is set to give out £10but only through this article via the link above – all can claim it!

Sure, anyone can sign up to Quidco straight from their website but then you are signing up without any financial bonus – it just makes sense to share in some of the commissions if online shopping is your thing.



Reports by its Users – Are they really as good

as they say they are?

Quidco has TONS of GOOD to EXCELLENT Reviews at Trustpilot’s website. However, I did spot a few complaints. Let us have a look below:-


Here is what some QuidCo members have to say

Member Reviews of QuidCo

Customer Reviews of Quidco

QuidCo Reviewed by Members

Complaint about QuidCo - QuidCo Responds



As we can see, there were some reports that were not happy at all! All in all, it is just happy people one after the other!! We are confident that QuidCo is Legit and trying to provide an excellent service all round.


A few things to consider with QuidCo:-

1). When you purchase something, then that order is being ‘TRACKED’. For some ODD reason, it seems QuidCo’s tracking system, sometimes does not begin to track the order until the day after you purchase.

So now people are confused if they made the Bonus Time Frame or not! This can be aggravating to say the least because they still get the company still gets their commissions but some, it seems, maybe losing out on their cashback’s through no fault of their own.

2). Be sure to upload your receipts to QuidCo or YOU WILL LOSE OUT ON THOSE CASHBACK’S! You have 7 Days to make that happen for your earnings.

3). After you make a purchase, and you find your Bonus was Declined, it is because you failed in some way to meet the criteria to qualify for it. Take up issues with their Support on the website.



Was Your Bonus Declined and you are Stumped as to Why?

Do let us know in the comments section below and we will do our best to look into it for you, thank you.




Any Other Ways to Earn Online?

1000‘s of ways actually!

We are constantly looking out for good/excellent and trusted online companies to recommend. Below are some we are confident are legit and trusted. Each link contains a review of each recommendation.


TopCashBack.co.uk Review – another cashback website we mentioned in our article here today.

What Is QuickTate About? – In a nutshell, it is a work from home typing job offer. Learn how you can sign up for free and get weekly payments into your PayPal account just for doing few minutes at a time transcription work. Ideal for beginner transcribers!

What Is www.Affilorama.com. – A good and trusted online company that have been operating ethic set ally since 2005! Learn to make money online via having your own website. Caution:- In our estimation they are a little pricey for beginner affiliate marketers so do watch out for the up sales. However, they really can teach anyone to be a success online.

Earn Money Blogging. – Learn how to turn your passion into a full time income! All you need to know to get started without a sign up fee!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? – An Affiliate Marketing Platform since 2005 that have made millionaires in the area of Affiliate Marketing. Affordable training to everyone who want to earn up to and beyond $10,000 a month! We trust and recommend them to all those that are serious about earning ethically online for their futures.




Final Thoughts ?.

The only thing that got me about QuidCo is that they do not do lifetime referral commissions. To be clear, this is when a new sign up is made, they buy something, and then you – the referrer – gets commissions on all products bought for the lifetime of their accounts.

But, I think £20 per referral is more than generous and should give enough incentive to sites looking for affiliate programs to join up with them.

There were 1 or 2 ‘harrowing’ complaints so you all best watch your time windows for bonuses, and do make sure you don’t break any terms and conditions per offer, because it seems, it ain’t that hard to close some cashback!


Did we get something wrong in this review?

If so, we are all ears! Let us know below and we will make the corrections where valid.

Do you know something that we don’t?

Please do inform us and we will include it in our article here today.

Would you recommend QuidCo?

Those that recommend this cashback website are welcome to tell us your stories, experiences and opinions on their site.

Have you any complaints?

Those that strongly feel they were hard done by should definitely speak up and let everyone else know. This way we have a clearer picture of the true state of their operations.





Well, that about wraps it up from us folks! It has been a real pleasure to review this cashback site and I hope you ALL ENJOY YOUR FREE £10 – OUT OF MY COMMISSIONS ( -(  ) = LOL! Just kidding ?????, enjoy and drop back to us when you get that sign up bonus to verify you DID indeed claim your bonus.

Thanks for clicking on our article in your own research to answer What Is QuidCo About and we hope it has been of use to you. This article was in response to the many readers asking us for ways to make money online. Bookmark this website as more reviews on good and trusted companies are coming soon! Looking forward to all of your comments to come and take care for now guys. All the best!



72 thoughts on “What Is QuidCo About? Scam or Legit – Know Before You Join!

  1. Cathy

    I just started a blog about personal budget planning so this review about Quidco is very helpful. I am with eBates but looking to join more merchant to increase my income opportunities.

    TopCashUK partners with Awin – hence the $5 membership fee. I don’t think they are hiding anything, it’s just the way Awin works. If you are with TopCash US, you can use the referral link directly without having to go through any network sites.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your comment here today. I may have made too much of the fee, however, I was working off of my initial impressions from experience. The only time we hear of a fee is when we go through the whole set up to join. It just surprised me is all. But you are right, Awin is a separate entity and does take care of affiliates who join out side the USA.

      I really appreciate you bringing greater clarity to this issue.

      Thanks again Cathy,

      – Philip.

  2. Eric

    Sounds like a good way to get some extra cash. Shame I can’t use it not being in the right country.

    The other one, TopCashBack, charging to join their affiliate program is a huge red flag to me. I would never pay just to join an affiliate program.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Eric,

      I did not see any country exclusions for Quidco. TopCashBack does not charge, that fee, is for the Arwin Network for you to become part of TopCashBack’s affiliate program. Separate entities, but still, it would of been nice to be alerted before filling out their form.

      Thanks again Eric.

      – Philip.

  3. ecocatherine

    HI, I absolutely love using aps like this. You have covered so much and i trust your feedback. This is a really reliable source of information. Thank you so much.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi EcoCatherine,

      Thank you very much for your lovely endorsement. It is always great to hear from the people that enjoy the work on this website and the service that is offered.

      – Regards,


  4. holly knudson

    Thanks for this informative review of Quidco. I’ve never even heard of this company, much less, know anything about it. I’m definitely going to check out their affiliate program. Who doesn’t want to save 300 smackers a year? Thanks again!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Holly,

      Yes, £300 a year is a nice end of year Xmas Bonus! If one is going to shop online then why not do it that gets you savings that you can redeem for cash/vouchers.

      I will you well should you investigate their affiliate program, I found them very efficient and friendly.

      Thanks again Holly.



  5. Furkan

    I also saw many good reviews at Trustpilot and I know there are always bad ones. But these ones look really unnatural to me so maybe a rival dropped a few comments here and there. What do you think?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Furkan,

      You know what – It would NOT surprise me!
      The online world is packed full of nasty surprises like that. Never mind if so Quidco has been too many years proven itself to be legit and paying out. This is one reason why we are recommending them. All companies get complaints and so some are expected. But when you see a company get mostly good reviews, then obviously, they are worth your time and trust.

      Thanks Furkan for your comment here today – much appreciated.

      – Philip.

  6. Jim Kulk

    Hi Philip. Very interesting article. I’ve personally never heard of Quidco. Do you know if it operates in Australia. If so I’d love to know more. If you do more articles could you mention which countries the various business’s are available in. Thanks Jim

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jim,

      I saw no mention of exclusions from Australia so you may sign up and see what happens. Any problems then do let us know.

      Thanks again Jim for your question here today 🙂 .

      – Philip.

  7. Dany

    Never heard about QuidCo. It seems to save you some money and earn some. Do you know if it can be used in all EU countries? Any constraints?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dany,

      I am not aware of constraints for EU members as I am in the EU and I was able to sign up no problem. Sign up and see how it goes for you. Let us know if you run into any difficulties.

      Thanks for your comment Dany, much appreciated.

      – Philip.

  8. Matts Mom

    This seems very similar to Ebates which I do use. But, cannot get everything I need thru Ebates…..so this seems like a great complimentary app to use. I had not heard of Quidco before, but it is something that I am definitely going to give a try. Very thorough review on this! You have helped me clearly see this is something that I am going to use! Thanks for all the great information.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Matts Mom,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today. I am happy you found the information here useful and I do wish you tons of cashback in the future.

      Let us know if you have any questions or encounter any problems using their website.

      Thanks again Matts Mom,

      – Philip.

  9. David

    Wow what a great post. I had no clue this even existed and I’m always looking for ways to save money. Thank you so much. David

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi David,

      I am happy to see you have found another way to make some money online David. Simply make all the purchases your would normally make and do it through Quidco. Simply claim your cashback and that is money saved/earned = SAME difference.

      Thanks for you comment David.

      – Philip.

  10. FreyaM

    Definitely an interesting read. I hadn’t heard of this before. Always like to research these types of things beforehand, as you never know what’s for real. This sounds like it could be worthwhile. Thank you.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Freya,

      I am glad the research here was of use to you. Let us know if you join Quidco and if you encounter any problems.

      Thanks for your comment Freya,

      – Philip.

  11. Johnathan Bridges

    Very interesting. I have looked into a few of these types of site and they always seemed a bit sketchy. The information on this post gives me far more confidence in this site. Thanks for taking the time to research and post this information!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Johnathan,

      You are very welcome Johnathan and we are more than happy to have put your mind at ease regarding Quidco.

      Should you have any questions about them, or any other cash back site, please do just ask us.

      Thanks for your comment here today and we hope to hear back from you soon.

      – Phillip.

  12. Donna

    Well, this is pretty interesting. I’d never heard of Quidco before this. Will check into them. Thanks!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Donna,

      You are very welcome and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to drop us a comment on our article.

      We really do appreciate that big time.

      Any questions on Quidco – just ask us.

      – Philip.

  13. Brid

    Thanks for this article! I love Quidco, and their affliate program sounds fab. I didn’t know they had one before!

    The savings you can make seem to be amazing, so I really should be more dedicated, about using my account…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Brid,

      I was surprised as well as I did not know one could just download some kind of App and make up to £300 savings a year on your shopping. Whoever thought of that probably got the sack! No one likes a smarty-pants – LOL!

      Thanks for stopping by and do let us know if you continue with Quidco for your shopping as well Brid.

      – Philip.

  14. catherine

    I really like sites that give you money back for your grocery shopping. I used to use them a lot but havent got round to installing them on my new phone. I will certainly look into this. You have included a lot of really useful information here that can aid many different people. Thank you so much for sharing Philip!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Catherine,

      Their App is simply a great idea! Anytime you are out and about, and perhaps you see something you fancy, then when you buy it you always have a chance of getting cashback on it. Its just a really excellent incentive.

      Thanks for your comment Catherine, it was really great to hear from you.

      – Philip.

  15. Nicole

    Hi Philip, Thanks for this great detailed review. The foundations of Quidco seem really ligit, helping people save money, while gaining commissions for sign up, who wouldn’t want to be onboard that!
    As you mention this is a UK based business, so I was wondering if they had partnered with any Australian businesses or department stores in order for us Aussies to save money too?
    Regardless, as I have my own site with global traffic I’m going to consider the Affiliate link further and look at signing up. (While being cautious of the agreement terms as you suggest!)
    Thanks again for this review, it’s proved quiet helpful!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Nicole,

      Well, why not sign up and find out Nicole? Obviously, this is the best way to know. I signed up and I in Ireland. Ireland and England are separated by EU so it I might as well in in Australia as well. If it works for me here I can’t see why it can’t work for you there Nicole.

      Let me know how it goes anyways and thank you very much for your lovely comment here today.

      – Philip.

  16. hong

    This is a great article. very detailed review. I have something similar to quidco on my phone. I shop for groceries once a week and do see the benefit of getting cashback from the app. I’ve never heard of quidco. It looks like a great app. the affiliate program also sounds great. I ‘ve checked out your TopCashBack.uk review as well. They are both great cashback sites. But if I had to choose one, I believe quidco would be the winner here. Id this app available in the U.S.?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Hong,

      Why don’t you sign up and see what happens?

      I have had a look at their site and no where, I can see anyways, do they say you can’t use them from other countries.

      Let us know what happens.

      I know users are taking advantage of this great site from Ireland so perhaps you can sign up as well.

      Thanks for commenting here today Hong.

      – Philip.

  17. Michael Howell

    I would agree that applications for affiliate programs should be free. I understand the need to cut traffic. However, it can also deter many great applicants.

    After all, no one wants to be a victim of advance-fee fraud.

    Having a full-time job and a fledgling website can be burning the candle at both ends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. But we would be surprised how easily we can be our own worst bosses.

    For those without a website, this program reminds me of a cash-back credit card (though more involved).

    For those with a website, it is easy to imagine the commissions adding up quickly, for a site with a lot of traffic. Especially with quality sales copy.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for your comment here today. Yes, one can learn how to make a website and then learn to promote other products online for commissions, as can plainly be seen with this article. Thanks again for stopping by, it is much appreciated.

      – Philip.

  18. Mick

    As a member of both Quidco and TopCashBack, I see benefits in using both and these are great ways to accumulate a little cash if you already are an avid shopper online. I think what people tend to forget is that bargains are to be found all over the Internet and not just through the likes of Quidco and TopCashBack. People who use them I’m sure end up spending more than they usually did as they can be a little addictive. A little like these shopping channels that people use with their credit cards already out waiting to purchase anything in many cases! Just remember to research what it is that you want to buy elsewhere ’cause in many cases, you will find a better offer. Great review and thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mick,

      Oh, you are a member of both! That is great to hear. Yes, there should of be a word of caution in my article, and now I am very glad you said that, because it can become addictive, I am sure.

      For sure, these sites are not the only places online for bargains but its definitely a good start.

      Thanks again Mick.

      – Philip.

  19. Rania Masaeed

    Hi Philip
    This is a very interesting topic. I am joining a similar program called Localvantia.. It deals with getting commissions from shopping in local merchants.. I have an idea about these programs.. Could u explain for me if it works only in Europe or does it include other countries.. I really got the main idea but still needs more explanation. Besides, what do you mean that it will expire in 2025
    .All in all this is a great program.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rania,

      UK is not part of the EU but Ireland is. So, from that, I can only deduce that is accepting global applicants. However, it is easy check by just signing up and seeing for yourself to be sure, as I would hate to give out wrong advice – when I am unsure, I will simply say it.

      I review a lot of programs and it is hard to everything on every program, I am sure that is understandable.

      Expire 2015 simply is the date the have registered their site on WHOIS DOT COM and I have no doubt they will renew that date when the time comes.

      Localvantia sounds very interesting, tell us more Rania.

      – Philip.

      1. Rania Masaeed

        Hi Philip
        Localvantia was introduced to help affiliates of SFI to gain their monthly qualifying rank simply by shopping in their groceries and dinning in their favorite restaurants.
        Localvantia will give you digital tokens through its branch Rewardicals and these can be redeemed to many goodies such as free Bitcoin, VersaPoints, TCredits or whatever goodies you want.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hi Rania,

          That sounds pretty amazing Rania. Another legit way to earn money back as you shop, in various forms.

          In your opinion, which is better for people to use:- Quidco or Localvantia? Have you used Localvantia yourself and what has been your experience to date.

          Thank you very much for getting back to us so fast as we are always hunting for good and trusted online companies to recommend to others online.

          Much appreciated Rania,

          – Philip.

  20. David

    Hi Philip,

    Thanks for all the great info. I have always wondered about Quidco and was not aware of all the purchasing options.
    Great work.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi David,

      It was pleasure to write on Quidco and I am glad it was of use to you in your research. Any questions please just ask.

      – Philip

  21. Thabo

    What a great review. I have bookmarked this post for coming back to it when I decide to join quido. I like the fact that you can earn some free money.

    I would like to know which if this app works for people in any country? and also are the items you mentioned the only ones it applies to.

    Thanx for a great review.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Thabo,

      I am glad you are thinking about joining up to them. Don’t forget to sign up to my link on this article – you will get £10 when you cashback your first £5!

      I am in Ireland and there are comments on other forums as well that say they are using it in Ireland as well. So it looks to be Global. You would have to sign up yourself to make sure though for your country, but, I don’ think there are any problems.

      You are welcome and thanks for stopping by Thabo.

      – Philip.

  22. Delanee B

    This is great! I never knew that I could be making money back on my groceries! My family spends AT LEAST $400 a month on groceries, just to see even a penny of that back would be amazing!

    Half of the list are products and bills that we are paying anyway! Then to top it off with an affiliate program! Can you be an affiliate member and a cash back member as well?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Delanee,

      Yes, I do believe you can be a customer and an affiliate. I saw nowhere to say anything different.

      I am glad you found what you were looking for in this article Delanee and do let me know if you have any more questions.

      – Philip.

  23. Tina Palford

    This thorough review of Quidco has been quite helpful. Seems you’ve done the research for me. I appreciate the intro and info as I had not before heard of Quidco.

  24. Ayn

    I’ve heard people talking about Quidco before, but I never really bothered to find out what it was until today. Great post, I’ve learnt a lot! Thank you 🙂

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ayn,

      I am glad that this article was able to give you all the info you were looking for. I designed the article so it would be an easy skim-through to find data easier.

      Thanks for commenting Ayn.

      – Philip.

  25. Allan

    Hi and thank you for this post. I spend a lot of money online shopping with products for my business. I am going to have a good look at quidco and see how this would benefit us. Do you know if buying our orders in bulk would this still be generating cash back?

    Again thank you I will follow your link to sign up.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Allan,

      The more you buy the more you save! Just be sure not to violate their Terms and Conditions and DON’T use a VPN! Then I can’t see any problems.

      Good Luck Allan and happy shopping 🙂 .

      – Philip.

  26. Gail

    Hi Philip. Thanks for this really interesting article. I live in the UK so I think this is a great idea. My problem always with some of cashback type accounts like this is that you usually have to download vouchers or load money onto specialist discount cards first so only really works when you know you are going to buy something. Is this the case with Quidco or can you use it on a more ad hoc basis?
    I look forward to your reply. Thanks. Gail

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Gail,

      No doubt Gail you have seen their many adverts on TV! You probably do have to download some vouchers but honestly I did not think to look that deep into it. Let us know what you find Gail.

      You can redeem your cashback via vouchers instead of redeeming or cash.

      I don’t know about a specialist card but it would not surprise if they do have their own cards. However, you can get paid via the usual online methods.

      You can use it anytime you like to do your shopping day or night. Don’t forget to use their app on the go so you can make those random purchases and see if it qualifies for cashback.

      Thanks Gail and hope my answers have helped.

      – Philip.

  27. William Newsome

    How would you compare this site to Ebates.com? Also, I just checked it out. Is this programmed based only in the UK or can people in the USA use it too?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi William,

      We have not looked into Ebates so we can’t compare. However, we will look into them soon. Thank you very much for your comment William.

      – Philip.

  28. Dan

    It looks like this is a new earning opportunity.
    Of course there would always be drawbacks even for legit companies.
    But the fact that they attend to complaints proves only that they want to improve their services.
    Is this available in every countries?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Yes, once support is seen to be doing there jobs, and ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOBS, I have confidence that issues do be resolved well enough. Best to my knowledge Dan, they are a company accepting global registrants. If you, or anyone else experience differently, then do let us know here.

      Thanks again Dan, very much appreciate your comment here today.

      – Philip.

  29. Maun

    Hi Philip,
    Sounds very interesting! I have heard a lot about Quidco but I had never really seen someone put up such the detail review. Thanks for the share of this.
    Recently, I do a lot of online shopping. And I’ve been looking for something like Quidco, this seems perfect for me!
    Thanks for providing an honest recommendation for Quidco.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Maun,

      No worries Maun and do make sure you use the link in this article – it guarantee’s £10 once you earn cashback of £5 from Quidco. I am glad you found it useful and thanks and once again for your comment.

      – Philip.

  30. Crystal Lim


    Will I look stupid if I say I haven’t heard of any programmes like this? Aww, I should have learnt about this earlier!

    To be honest, I haven’t tried both Quidco and TopCashBack but from your article, I think I am definitely giving the Quidco a go! Thanks for bringing the light on programmes like this. Your review has really helped the programmes to build trust with customers like us – I am pretty sure I wouldn’t join even that I knew these programmes before, but now I can try it with a secured sense!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Crstal,

      Thank you very much for your comment and I am very happy to see you here. Quidco is definitely one of the trusted and good online companies and offers people a real way to make good savings on their online purchases via selected items and offers. These items and offers are being updated regularly as well so there is nearly always something new to get cashback on.

      Thanks again Crystal for your lovely comment and hope to hear again from you soon.

      – Philip.

  31. Rodney Fransz

    Great review, I have and use both quidco and TCB accounts, but I actually prefer TCB, I’ve had more declined cashbacks with quidco for some reason. One thing I wasn’t aware of was the affiliate part of quidco, i’ll have a look at that now. Thanks and I’m going to have a good read of your scam sites as well now!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Rodney,

      Oh really, Quidco has messed you around somewhat when it came to your own cashbacks. Seems their terms and conditions can be a little tricky perhaps.

      Yes, you can check out all the scam sites we have exposed on this website. There are many and some are now closed down. We have listed them to help others avoid them and to show readers how scammers operate online.

      Thanks again Rodney.

      – Philip.

  32. Stratos

    I had never heard of the specific program. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and reviewing it in so much detail. With so many scams out there it’s good to be able to identify what is real and what not without the need to spend a lot of time on them. Keep us informed!!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Stratos,

      Thank you very much Stratos for your comment here today, it is much appreciated.

      We aim to spend good time in researching good online websites, and not just exposing scams, to help our readers find good online ways to make savings/earn online.

      You are welcome and thank you very much once again for your comment here today.

      Good Luck!

      – Philip.

  33. Derek

    Thank you very much. I have always seen their adverts but never realised what they were about or how they worked.
    They seem to cover a multitude of things too. Great!
    Thank you for the post.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Derek,

      Yes, I have seen plenty of Quidco adverts as well. It was only when I looked into them in depth that I realized many members are making savings of about £300 a year! Pretty good savings and I have no doubt we can all think of good ways to spend free money.

      Thanks again Derek for your comment and I do appreciate it.

      – Philip.

  34. Ivan Brozincevic

    They sound very good. Compared with your TopCashBack.uk review I think Quidco is winning between those two. Both cashback sites are a nice way to, as you said, earn some free money. Great review!

    All the best,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you very much and I feel a bit more inclined on the side of Quidco in comparing them to TopCashBack.co.uk as well. Its just a really good way to make savings on your purchases that you were going to buy anyways and, as mentioned in the article, a family can save up to $300 a year – that is easily your Xmas shopping covered for 1 family! Savings plan of sorts I like to see it as.

      Thanks again Ivan for your comment here today, very much appreciated.

      – Philip.


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